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Belanja Di Malang
by: Pravieta

Where to Shop in Malang
  • Sarinah Department Store

    Let’s do some shopping! You don’t want to go home empty handed, do you? Sarinah Department Store is the perfect place to buy mementos. To name a few, wayang golek and wayang kulit puppets, batiks, woodcarvings, small stone statues and bronze figures are some of the keepsakes you can find here. If you’re lucky, you can even get great batiks with unique prints.   

  • Factory Outlets

    Want some more for your shopping pleasure? Head off to the factory outlets where you can buy items like clothes or shoes at an affordable price. There are lots of them in town and with as little as US$30 you can get a variety of goodies worth whooping over. The key to shopping here is bargain, bargain, bargain!

  • Pasar Batu

    Nature lovers can have some shopping fun too. In the western part of Java, Bandung is recognized as the city of flowers, but here in the eastern part, Pasar Batu is a shopping haven for flora enthusiasts. Several florists in this area provide a variety of flowers and plants. Orchids, roses, carnations, and bonsai are among the many varieties, and they’re all yours to choose.

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