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Why Highways Are So Important
Topic : Highway in Canada : Highway Information & Highways
by News Canada.Transportation is fundamental to the prosperity and quality of life of all Canadians. Much of Canada's domestic and international freight is hauled on Canada's 24,400-kilometre National Highway ...
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Tips On Safe Highway Driving
Topic : Safe Driving Tips : Driving Safety Tips & Highway Safety
by News Canada.(NC)—The number of large commercial vehicles — such as tractor trailers — on our roads has increased dramatically during the past few years. One of the best things you can do to stay safe on the high...
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What Is An Intelligent Transportation System?
Topic : Intelligent Transportation Systems : Intelligent Transportation System
by News Canada.(NC)—Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are technologies designed to make transportation safer, more efficient, more reliable and more environmentally friendly, without necessarily having to ph...
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A Ship For Canadian Highways?
Topic : Canada Highways : Canadian Highways & Canada High Way
by News Canada.(NC)—Say the word "ship," and the first thing that comes to mind is an image of a boat. But say the acronym "SHIP," and now you're talking about improving our national highways, making border crossin...
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Sharing The Road Safely With Commercial Vehicles
Topic : Commercial Vehicle Safety & Highway Safety Manual
by News Canada.(NC) — Since the 1970s, the number of vehicles on Canada's roads has increased by 80 per cent. Despite this dramatic increase in traffic, the number of road fatalities has been cut by more than half....
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The True Cost of a Speeding Ticket
Topic : Speeding Ticket Information : Speeding Ticket Price
by Wayne Patterson.Have you noticed more autos on the side of the road with an officer issuing the driver a speeding ticket? Have you seen more trucks surrounded by DOT transport police? I sure have. There are several ...
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Do You Know What Your Body Shop Business Is Worth?
Topic : Car Body Shop : Car Bodyshop & Cars Bodyshop
by Willard Michlin.Many smaller body shop owners have asked, “How do I appraise my body shop?” In the last month I have been asked to do two appraisals on body shops. The first appraisal was to assist in partnership d...
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Drivers of SUVs Saving Big Money with Diesel Engines
Topic : SUV Fuel Economy : Diesel SUVs & Fuel Efficient SUVs
by ARA Content.(ARA) - Half of all American vacationers on the road this year are driving gas guzzling SUVs and pickup trucks, according to a new survey on driving habits from research firm MarketFacts. These bigge...
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Tunes To Go: Music From Your Computer to Your Car
Topic : Car MP3 Players : MP3 Car Adapter & MP3 Player in Car
by ARA Content.(ARA) - The digital audio revolution is in full swing as music lovers worldwide are using their computers as high-tech jukeboxes. But you're not just limited to listening to songs on your PC while ...

Explore Less-Traveled Paths in Camping Comfort
Topic : Camping Tips : Camping Trailers & Camping Locations
by ARA Content.Innovations provide the power to enjoy RV amenities miles beyond the last electrical hookup. (ARA) - If you've already experienced the serenity and fun of camping with your towable recreational vehi...
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The Rules of the Road
Topic : Rules of the Road : Traffic Rules & Driving Rules
by Kevin Schappell.With road rage being so common these days, we should all take a step back and review a few rules of the road. While not taught in most driver education classes or state driver's manuals, these rules ...
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Think Your Car is Safe from Thieves? Think Again
Topic : Car Security Systems : Car Protection & Car Security
by ARA Content.(ARA) - Every time you park your car, you're taking a risk. Just ask David J. of Stanford, Conn., whose 1998 high-performance Acura Integra Type R was stolen right under his nose just one month afte...
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Retreads: The Highest and Best Use for a Worn Tire
Topic : Tire Retreading : Tire Retreads & Recycling Tires
by ARA Content.(ARA) - Although they may look round and black, retreaded tires are one of the greenest, environmentally friendly products a fleet can buy. Retreaded tires have one of the highest post-consumer conte...

Fall into a Great Routine for Car Maintenance
Topic : Car Maintenance Tips : Car Care & Routine Car Maintenance
by ARA Content.(ARA) - Fall is already here and in a short time, winter will be upon us. As you gear up for the colder temperatures, now is a good time to take preventive measures to care for your vehicle. Maintai...
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Tire Retreads Save Money and Resources for Many Industries
Topic : Tire Recycling : Recycle Tires & Recycled Tires
by ARA Content.(ARA) - Retreaded truck tires represent a savings of more than $2 billion annually for truckers and trucking companies in North America. For most fleets, tires represent the third largest item in th...
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Internet Provides Wealth of Information on Car Maintenance
Topic : Car Maintenance Guide & Car Maintenance
by ARA Content.(ARA) - A thorough check of your vehicle's major systems is a good idea before the snow flies, and checking your tires, brakes and battery is a good start. But if you're like many drivers, you may no...
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Understanding Radar Equipment
Topic : How Radar Guns Work : Radar Guns & Radar Gun
by Brandon C. Hall.With the advent of the radar gun the police are able to determine a motorist's speed effectively and efficiently. They just point and shoot and in that split second they can tell how fast over the li...
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Fresh, Up-To-Date Automotive News
by hernardgarcia.That's right; the meeting place for all car fans is available by pointing your browser to automotive.media57news.com, the blog where fresh and up-to-date automotive news is cooking every single day, 365 days a year, open 24 hours. Analyzing ...
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Car Ownership Facts in Mexico
by trycmcw.One of the perks of owning Costa Maya real estate is the vast amount OF things to see and do in the local area. Roads in the area are well connected and the highway that runs along the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula has been recently renovated to ma...
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Understanding Convertible And Reverse Convertible Bonds
by bizavings.The issuer or buyer issues bonds to the creditor. If the market value of the collateral or amount of the bond increases, then the value of the convertible bond also goes up. If the value of the material on which the bond has been issued decreases, th...
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Finger Tip Points On Car Donation
by markeldave.CAR DONATION: THE TERM AND MEANINGCar donation is practiced when you gift to a charity organization or such institution your automobile which may or may not be in useable condition. You must have thought of needy people at times and longed to do some...
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The Secret To Door Panels And Door Speakers
For some, the prospect of changing out speakers is a daunting one, since you have to remove the door panels to access the speakers tucked away within its walls. They are not a tricky as they seem, if you know the right techniques.The first thing to d...
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Cargo Liners Are More Important Than You Might Think
Mud. Squished dog dook. Battery acid. The dirty snow. Hawaiian Punch. Count all of these things as items you don’t want within 20 feet of your vehicle’s carpet. You know all about these things, which is why you’ve probably purchased a set of al...
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Superchips vs. Edge—Heavy-Weight Bout of the Century
by David S. Brooks.Tonight’s title bout has larger-than-life written all over it. Not since the days of Ali and Frazier have we seen such an epic battle shape up. The perennial champion from the southeast, Superchips’ Maxx Micro Tuner stands undefeated in a sea med...
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Stop, in the name of lust
by David S. Brooks.There has always been a soft spot in my heart for the females. Ever since I was a young lad climbing around on the schoolyard jungle gym, I naturally gravitated towards the cute girls. Something about their billowing summer dresses, their flowing hai...
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