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Malang Hotels
by: Pravieta

Where to Stay in Malang
  • Hotel Santika

    A grand, current hotel catered for families. It is newly opened but its restaurant dishes out one of the best sup buntut around. This is also where the popular Tugu group is based. The Tugu Park is also magnificent to a great degree with its lovely guest rooms, range of restaurants, nightclubs as well as its gigantic private Sugar Baron dining room.

  • Graha Cakra Malang

    Accommodation in Malang truly depends on your budget, but if you have an extra budget, Graha Cakra Malang would be highly recommended. Set in the luxurious residential area of Malang, the rooms in this colonial architectural building – built in 1930s, are a perfect blend of modern comfort and exotic traditional décor. With a price range between US$80 to US$120, this lush hotel is an excellent value for money.

  • Royal Orchids Garden Hotel & Condominiums

    You can also spend the night in Royal Orchids Garden Hotel & Condominiums at Batu, only 5 km from Malang. With its British style architecture, mountain landscaping and panoramic view of mount Arjuna, this is an equally impressive place to stay at a US$40 to US$80 price range.

  • Hotel Trio Indah and Hotel Gajah Mada

    Accommodates low-budget travelers for a price range of between US$20 to US$40. They’re less expensive, clean, and strategically located in the business and shopping areas of Malang. 

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