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Boosting Your Biodiesel Efficiency
by Ron Petracek. If you own a tractor, truck or a boat you are probably a bit bemused by the phenomena of biodiesel being a "new thing" when it comes to extending mileage, lubricity or redu
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The Advantages Of Using Biodiesel Blends
by Ron Petracek. Biodiesel blends are becoming more essential to the every day operation of farm vehicles and machinery, trucks, buses and boats both big and small. This is because there are
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The Environmental Benefits Of Using Fuel Cleaning Blends
by Ron Petracek. When you make a decision to use a biodiesel blend in your vehicles and machinery that run on gasoline or regular diesel fuels such as Diesel No. 1 or 2, you are being proacti
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Aaa Chicago Expects Millions to Hit the Road This Season
by Anthony Fontanelle. The increasing price of petroleum fuel is felt by almost everyone in the United States. But it looks as if that is not enough to keep Americans from traveling this holiday season. According to AAA Chicago, they expect that 62.5 million Americans w...
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Alternative Fuel Vehicle
by Robert Baird. At present, it has been noticed that in various countries of the world, there has emerged a tendency to restrict the usage of fuel-driven vehicles. Several reasons have contributed to that. While in many nations, especially in those of the European ...
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Improving Gas Mileage
by Levi Quinn. There are tips and hidden secrets when it comes to improving the gas mileage of your vehicle. With these changing times and the skyrocketing fuel prices, it seems more important than ever to cut down on gas mileage. The most important piece of advic...
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A Brief History Of Air Compressors
by Cooper Miller. Air compressors have been around for literally thousands of years. Now granted the devices the ancients used for compressing air bear little resemblance to the modern air compressor. However, the basic principle is the same and without the primitive...
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Convert your Car to Run on Water
by kiong loo. You must be complaining the latest waves of price increase for fuel.You used to pump premium fuel for your beloved vehicle.Now With the same budget you can only pump lower grade fuel.Have you ever been dreaming or wondering why vehicle cannot run on...
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Ford Says Tougher Fuel Rules are Doable
by Anthony Fontanelle. According to Ford Motor Co. Chief Executive Allan Mullaly, his company will meet the tougher Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ) standards by slashing their big vehicles with lower fuel economy ratings."Our commitment is to improve the fuel ef...
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Convert Your Car To Run On Water - Save Money, Save Gas!
by Alexandre Sol. Convert your car to run on water - save gas, save your car, save money and save the planet.Fox News recently broadcasted an interesting and very important video report.A savvy automobile owner has come up with a very simple yet incredibly efficient ...
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Ford Joins the Plug in Hybrid Race
by Anthony Fontanelle. The plug-in hybrid race is closely paced by General Motors and Toyota with the Chevrolet Volt and the Toyota Prius. With the plug-in Ford Escape hybrid, Ford Motors has joined the fuel efficient and reduced emission drive. The plug-in Escape hybrid ...
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Why Ill Buy Running Boards and Lowering Springs for My Jeep
by Jimmy Plant. I had just finished my last day of work and I was stoked. I loved working as a financial advisor, but I had made enough from my own investments to comfortably retire. My big plan was to get out of the rat race altogether, leave San Francisco and mov...
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Fiberglass Tonneau Covers, Reduce Gas Mileage
by Adrienne DeVita. Fiberglass tonneau covers are becoming more popular among truck accessories today. They are very easy to install, light weight, and easy to manage. Even though the fiberglass truck bed covers are light, they are tough and withstand inclement weather...
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Truck Parts
by Glady Reign. In automotive terminology, a truck generally refers to a vehicle used for transporting bulky cargoes and equipments. Indeed, trucks came into existence for that purpose alone. But as luck would have it, years passed and the automotive industry serve...
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Recycled Plastics: Alternative Fuel
by Anthony Fontanelle. With the increasing price of petroleum fuel and the threat of climate change, the global community is on the lookout for technologies which can be of great help towards energy sustainability. Automakers like Toyota, Honda, Ford, and Volkswagen are ...
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Small Smart Fortwo Aims for Big Sales
by Anthony Fontanelle. Size doesn't matter, says the Smart Fortwo micro car. Measuring 8-feet, 8-inches, the bite-size vehicle will cruise the American roads in January amidst the soaring gasoline prices. The small two-seater's price ranges from $11,590 for the base model...
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Ford Entertains Bigger Chassis
by Anthony Fontanelle. Ford Motor Co. may seem struggling in some auto categories. But the Dearborn-based automaker is doing well in the manufacture of pickup trucks, its bread and butter vehicles. To hold onto its lead in the industry, the automaker seeks to unveil large...
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Saabs New Range of Biofuel Cars
by Evander Klum. The Swedish-based subsidiary of General Motors, Saab (producer of high quality Saab components like Saab thermostat), has recently claimed leadership in the growing flex-fuel segment wit...
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UK Fuel Prices Continue To Rise - Haulage Companies Suffer
by Luke Humble. There's been a lot of unrest lately from Haulage Exchange members about the rising fuel prices in the UK, and I can't say I blame them!Over the past three years bulk diesel prices have increased by 23%, and have shot up 50% since 1999. Domestic fuel...
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Company Vehicle Programs Verses Paying IRS Mileage To Employees
by Cullen Kennedy. As more and more companies develop employee vehicle programs, it is important to understand the liabilities and benefits versus simply paying employee IRS mileage to drive their own personal vehicles, or use company cars. With the increase in the IR...
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2008 Mini Clubman at the La Auto Show
by Evander Klum. The 2007 Los Angeles International Auto Show was the stage for the North American debut of BMW AG's 2008 MINI Clubman model. The 2008 MINI Clubman is the latest addition to MINI's product lineup here in the United States. The Clubman will go on sale...
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Chevy Seeks to be Earth-friendly
by Evander Klum. General Motor Corp., an American automaker, plans to have an ambitious campaign to give its Chevrolet brand an environmental image. The company seeks to hold this plan to compete with the hybrid-master Toyota.According to leading environmental activ...
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Mileage Standards Getting Higher Amidst Strong Oppositions
by Evander Klum. While Los Angeles is feasting on hydrogen powered Chevrolet, super fuel-efficient gasoline engine on a Lincoln or a Hybrid Dodge, carmakers in Washington is fighting hard against a new federal mileage standards."They're definitely saying one thing t...
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Dual-fuel Rotary Engine From Mazda
by Evander Klum. Mazda Motor Corp., a Japanese automotive manufacturer, has planned to shift from fossil fuel to renewable resources through the dual-version of its rotary engine. To reduce the risk of abnormal combustion or detonation, the rotary was sustained with...
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Biodiesel Extend The Life Of Your Diesel Engine
by Terry Z. Voster. Biodiesel can extend the life of your engine whether it is in your diesel equipped auto, truck, tractor, bus or highway rig. Biodiesel can increase the longevity of your engine by up to 100 %. Costs are reduced - whether it be for maintenance or veh...
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