Tips To Power-Up Your Sales Copy

By: Anthony L. Davenport

We are were guilty of it at one time or another. Getting too caught up in our website design.. making sure the links work...checking our site in different browsers and resolutions etc.

We see cool templates we want to use to make our site more 'razle-dalze'....and cool animation scripts, etc. (Yes, I my self am guilty on multiple accounts ^_^ )

Then we get caught up in writing/finding quality articles to put into our auto-responder sequence..and so on and so on.

Now don't get me wrong ALL of these parts of eBiz are EXTREMELY important....

But, what ultimately makes the sale?...

let's see:

WebSite: This is your store front yes, and first impressions are IMPORTANT, so no, you don't want to skimp on the professionalism of your site. However what your website does is direct your visitor---to purchase your product.

eZine: Your autoresponder is an INVALUABLE part of your eBiz...ultimately this will be your way to make more sales...

But what MAKES the sale all the time?

We all's your Sales Copy.

If you're experiencing a slump in your income streams/sales, and you've tested and tweaked your advertising..and your getting a better response..but your sales are not rising...

..then this is the time to check your sales copy.

Below is a check list to ensure your sales copy pulls the maximum sales possible:

Know your market--

Yup, good 'ol research..ya I know, bummer. But if you want your sales copy to be successful you need to truly know who you are targeting... Then write specifically to them.

This is probably the hardest of things to do for your eBiz, and it is human nature to be lazy and put things off...However, you want to succeed right??

Sorry, but in order to do that , your gonna have to 'put in work'

Now there are many ways to do this. 1--if you already have a list: simple survey them and ask them:

--why they didn't buy your product

--what don't they like about your sales letter

--what do they like about it, etc.

by simply doing this, you can immediately evaluate your copy and optimize it, to pull in more orders.

But if you have yet to build a responsive list...well that's where newsgroups come in... It's the 'same-o-same-o'..check around, see what everyone's problems are... then re-write your sales copy to emphasize how your product solves that problem..

Get the reader on your side:

You have to build a certain level of rapport with your readers, they have to trust you/ like you if they are going to buy from you.

A great way to do this is by educating them...on why you created your product...what you went through to produce it, the problems your product solves.. things of this nature.

Answer The visitor's question: "What's in it for me?"

Nothing builds credibility more than YOUR willingness to provide valuable, fr~e information to your visitor. By doing this in your sales copy, you will establish yourself to them as someone who genuinely wants to help them.

Make sure your copy is easy to read.

This is so important...really, if your visitor can't follow your sales copy, they will not bother sticking around to finish it.

So make sure to get straight to the point. Focus on what your product is about Use, easy, simple everyday language in your writing, and above all ensure that your message is crystal clear. Always use the words "You, Your, You're" ALOT in your sales copy..

"Get Your copy today"

"...This product your about to own"


So make sure to limit the use of too many colors, bolds, italic, etc. These are all very powerful tools...but try not to use them all on the same word...that tends to leave an eye strain on the reader. If that happens, be sure they will clicking press the "x" button at the top of their window.

Another Thing..make sure your copy has LOTS of white space...this will make it easy to read..and for those who 'skim' through--this will make finding the vital information easy.

So use bullets, lines, all caps, larger fonts, etc. to signal a new segment or benefit.

Make your Sales Copy Irresistible:

Include bonuses related to your offer. A fr~e eBook, software or report. Great thing with eProducts, we all can do this at a very low cost to us.

Use fun words to excite your reader: Fr~e, Easy, Love, Safe, Save, New,Value,Proud,Fast, Magic,Suddenly,Healthy,Comfortable,Gain,Power, Discover,Proven,Secret,Incredible,Automatic, Perfect,Win,Fr~edom,Independence,beautiful, First, etc.

These are just a few examples. With a little brainstorming, you could easily think of more creative words.

Next, to make your copy irresistible, you must provide a powerful money back guarantee.. take all the risk away and ease your visitors troubled thoughts.

With so many scams out there on the internet, you can't blame your visitor for not trusting you. So providing them the opportunity of taking away all their financial risk, will go a long way in making their decision of buying from you.

Consider using guarantees that are longer than 30 days, this way your customer will not feel rushed to evaluate it. The longer your guarantee, the more sales you will get. Because, if your guarantee is for a long period of time, the visitor will see you REALLY stand behind your product, and they will feel confident in buying it from YOU.

In closing these tips for making your sales copy sell better, let me re-cap

1-Know your market do your research and find out what they want, and give it to them as your product.

2-Build Rapport with your reader. Answer "What’s in it for me" Be sincere in your willingness to help them.

3-Make your copy easy to read Use lots of white space, and write for the "skimmers"

4-Make a great offer Offer irresistible bonuses, and offer an 'iron clad guarantee'.

So if your eBusiness is in a slump, test your ads, test your offers, test your copy... ..remember in internet marketing it's: "adapt or die"

Again thank you for reading. I hope you found this informative..or, I hope this writing atleast enforced what you already know.

In anycase, I wish you all the success you deserve.

To Your eSuccess, Anthony L. Davenport ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may Re-publish this article in your own publication, just make sure my "sig file" and all information with-in remains in the article ^_^ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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