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About Surabaya
by: Editorial Team

Surabaya derived its name from the sura and buaya. The former and latter are shark and crocodile in bahasa respectively. It is a local myth that these two animals had a showdown to claim the throne of “the strongest and most powerful animal in the area”. Now the Surabaya people identify with both these predators as symbols of their region. It is on their city’s logo, shark and crocodile facing each other as though always in wait for combat.

Surabaya is the country’s second-biggest city as well as the capital of East Java. It can be found at the mouth of the Mas River and beside the Strait of Madura.

  • History – Surabaya was taken by the Japanese in 1942 during the Second World War. Their subjugation was only lifted when they were bombed by the allies in 1944! Right after that, the Indonesian nationalists took the opportunity to gain control of the town and that began a whole uproar with the Dutch who wanted to reclaim their colony. It did not help matters that the former colonists were backed up by the allies during their war-torn time. The resulting Battle of Surabaya turned out to be the most crucial fight leading to the Indonesian revolution.

  • Today – Surabaya is touted to be the major trading city in east Indonesia. It is also one of the biggest cities in the whole of Southeast Asia and has a population of about 3 million. This makes it the second largest populated city in Indonesia after Jarkata. It mainly consists of Javanese people and the minority races are the Madurese and the Chinese. They mostly use the Javanese dialect, Surabayan, to converse with each other. This particular language is interestingly known for its significance in generating the idea of equality and also for the straightforward nature of its usage.

  • Highlights – Do note that flooding is likely to happen if you are in Surabaya during the monsoon seasons. The city is situated in a river delta and is a rather flat and low land mass. Plus, the sewage systems and other measures to protect against potentially disastrous events like floods are not very well up in place in Surabaya, so if you have no wish to encounter an overly wet holiday, do choose your timings to fly down according to the seasons.

 Here is a list of things to do in Surabaya:

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