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Audis Other Electricity Source
by Anthony Fontanelle. All Audi vehicles rely on their engines' mobility to create electricity used in their instruments. The instrument that transforms the engine's mechanical energy into electrical energy, is the Audi Alternator. Most of the electrical mechanisms within...
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Ensure your Safety With a Pontiac Turn Signal Assembly
by Anthony Fontanelle. The automotive lighting system is composed of the lighting and signaling devices that are located in the front, rear and side of any vehicle. It is the main function of the light to illuminate the road for the driver especially during the night when...
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Gm Cuts Deals on Batteries
by Evander Klum. As Hybrid technology becomes the new and increasing demand in vehicles, GM plans to provide its consumers with the best quality of battery in its cars. GM has announced their team-up with the world’s largest producer of nanophosphate batterie...
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How to Replace your Dirty Air Filter
by Mike Rosania. Changing your air filter should be a familiar and comfortable process; if it's not, you've come to the right place. It's inexpensive, easy and can play a big role in vehicle perfor
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Upgrade your Vehicles Suspension System for Shocking Results
by Mike Rosania. If you are looking for a performance pick me up, a new suspension may be just what the doctor ordered. A rugged lift kit can provide clearance and strength for navigating rough and rocky
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How to Install a Magnaflow Muffler on a Mini Cooper S
by Mike Rosania. 1. Your Magnaflow exhaust package comes with three pieces-a resonator, center pipe, and muffler section. The front resonator comes with a mounting flange that bolts right onto your sto
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Test Vehicle Requirements for a Car Test
by Mahesh Ugale. Cars or vans presented for test must be: A four wheeled vehicle of no more than 3500 kilograms (kg) maximum authorised mass (MAM)Capable of a speed of at least 100 kilometres per hour (km/h) or 62.5 miles per hour (mph)The car or van must also be fi...
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Establishing Superior Car Suspension Frame Capabilities
by Anthony Fontanelle. Active suspension frame components are normally subjected to daily wear and tear as they function in dampening the effects of oscillations as well as suspension frame vibrations. To strengthen the suspension frame against all hassles that normally c...
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Make Easy Turnings With the Pontiac Steering Rack
by Anthony Fontanelle. Steering is the term used to the collection of components, linkages and others which allow a vehicle to follow the desired course. The most common steering arrangement is to use a hand-operated steering wheel to turn the front wheels. The steering w...
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Enjoying Stylish Yet Effective Wheel Protection
by Anthony Fontanelle. Sprucing up your ride with the right design of Pontiac hubcaps will be a wise solution to creating a new look for your stock wheels while protecting them from street and off road hassles as you drive. Typically crafted from stamped sheet metal, the ...
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Enjoying Effective Panel Grime-smack Protection
by Anthony Fontanelle. Structural panels are typically treated with anti-rust material to ensure longevity and great serviceability. Car panels could actually last the life efficiency of your Pontiac ride. However, the elements carried by street and off road debris which ...
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Cost Effective Engine Performance Tuning
by Anthony Fontanelle. Because most of the engine action happens right at the exhaust system, components like your Pontiac muffler is commonly overlooked for modifications aiming to boost performance. With all that massive pipe and tubing that helps your engine direct har...
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Powerful Clutch With a Pontiac Release Bearing
by Anthony Fontanelle. The clutch is an important component that allows the engine power to be applied slowly when your vehicle is starting out and interrupts this power in order to avoid gear crunching when shifting. What happens when you apply the clutch is a transfer o...
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Highway Code and Road Signs
by Mahesh. Know the road signs If you notice, 'Highway Code and road signs' has maximum number of questions. And comparatively it is very easy to score in this area. You can also read supplementary 'highway rules and road signs, This would help you memorise th...
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Pontiac Radiator to Effectively Cool your Engine
by Anthony Fontanelle. Your vehicle’s cooling system functions mainly to keep the engine from overheating by transferring some of this heat to the air. On the other hand, because your vehicle runs best at fairly high temperature, it is also the job of the cooling s...
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Increase your Vehicles Horsepower and Torque
by Anthony Fontanelle. With vintage vehicles, you need a good set of wrenches to add horsepower and torque. Automobiles today, which are computer-controlled, only need a small box of what you call a performance chip to boost their vehicle’s performance. The Pontiac...
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Why Personalise Private Number Plates
by Ross O'donnell. You see them adoring vehicles parked on our streets and car parks. They are often spotted on our roads and motor ways and their popularity continues to rise every year. We are of course talking about the hugely popular DVLA private number plates whi...
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Higher Levels of Driving Safety With Headlight Assemblies
by Anthony Fontanelle. Your vehicle is equipped with a stylish pair of Pontiac headlight assemblies designed to erase all your anxieties about driving particularly at night or under poor lighting conditions. As vital navigation safety components, automotive headlight asse...
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Best for Performance and Aesthetics Functions
by Anthony Fontanelle. Your Pontiac car is a complex assembly of car parts and accessories that enables it to perform exceptionally on the road. The exhaust system is among the integral systems in your car that is tasked to lessen harmful engine emissions, reduce the soun...
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Achieve Torque and Horsepower Gains
by Anthony Fontanelle. The internal combustion engine of your Pontiac needs gasoline and air in order to make a complete combustion. Gasoline is basically made up of 2 elements-carbon and hydrogen; while air is made up of nitrogen and oxygen. The normal combustion process...
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Vibration and Noise Free Engine With Engine Mount
by Anthony Fontanelle. The engine is undoubtedly one of the most indispensable parts of your Pontiac vehicle. Considered as the heart of your car, this car component is mainly responsible for converting fuel into mechanical energy so that your car would work. It does this...
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The Heart of Your Entire Vehicle Drivetrain
by Anthony Fontanelle. Opening the hood of your Pontiac would expose a jumble of tubes, metals and wires. Among these parts is your Pontiac engine. It is a part of your internal combustion system that is responsible for burning gasoline in order to make your car move. It ...
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Mechanical Device for Effective Ride Suspension Travel
by Anthony Fontanelle. Good active safety and driving pleasure is possible for your Pontiac because it is equipped with a system of components known as the suspension system. In its most basic sense, your car’s suspension system serves two major roles. First is by ...
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An Indispensable Tool in Gear Shifting
by Anthony Fontanelle. One of the most complex efforts Pontiac car drivers venture into is driving down into traffic-filled streets. A good driver must have thorough knowledge on how to appropriately handle his car. Among these is considering the appropriate speed travele...
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High Quality Catalytic Converter for Safer and Cleaner Emission
by Anthony Fontanelle. Gasoline-powered vehicles such as your Pontiac are among the major contributors to urban air pollution. This can be attributed to the high quantities of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons that are being produced by the normal combusti...
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