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Getting Around Bandung

Places To Visit In Bandung
Where to Explore in Bandung Gedung SateGedung Sate is the central government office. Its name is taken from the shape of the roof which many think looks like a sate (satay) stick. Taman Juand...

Bandung Transportation
Bandung spurs a unique mode of transport called Angkutan Kota, or angkot in short: green minivans that hold up to a maximum of 15 people and race around an incomprehensible maze of routes and subroutes, that for locals is hard enough to grasp, let alone for inexperienced foreigners. If y...

How To Go To Bandung
Bandung 's train station is located conveniently in the center of the city, and is, surprisingly perhaps, one of the most well-organized and clean train stations of Indonesia . The building itself, stemming from the colonial ages is a white plastered architecturally-pleasing hall that can be ente...

Setiabudhi Supermarket
Burned out from spicy Padang food? Nasi goreng is getting boring? Longing for the convenience and variety that your home country has on offer? Sethiabudi supermarket will provide you with the antidote. It's the one and only place in Bandung that has a large range of products that you might find a...

Extending Visa
If your stay in Indonesia exceeds 1 month, you'll probably be here on a sosial/budaya (social/cultural) visa, arranged in your home country. This type of visa needs you to find a sponsor (e.g. someone who guarantees your legal presence) in Indonesia . Sponsors are not that hard to find, ...

Travel Car Service
Since the opening of the new toll road that connects Jakarta and Bandung , both cities are at a stone's throw away. It has meant a huge increase to Bandung visitor rates, reducing the travel time to just about 2 hours, making Bandung easily accessible for day trippers. The new stretch of asphalt ...

Amare Lounge
Amaré Lounge opened in 2004 is one of the hottest hang outs in town these days and hosts popular events on a regular basis. It is an exclusive Club for the executive class, a meeting ground for jet set and ‘not yets'. SD dressed up and powdered their nozy nose to check out what the stir is all ab...

Cloud 9 Lounge
Cloud 9 is a name well chosen for this café that sits on top of a Dago hill, and can be reached by climbing a stairway up to the top floor of a building decorated with clouds. Rumours had reached my ears that Cloud 9 is one of the best places for a pitcher of beer in a snug environment, so up the...

Kyooki Bar
Kyooki bar and Lounge opened in 2004, is a relatively new addition to Bandung 's nightlife, and is at the same time the first real ‘club' on the scene, amidst all bars and discos. When it opened it was mostly visited by a grown up crowd, but over time a regeneration has taken place and now Kyooki...

Rebel Gym
After eating too many greasy gorengans (fried snacks), the urge to lose some pounds instead of putting them on might appear. The Rebel Gym is a fitness center with two branches, one being on Jalan Prabudimuntur near Dago and the other located on the first floor of Jatinangor Tow...

Ardjuna Hotel
The Ardjuna Club is a night life destination located in the Ardjuna hotel at Jalan Ciumbuleuit. It has a nightclub, an executive music lounge and no less than 17 private karaoke rooms. The clientele is very much high brow so SD decided to dress up and intermingle with the crème de la crème of Ban...

Ketan Bakar
Rice, as everybody probably already knows, is the staple food of Indonesians young and old. It is sometimes eaten three times a day, and Indonesians never seem to get bored with it. There are several ways of using rice to make dishes totally different in taste. In the morning for example, bub...

Lembang Bandung
Lembang is a cool mountainous town North of Bandung. It is popular with local tourists for its refreshing climate and the proximity to the Tangkuban Prahu volcano, Bandung 's main tourist attraction. Even though Lembang in itself is doesn't have that much to offer, it is worth a daytrip ...


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