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Fanatical Fuel Economy - Hypermilers Can Be Dangerous
by Scott Siegel. There is some very bad advice out there in regards to increasing your fuel economy. I recently saw an article from the Washington Post. It talked about a driving strategy called hypermiling. While some of the tips presented were useful and legiti...
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2.99 Gas Promotion From Chrysler - Good and Bad
by dennis james. Chrysler, the world known American car manufacturer, has just launched its 2.99 gas promotion program in the United States. With this move, the company has started some very intense fighting between the supporters and the opponents of this idea. The...

Diesel or Gas - Loud Smoking Dinosaur or Fuel Gulping Monster
by Simon Byholm.Diesel or Gas - Loud Smoking Dinosaur or Fuel Gulping Monster by: Simon Byholm In this article I'm going to discuss the properties of the diesel
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Engines That Runs on Water - the Only Way to Save on Gas?
by Andreas Lee. Research has shown that it is possible to have engines that run on water and such a car can be built by anyone with some simple tools that are readily available. It is however not possible to run a car only on water. However a mixture of gasoline an...
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Best Way to Run Car on Water - Why Do People Do This?
by Andreas Lee. With the sharp increase in fuel prices and the alarming increase of pollution levels, there is a technology that promises the best way to run car on water. With each passing day people are waking up to the benefits of using water as a fuel to run th...
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Convert Your Automobile to Run on Water - is it Scam?
by Andreas Lee. Water is made up of two essentials that are oxygen and hydrogen. When electric current is passed through water, the procedure is called electrolysis. Oxygen and hydrogen split up forming hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Hydrogen had been already revea...
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Water 4 Fuel Power Source - Real Deal Or Just Science Fiction?
by Alan Largo. Are you tired and sick of all the money you fork out on filling up your car? Just imagine for a moment about being able to run your vehicle on water for fuel purposes. This would create an enormous savings - your pockets left full of money at the ga...
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H2O 4 Fuel Power Source - Crazy Idea Or Just Science Fiction?
by Alan Largo. Aren't you tired and fed up of all the money you fork out on fueling up your gas tank? Just imagine for a moment about being able to run your car on water for fuel purposes. This would be a remarkable savings - your wallet left full of money at the ...
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Simplest and Cheapest Way to Modify Your Car to Run on Water
by Infoangel.net. Words on modifying motor venicles to run on water are spreading very fast. We have heard of "Water Car","HHO Cars", etc., with claims of sigmificant fuel efficiency are achievable by simply adding water. If these claims are real, motorists could exp...
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Run Your Car on Water - Real? Scam?
by Andreas Lee. You might be confused because you read somewhere that run your car on water system is a scam and you read again that it is real. Which one is true? Both of them are true. Run you car on water system is true, but you have to note that there are irres...
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Diesel Engines are Good Performers Too
by carazoo.com.Diesel Engines are Good Performers Too by: carazoo.com Diesel engines are always considered to be more efficient, less polluting, better economy
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Cleaner Air by Acura
by Katherine Hooper. It is a given that people should not take their car maintenance for granted. The totality of its cleanliness directly affects all the occupants of the vehicle, and on some occasions, the performance of the car too. But what people should mostly cons...
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Using Water to Power Your Car
by dennis james. Nowadays, with the raises in the petroleum prices it seems almost impossible to make all those trips you always wanted to make and not make your pocket suffer. Unfortunately, things do not seem to be getting any brighter and most probably in the nea...
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Nine Fuel Efficient Cars That Will Save You Money
by Warren Wong. If you're in the market for a new car, you probably know what to look for at the dealership. How many airbags does it have? What's the car's crash test rating? But do you ever stop to check the vehicle's fuel efficiency rating? It's time to star...
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How Do You Save Money On Gas?
by Ronnie Wilson. Gas prices are very high today and it seams that every day that the price at the pump keeps getting a little higher, A couple of cents today and a few more cents tomorrow, A few cents may not be a lot at one time but when you have to buy 10 to 20 ga...
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Convert Your Car to Run on Water - Save Your Dollars Today
by Christina Lanzaat. With the increasing price of gas, people are finding out new ways to run their car. Not only for gas, but prices for all kinds of petroleum products are on the rise. There are options of buying Hybrid cars, but it is not the solution. With the lates...
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Skyrocketing Fuel Prices Makes Car Shipping Even More Economical
by Christine Harrell. Rising fuel prices have affected consumers in almost every market. Not only do you pay more to fill up at the pump, but prices on retail goods have increased in response to higher shipping costs.Auto transport firms are one of the hardest hit indus...
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Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
by Alan Jacobson. electric vehicle (also called PHEV) is a car that has batteries that can be recharged through a conventional outlet. PHEVs have both traditional internal combustion engines and batteries that can fully power the car by themselves. The advantage of...
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E85 is Here! Live Green, Go Yellow
by City Chevrolet. Dwindling oil reserves; volatility of world oil prices coupled with problems of supply and dependence; and the urgent need for alternative, renewable, and eco-friendly fuels. These are strong concerns for practically every country in the world, for ...

On the Way Home From the Dealership I Averaged 38.5 Mpg
by Ruth Mitchell.On the Way Home From the Dealership I Averaged 38.5 Mpg by: Ruth Mitchell I gave up my five-cylinder Volvo SUV a couple of years ago. While it w
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More Smiles With Shell Gas Card
by Anthony Fontanelle. This summer, you would be certainly happy if you are the owner of a vehicle. See, Shell Oil Products US (which is more commonly known as Shell) has a new kind of promotion which would make you, and your pocket, flash a really happy smile. The promot...
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The Benefits of Operating A Diesel Hybrid Car
by Kerry Ng. With the soaring cost of gasoline nowadays, more and more people are opting for diesel-powered cars. If you're one of those drivers who appreciate a diesel engine over a standard gasoline engine, then perhaps a diesel hybrid car may just be your tic...
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What is a Hydro Powered Car?
by Bill Mann. What do you think of when you see the term "hydro powered car?" Do you picture the high-tech hydrogen powered cars being developed by companies like BMW? Or do you think of a car that somehow uses water instead of gasoline as fuel? Or perhaps one of...
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The Evolution of the Diesel Engine
by dennis james. The talk about finding new alternative energy sources for our cars is not new. In fact, scientists and car engineers had begun finding ways to either use energy sources, or to optimize existing engine solutions back in the 1970's. People saw that bi...
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The Potential of Water Fuel Cars Can Save
by Adam Hefner.The Potential of Water Fuel Cars Can Save by: Adam Hefner A number of pressing issues are driving Americans to look for ways to reduce their rel
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