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Yogyakarta Tourism
by: Editorial Team

Where to Explore in Yogyakarta
  • Kraton
    If you want to explore the historical things in Yogjakarta, Kraton might be the best place.Kraton, The Palace of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X is the center of the city life. Important heritage from centuries ago have been well-kept here.  But once a year there's a ritual of "washing" these heritages, keeping them clean and refreshing their power. They believe that these hereditary objects also preserve Yogja from evil. It seems a little overwhelming but quite interesting.

  • Candi Borobudur
    If you are looking for the wonders of the world from Syailendra Dinasty, don't forget Candi Borobudur. There's a myth, if u could reach the arms of the Buddhist inside the little stupa, your wish will come true.

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