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Yogyakarta History
by: Editorial Team

Welcome to Yogyakarta, the city with progressive movement of industry, culture, arts and traditional rituals, located in the south of the Javanese Island. Headed by a Sultan, the governor and inherited by the Yogyakarta Hadiningrat highborn.

Yogja is also known as a student city. So many students come to Yogja and study here, and it’s not just the college students, but also the high school students who are looking for a cheap but high quality of education. That's why Yogja has become a very crowded city. Too many people come from all over Indonesia to stay here.

Although Yogja is a small city, surrounded by Merapi Volcano Mountain, Merbabu Mountain, Dieng and Javanese Ocean, there are so many places that we can visit. You can choose whether u want to go to the beach or look for fresh air in Kaliurang. Parangtritis is a very famous beach there, known also for ritualistic things on special night. From there, if you want to find another beach, just try Baron, Depok or even the farthest one, Congot. But if you just want to have fun with little stuff like crafts, handmade, batik, silver, jewelry, etc. you can find it easily in the center of the city.

After traveling around the city (well, maybe not in one day, because there are too many beautiful places that would be of interest to you), you might want to try the delicious food and beverages around Yogja. It is thus best to step into Gadjah Wong which has four pavilions, each with a different food style. But if you looking for Yogja’s specialty, why don't you try to "lesehan" (sit on the floor covered with "tikar") and try lesehan food, maybe gudeg (sweet-tasting substance made from jackfruit) or chicken or maybe just a cup of poci tea for relaxing. Lesehan food is easy to find. It is all over Yogja and all over Malioboro Street at night and it is very cheap.

If you are feeling tired but still would like to continue exploring the beauty of Yogja, just stay at fabulous Amanjiwo, where every room has a view of Borobudur. It is about an hour from Yogja. But if you feel like you want to spend your night in the center of the city, just try four or five star hotels there; they served the best for you.

If u feel that you are lost, don't be afraid to ask for help. People in Yogja are very friendly and nice. Just don't forget to say terima kasih which means thank you! ;)

Have a nice trip!!

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