The "secrets of Success" in Real Estate Investing!

By: TC and Vickie Bradley

So many people are desperate or really motivated to learn "The Secrets to Success."

Well, here is a secret for you...

There are no "secrets to success!"

Simply find someone that is doing, achieving, or earning what you would like to and find out what they are doing and...

As the commercial says:

Just Do it!

But what we think happens sometimes is that we allow others who are not successful to rob us of our dreams.

We have always remembered a radio interview that a famous real estate expert was on in which a caller challenged the "truth" of his teachings.

The caller flat out told him that his methods of real estate investing did not work!

The Real Estate Millionaire's response was classic!

He simply asked the gentleman how many investment properties he had

in his portfolio...

The gentleman responded "NONE."

The Millionaire then asked how many properties had he ever invested in. The gentleman's response again was "NONE."

"Well," said the National real estate expert, "I have invested in real estate using these techniques which you say do not work and I have earned Millions and Millions of dollars in the process. The way I see it, the listening audience can do one of 2 things...

They can listen to your advice and achieve what you have achieved...

Or they can listen to my advice and achieve what I have achieved!"

What a classic response!

Vickie and I have always remembered it whenever someone has challenged whether or not you can really control real estate without credit checks and $1-10.00 down!

We have adopted the saying, "You can be right, and we will be


No matter which manner you decide to use to invest in real estate, we encourage you not to let the folks who have never invested or who have never been successful to rob you of your dreams!

A question we sometimes get is, "Why isn't everyone investing in real estate if it is so easy?"

Our response is simple and direct: Who said it was easy?

We didn't!

Simple, Yes!

Easy, no.

It's not easy because it requires something called commitment!

These deals are not going to come and knock on your door and say, "Here I am!"

But when you become committed and have the right recipe... Watch out!

Commitment is the launching pad to miracles in your life!

Miracles do not happen simply because you "try" something!

Miracles happen because you are committed to them happening!

Talent is not the major factor of whether or not you're going to be


Commitment is.

I am just high school educated and if you want to sum up our mission statement, you can do so in 3 simple words:

Why not you?

If we can do this so can you!

If others can be successful...

Why not you?

Listen, changing your life is never really easy but we can promise it is worth it.

A Hundred times over!

Do not simply "try" investing in real estate!

You would be wasting your time!

Become committed to becoming successful in real estate then...

Find someone that is excelling in the area of real estate investing that appeals to you and get their knowledge!

There are so many great real estate authors out there with some Fantastic strategies that can truly impact your life!

Never look at it like you are investing in them because you are not.

You're making the best investment there is...

In you!

You never invest in a Guru.. the investment is always in yourself!

I will look you in the eye and look you in the heart right now and tell you that you are worth every penny that you invest in yourself.

You better believe you are!

And so are your dreams and goals.

We guarantee you that!

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