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Save Fuel Without Using a Fuel Saver Product
by Herman Booysen. The cost of fuel keeps reaching record highs and we are finding ourselves with less and less money. Some people are saying oil's per barrel price will slide to $75 per barrel, while others seem to think it will find some stability around the $100-$1...
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Fast Ways to Save Big at the Fuel Pumps
by Aaron M Phillips. With Gas Prices in the USA going out of sight, here are 7 tips that can have you saving money on gas fast. If you practice them all, you may even double the mileage you get on a gallon of gas! That may seem a bit far fetched but it really is possibl...
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Step One On The Road Back To Cheap Gas
by Michael Littles. The introduction of "hybrid" cars and trucks -- combining internal-combustion engines and electric motors -- promises fuel efficiency gains of 10 percent to 50 percent based on accessible technologies. But it's also a myth that by simply issuing tou...
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Water4gas Review - Discover the Truth About Water4gas
by Sergey. If you was looking for the way to increase gas mileage you must have already heard about the technology called water4gas. Well, you were right. Water4gas allows you to increase your gas mileage by running your car with water. In this review I will t...
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Water4gas - the Way to Increase Gas Mileage
by Sergey. Have you ever wished there was a way to increase gas mileage and save your hard-earned money? Gas prices go up everyday and there is one thing that's for sure - the prices will continue to go up in cost. They won't go down anymore. Well, there is a ...
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Water4gas - Scam or Not? Discover the Truth..
by Sergey. You know, gasoline was once as cheap as $1 a gallon, no it is closing to $4.2 per gallon. Experts predict that it could be as high as $10 in the nearest future. That's why people have been looking for a way to increase gas mileage and save your mone...
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First Electric Mini Car to Hit Roads of Japan
by Lila Ivanova. irst Electric mini car to hit roads of Japan is as early as 2009. Now it seems just around the corner, by the efforts of (MMC) Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. It is believed that other automakers worldwide are also making same efforts to make importa...
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Do High Gas Prices Mean Safer Roads?
by Bruce Lipski. People who don't make a lot and have to drive to work are really having trouble making ends meet right now with the high gas prices. It is affecting every aspect of our lives and it makes you think about how much our society is dependent on oil. The...
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Run Your Car on Water- Benefits of Hydrogen
by Abhinav Sidana. ?With the rising prices of crude oil and consequently gas, it is now difficult to run your car on gas. People all over the world especially low to medium income group are worried about the inflation caused by the rising gas prices. These gas prices ...
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Run Your Car on Water Review - Forget About High Gas Prices
by Sergey. Have you ever wished there was another way to increase your gas mileage and save your hard-earned money? Well, everyone wished because gas prices go up. Expets say that they won't go down anymore. However scientists have found a solution of the prob...
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Run Your Car on Water by Making Your Own Fuel
by Abhinav Sidana. ?Have you ever tried to make your own fuel for your car? Although you might not have thought about making fuel for your car, but this is possible now and you can make fuel within your car for running the car.Fuel is a substance that reacts with oxyg...
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Benefits of Running Your Car on Water
by Abhinav Sidana. ?Do you ever heard about running your car on water? Most of the people are not aware about it even people working in car industry are not much familiar about it. Don't worry, it is a well-established technique and it has many advantages over convent...
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Car Fuel And Fuel Cells
by Alisha Dhamani. Fuel tanks corrode and debris accumulates inside over the years, this can clog the fuel filter much faster than on newer cars. Fuel cells are up to 80% efficient. They will get two or three times more energy out of hydrogen, than will a modified car...
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Which Fuel Will You Choose in the Future?
by Peter Collins. Alarming levels of carbon emissions have had carmakers and investors scurrying for alternative fuels. There may come a time when all that is needed to run your vehicle is water, but that may not become possible...
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Alternative Automotive Fuel
by Will Yap.Alternative Automotive Fuel - 3 Simple Points on Water Car Technology by: Will Yap With the current sky high fuel prices, many people are search
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What are Fuel Injectors?
by Synapse India. ?Fuel injection is an electronic system in which fuel and air is usually mixed in an internal combustion engine. Nowadays, fuel injectors have become the primary system in automotive engines. Earlier, carburetors were used in place of fuel injectors...
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Water Powered Cars! Whats the Science Behind the Hype?
by Zander Boon. There has been a lot of hype recently, not just online, but in the motoring press and even on TV, about Water Powered Cars. This sounds like it must be some sort of con - surely a car can't run on water? The reality of the situation is that of cours...
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How Does a Water Powered Car Work - if it Works at All?
by Zander Boon. Gas prices are at an all time high, and with world oil prices at the same record levels, and showing no sign of coming down any time soon, it looks like the average motorist like you or I is going to be paying through the nose for our gas for some t...
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High Gas Prices and What You Can Do About it
by Perry Street. What was the price of gas today at your local filling station? With gas prices in the U.S.. now reaching between $4.00 and $5.00 a gallon, depending on which part of the States you live in, the problem is becoming more of a major concern than nearly...
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So Why Are Banks Giving Away Free Gasoline?
by Michael Littles. The soaring fuel prices have triggered a massive surge in free gasoline promotions by banks and credit card providers that are way too good to pass up. Major Banks and credit card companies are now using free gasoline to entice us to use their produ...
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Run Your Car on Water - No More High Gas Prices!
by Sergey. As you know, gas prices have skyrocketed. In May 2008, average gas prices in the United States approached, and in some places passed $4 and $4 a gallon not the end of rising gas prices.Theu may spat to between $7 and $10 a gallon in the nearest furu...
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Car Fuel Saving Tips - How to Save on Fuel Cost
by Will Yap.Car Fuel Saving Tips - How to Save on Fuel Cost by: Will Yap ?With the current rising global oil prices, many people are finding it tougher fue
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The Veracity of Operating Your Car With Water
by Jackson. ?There is hardly anyone today who is not bothered about the on going escalation of gas prices, so I suppose that like everyone else you are also worried about high gas cost.It is possible that you are like most people who do not believe that it is p...
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Save Money on Gas: Know Your Commuting Costs!
by Scott Siegel. Gas prices are now firmly entrenched at $4.00 per gallon. Every mile you drive is the most expensive it has ever been. Because of that you are probably starting to do away with some of the miles you used to drive. Some of those miles are easy to ...
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Facing Your Number One Gas Consuming Enemy
by Scott Siegel. At over $4.00 per gallon, every drop of fuel is precious, or so I thought until I see people leave their cars idling while they run back into their house to get something they forgot. I see people idling their cars to keep cool in the air condition...
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