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Discount Motorcycle Helmets Should Offer Maximum Protection
by Tom Sample. Everyone likes getting a great deal, but when it comes to motorcycle helmets, saving a few dollars shouldn't be more important than ensuring the purchase is a sound one. Safety helmets for motorcycle users are the law in many states, optional in oth...
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What to do When This Car Accident Fiasco Happens
by Dave Lloyd. Today's cars have become more reliable, affordable, and useful to individuals and families. They are mechanically sound and include every variety of warranty possible. Aside from a major accident, they almost seem impenetrable to outside forces. ...
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How To Go About A Defective Car Door Latch Case
by Rishi Chawla. If you are preparing a case about a defective car door latch; there are a number of steps to better prepare yourself before you contact your lawyer and file a lawsuit. Whether your claim is the result of an accident or just because of the faulty car...
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How To File A Report In Case Of A Car Accident
by Kathryn Whittaker. If you have been in a car accident, you must immediately file a report to your insurance company. Accidents have been increasing but some people do not have enough knowledge on how to deal with these cases the right way. You may have encountered an ...
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Go Carts - How to Survive by Being Safe!
by Dr. Larry A. Johnson, D.c.. Go carts are certainly thrilling, but they can also be dangerous if not taken seriously. You have to remember that it's not just you out on the track. There will be other drivers attempting to pass you around sharp corners whose talent may be questi...
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Are Motor Scooters Safe? Yes and No!
by Dr. Larry A. Johnson, D.c.. Motor scooters, both electric scooters and gas scooters, are a style of motorcycle that have a step through frame and have become a very popular method of travel all over the world. They have been scooting out of show rooms at record speed. But what...
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Ever Heard of Booster Seats?
by James Monahan. Well a lot of people may not be aware of booster seats. When one hears about it, the one thing that comes to mind is maybe a rocket ship on the way to the moon. Nope, you can't find booster seats in there. It is not what astronauts sit in while on t...
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Auto Accidents
by Tyler Goldstein. Did you know that every 10 seconds, an Auto Accident takes place on the roads of the United States! Shocking isn't it? Looking at these statistics, it is no wonder then that the highest number of personal injury lawsuits in the courts of America inv...
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Motorcycle Risk Management
by Maricon Williams. What speed am I going to maintain? Is it time to swerve? Tostop? Or just go slow? Riders are oftentimes facing a situationthat absolutely needs a split-second decision in order to escapecollision. In times like this background on risk management is...
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Driving Instructor v Test Examiner
by Kacy Carr. To get into a car along side a complete novice who has noknowledge whatsoever of handling a vehicle, let alone handleother drivers on our busy roads takes some guts. (Instructor)Knowing how to drive is simple? Knowing the high way code iseven more s...
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First Steps for the Irish Learner Driver
by Robin Piggott. The main priority for today's Learner Driver should not bepassing the Driving Test but embracing the philosophy of skillsfor life initially. Surely passing the Driving Test is the mainobjective? Not So! Your main objective should be to acquire the n...
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Advancements in Car Safety Features
by carazoo.com.Advancements in Car Safety Features by: carazoo.com Car safety has become a major issue these days. It is estimated that 70% of the total fatali
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Keeping Water Out of Your Used Cars
by full house.Keeping Water Out of Your Used Cars - (part One) by: full house Water can be any car's worst and stealthiest enemy.Whether you have a new or use
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Why Do We Need Registration Plates
by Catherine Harvey. The registration plate was the result of the motor becoming more and more popular since it first arrived in the UK. The British Government decided to take various steps to regulate and control the cars that were driving around on British roads. This...
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What to Keep in your Car
by Amy Nutt. When you drive a car, chances are that not every single road trip that you ever take is going to end well. While most of them will go off without an incident, chances are that at some point in your life you are going to be stranded temporarily and w...

Hang Up and Drive!
by Leaftech. "Hang up and drive!" It's something almost all of us have shouted while sitting behind a car with a driver too absorbed in a cell phone chat to pay attention to the fact that the light has turned green, the lane is ending, or any number of other roa...
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Airbag Safety System With Ears!
by Freddic. ?Till the time new age automobile safety systems, such as intelligent highways become common, a lot of innovations to improve automobile safety rely on making the existing safety systems more effective and efficient.With the talks of encouraging str...
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I Had to Sell My Rolls Royce
by David Barber. I was really sad when I decided to sell my Rolls Royce. And this wasn't just any ol' Rolls Royce. This was a 'pimped-up' Rolls that I did myself, and hired out for weddings, hen and stag nights, theatre nights, well, for any kind of celebration wher...
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General Driving Rules and Regulations
by Abir Roychowdhury. Speed is the ultimate mantra of modern living. Everyone is moving fast to reach their desired destination. Traveling across places is a common scenario to all. Moving in a car, a bus or any other vehicle is better than walking. If we move around in ...
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All About Greenslips in Nsw
by rianne de leon. This article is meant to discuss the Greenslips policy in NSW, Australia. It covers the definition of this car insurance, the conditions, and benefits of acquiring Greenslips in NSW.What are Greenslips?Greenslips is a compulsory car insurance, and a...

Can Klaxons and Electric Shocks Save Motorists?
by Patrick Omari. I knew someone who was once woken by the sound of traffic cones bouncing over the bonnet of his car. He had fallen asleep at the wheel for a second on the motorway and luckily veered into a line of cones rather than another driver. What an escape ...
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Important Things to Know Before Signing off for Your Rental Car
by Amy Nutt. Before you sign the contract and drive away with your rental car, you need to make sure you really know what you have agreed to by signing that agreement. If something were to go wrong while you had the rental car, who would be responsible? How much...
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Car Rental for Under 19s
by Robert. In most countries, car rental companies only cater for drivers that are older than 21 or 23 years of age. Even in South Africa it can be quite difficult to get a company that does'nt wrinkle their noses at younger drivers.Why on earth do we qualify ...
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Liability Can Be Unclear In Bus Accidents
by Katie Kelley. Buses generally thought to be a safe method of travel; after all, they are significantly larger than other vehicles on the road and many buses do not even come equipped with seat belts. A study by the National Bus Safety Council between the years 19...
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Follow Rules and Enjoy Your Drive
by carazoo.com.Follow Rules and Enjoy Your Drive by: carazoo.com Indian roads are loaded with cars from different segment but the Indian roads do not match the
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