Controlling Property is 100x More Powerful Than Owning Property!

By: TC and Vickie Bradley

Controlling property is 100x more powerful than owning property!

Once we share this "truth" and you really grasp what we are saying, it will forever change how you view real estate investing and could dramatically change you life!

It did ours!

Yes it is that powerful!

We do not think anyone will disagree with the fact that when you invest in a home the "traditional" way you have to jump through a lot of hoops!

What if we told you there was a way that you could invest in real estate WITHOUT jumping through all of those hoops?

Would you be excited?

How about if we told you that your credit would not be the issue, even if you just filed Bankruptcy yesterday?

Excited yet?

Wait, it gets better!

What if we told you that you did not have to have a large down payment?

What if you could control these properties for as little as
$1-10.00 down?

Still not excited?

What if there was a way to establish an equity position in the home you control WITHOUT being on the title!

Well, this is possible when you control properties instead of owning properties!

How do you accomplish these wonderful things in Real Estate?

That is the truly the Million Dollar question!

And the answer is...Drum roll please...

Well one of the ways is with a lease purchase contract!

A lease purchase contract allows you today to lock in a purchase price for sometime in the future.

How powerful is a lease purchase contract?

In our own case we locked down our dream home without a credit check under market value with a right to purchase at that under market value at any point during a 5 year term.

Before we walked into the front door of our dream home, we had ALREADY established a tremendous equity position, without being on title!

In 3 years the land values TRIPLED in value and our home almost
DOUBLED in value!

Now, granted this is waterfront property and things took off BIG TIME, but because we had positioned ourselves with our lease purchase contract we were sitting pretty with a huge equity position!

We never jumped through one hoop and did not have our credit checked to establish this equity position.

We were smart enough to recognize controlling property was 100x more powerful than "owning" property any day of the week, month or year!

We really do wonder why anyone would invest any other way!

Is it legal?

100% legal!

As a matter of fact, most mortgage companies advertise looking for those with a lease purchase contract who want to convert it to a mortgage!

What do we mean by "control" real estate?

Simple. When we "control" real estate we have 5 options available to us. We can:

1. Sell the property
2. Rent the property
3. Sandwich lease the property
4. Assign our rights in the property
5. Live in the property
6. But the most powerful benefits to you investing this way is that you can establish an equity position in that home without ever being on title!

For example, lets say you control a home for a 5 year term and you have the right to purchase the home at any point during the next 5 years for $250,000. Let's say the home appreciates in value to $350K in 3 years. You now have the right to purchase a $350K home for $250K. That is a $100K equity position you now have without being on title! That is the truest definition of power there is!

There is no more powerful way to invest in real estate today!

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