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Malang City
by: Pravieta

This small wonderful town, located between mount Arjuno and mount Semeru on the eastern part of Java is famed for its tasteful ‘Manalagi’ apple. With its cool climate, fresh clean air and serene atmosphere, Malang offers a pleasant retreat to the hurly-burly of a big city. To get there, you can alternately choose between air or land transportation. The simplest way to visit Malang is by Gajayana train. Another flexible option is a two-hour drive from Surabaya. Once you arrive, the neatly-kept main square, well-preserved old buildings and streets will put you into a relaxed swing. Soon, you’ll be ready to indulge yourself in one of the most attractive towns in Java.

Malang, unlike many of its unfortunate neighbours, came out of the Asian financial crisis without much of a scratch. It is a famous city talked about because of its chilled climate, cleanliness, tranquility and scenic surroundings, and thus has been for a long time a favourite with the tourists. Even back during the period of the Dutch colonisation, the Europeans quickly discovered the benefits of making their homes here. Malang has since, following the Asian financial downturn, shown an unfluctuating economic and population increase.

  • History – Way back before modern society came into play, Malang was already a well-known area due to its being the region where the government of the Kanjuruhan and Singosari Kingdom ruled. It soon followed that the Mataram Kingdom too found Malang a conducive spot for holding the regent’s powers and settled here as well. The Mataram’s time made Malang such a significant place that it became the largest regency in East Java and in all became a rather accomplished city in Java.
  • Today – Malang’s streets are tree-lined and Dutch-influenced houses are systematically stacked on the sides. There are five universities and lots of golfers so you can be sure to find lots of students as well as facilities accommodating to the latter. A recent occurrence is the finding of oil in the town – it seems like Malang’s destiny is still in the making. An interesting place to watch.
  • Highlights – Malang has quite a few charming little antique shops. The ceramic industry is coming up now and there are many interesting objects to look at. Vases and other unusual domestic products are sold all over the town. Take note also of quality batik silk…

Here is a list of things you can do in Malang:

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