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A Mazda Water Pumps Importance
by Anthony Fontanelle. Overheating is one of the possible major setbacks one can experience when driving a Mazda. When a car overheats, it causes not only delay, but also due damage to the car’s engine. In such cases, one of the usual culprits is a poor quality wat...
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Improving Fuel Economy
by David Smith. If you own a powerful car and you drive enthusiastically, you're probably not going to be blessed with marvellous fuel economy. However, there are various steps you can make to lower t
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Automakers Appeal Vermont Emission Standards
by Anthony Fontanelle. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers recently appealed a U.S District Court decision that upheld Vermont's decision to adopt California's strict tailpipe emissions standards. The automakers call it "urgent" since new emission standards will be i...
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The Saturn Hybrid And Other Green Cars
by Ernest Jarquio. Hybrid cars or the hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) are the best solution for the growing fuel shortage problems that we have these days. Most car makers today have resorted to the design and production of hybrid cars in answer to the growing fuel cri...
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Effective Oxygen Sensor for Better Engine Performance
by Anthony Fontanelle. Vehicles continue to pile up the roads today, contributing to congestion in the cities. Worse, a large amount of car emissions go to the atmosphere, adding significantly to the present air polution problem. Reports also say that fifty percent of Ame...
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Mazda Head Gasket Helps the Engine System
by Anthony Fontanelle. Automobiles build up heat as they operate. In view of this, it has become a standard for car companies, such as Mazda, to equip their vehicles with all the right parts to reduce overheating risks, and thus, maintain quality performance. One importan...
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Keeping the Engine Clean With a Mazda Fuel Filter
by Anthony Fontanelle. When a car buyer wants an affordable car that offers thrilling performance at the same time, he should only choose one brand. And that is Mazda. This Japanese automaker is known for gaining loyalty from its customers worldwide because of the excelle...
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Mazda Fuel Injector: Quality Component for Best Performance
by Anthony Fontanelle. The Mazda fuel system is one of the most essential parts of a Mazda vehicle for it is responsible for delivering the fuel to the engine as well as ensuring that the fuel is being utilized properly. Without it, a Mazda vehicle won't be able to run at...
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Getting the Fuel Flowing With Mazda Fuel Pump
by Anthony Fontanelle. Founded in Hiroshima, Japan in the year 1920, the Toyo Cork Kogyo Company used the name "Mazda" for its first three-wheeled truck, built in 1931. Company founder Jujiro Matsuda opted for the word "Mazda" as it was the name that the Zoroastrian god o...
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Biofuels, Hybrids or Herbivores
by Darren Cottingham. South Park parodied hybrid car owners creating clouds of 'smug', but do they really have anything to be smug about? In the battle against man-made global warmi

Judo Chop Rising Gas Prices
by Mike Rosania. The key to cutting down your gas bill isn’t driving less. It’s getting better gas mileage when you are driving. And the really astonishing thing: You can actually get better performan
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A Worthy Choice: Saturns First Midsize Suv
by Evander Klum. The crossover segment has become hot recently and the automakers have outed several new models to keep up with the pace. Since there is a wide variety of models and makes to choose from, sometimes consumers now find themselves quite confused on whic...
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Deliver Power Efficiently With Audi Ignition Coil
by Anthony Fontanelle. Audi continues to live up to its famous tagline "Vorsprung durch Technik," which means "Advancement through Technology." Audi is in fact, one of the very few car companies that utilizes aluminum space frame technology and offers vehicles equipped wi...
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Maintain Safety and Power With Audi Headlights and Fuel Pump
by Anthony Fontanelle. Every Audi vehicle comes with the Audi legacy of superior technology. With quality Audi vehicles come quality Audi parts designed for optimum performance. These premium parts include the Audi fuel pump and Audi headlights. Like any other car, fuel i...
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Why Cheap Gas Doesnt Pay in the Long Run
by Mike Rosania. Clean fuel injectors are a must for peak engine performance, fuel economy and emissions. If the injectors are dirty and can't deliver their normal dose of fuel, performance, fuel economy
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5 Ways to Rent a Car on a Budget
by Arthur Raise. Do you need to rent a car without overspending? Well you can rent a car online on a small budget. Renting a car can be both confusing and expensive unless you know how to get a good reliable car at the lowest rental.Never get carried away by adverti...
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Get Effective Engine Cooling With a Pontiac Water Pump
by Anthony Fontanelle. A pump is a device designed to move liquids or slurries from lower pressure to a higher pressure. It works by using mechanical forces to push the material, either by physically lifting, or by the force of compression. Pumps generally fall in two maj...
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Cleaner and Clearer Windshield Panels
by Anthony Fontanelle. Safety is the most common source of anxiety among drivers when it comes to managing all weather and seasons of driving conditions. For this reason, modern car like your Pontiac investment are designed and equipped to deliver higher levels of occupan...
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Keep your Car Leak-free With Durable Pontiac Valve Cover Gasket
by Anthony Fontanelle. After thousands of reliable service, your Pontiac vehicle may show signs of leaks and wearing. There are several reasons why your car may leak. Among them is a worn out valve cover gasket. Oil leaks can be such a hassle to clean and repair as it cou...
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Pontiac Spoiler for Improved Car Stability and Fuel Economy
by Anthony Fontanelle. A Pontiac Spoiler is an aerodynamic device mounted on a vehicle to undo or "spoil" unfavorable air movement across a body of a vehicle in motion. This results to an improved stability by decreasing drag which can cause unstable and unpredictable han...
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Optimizing Fuel Economy With Oxygen Sensors
by Anthony Fontanelle. Automotive engine is a complex arrangement of system of machine operations that aims to establish fuel efficient operations. Designed to deliver powerful engine performance, Pontiac rides have been engineered to impress you with its great navigation...
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Gm, Strike Target of Uaw
by Evander Klum. General Motors is the lead target of the United Auto Worker union for their potential strike target in the contract conciliation with the Detroit Three, said two local officials of the group last Thursday. Requesting for anonymous identity because t...

Maximizing Engine Combustion Efficiency
by Anthony Fontanelle. Your engine gasket sets are employed to seal up all engine operations chambers which require controlled processing environments to run efficiently. Relatively, your stock Pontiac head gasket is used to maximize the compression on combustion cylinder...
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Ensuring Precision Flow of Fuel With Pump Applications
by Anthony Fontanelle. Your electric fuel pump works with the fuel filter and electronic sensors which are responsible in keeping track on how efficient your engine meters fuel and maintains precision fluid flow through specified performance settings. As a vital fuel send...
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Enjoying Fuel Efficiency and Performance Gains
by Anthony Fontanelle. With the use of automotive technology advancements, fuel injection systems have been incorporated with powerful and modern engine assemblies like those you get with a Pontiac ride. By atomizing the metered amounts of fuel delivered through the combu...
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