Are You The Boss Or The Employee Of Your Business?

By: Henry Gold

I remember when I was working, back in 1996, I was a totally lazy person. If my boss ordered me to do something, I listened to what he said, but in my heart, I kept complaining that I needed to find a new job with a better employer.

All I thought about was getting a better job, with better pay, in a better environment.

However, I never thought about it from my bosses point of view, untill I became my own boss.


Here is what I remembered about him...

He said 'Henry, you need to be able to expand your boundary, if you would like to become very successful.'

'I see you have great potential, but you lack ambition to get to where you want to go.'


I remembered that he was always busy talking to clients, busy improving the store condition, and busy organizing work for the employees.

He was also busy reminding me to finish my work on time. He set deadlines and expected me to meet them each and every time.

I could feel that whenever he failed to meet a deadline he was very frustrated and disappointed with his own performance.

Once we finalised a project he would treat us to dinner. However, the next day, he would start a new project again without even slowing down.

Working with him, lead me to understand that his success was based on discipline and hard work, not just a type of luck that everybody is hoping for.

Here is how I started...

As you may have noticed, I started my Internet business in 1999.

During that time, I kept finding many good leaders in Internet marketing. I joined one opportunity after the other.

But nothing worked at all :-(

I joined several M.ulti-Level-Marketing programs which I failed at, and even lost over $10,000 calling up leads as I had been taught on the tele-conference. When I saw one guy earning $10,000 in 3 days, I joined his biz-opportunity. When I failed to produce any results, I found what I thought was a better business opportunity.

Failure after failure, I almost gave up the idea of so-called 'w.ork at home opportunities'. I began to think that may be Internet business was not for me.

It brought me to the point where I was thinking about my past employers, who had taught me how to be disciplined and how to push my limits.

I was thinking about the real reason why I had failed. It was not because it didn't work, but because I hadn't developed my own principles for becoming successful.

Surely it is in everyone's own interest to become successful. Every biz-op owner says he will help you to become #1 seller by promoting his programs.

Think about it seriously, does he really care about how you feel when you fail. Does he care about how miserable you become when you fail instead of reaching your goal?

The truth is 'NO ONE WILL CARE'.

The truth is, he has got thousands of people he has to take care of right now. He is too busy finishing his work to ask you 'Are you ok?'


Being the boss means...., you need to:

1. Face every obstacle that comes your way. 2. Accept the truth. No one can help you except yourself. 3. Take responsiblity to change the quality of your life. 4. Be disciplined and learn from the mistakes along the way. 5. Finish every task on time.


I frequently suffer from lack of sleep and food, but I enjoy it because I keep thinking about the end result, - the end of this month, next month, 1 year from now, or even 5 years from now.

But unsucessful people keep worrying about their future by saying,' What if it doesn't work, what would they say?'

The truth is, 'NO ONE WILL CARE'.

Henry, how can I become a true leader?

Be yourself. Imagine the end result, and use other people's knowledge to create your own result.

I found out that if I kept joining business opportunities, I would create an OK income, however, instead of just being the seller, I would like to be the owner.

It means that instead of helping him to sell his products, you learn how to become him by helping others to sell your own products.

For example:

Ask yourself: Who is more powerful?

The one who uses the computer or the one who built the computer?

The one who uses Microsoft word or the one who built Microsoft word?

It's obvious, the answer will be the builder, not the user. It's obvious that the owner of the biz-op is powerful, not the seller.

Henry, how can I become the builder?

When you start your own Internet business, don't just promote affiliate programs, but open your own E-store with your own unique purpose.

Once you have built it up, use the business opportunity or other similiar program as a plug-in opportunity.

That's the only way you can become very successful online.

Another important thing is: Learn as much as possible from people who are the leaders in this field. One of the best ways, is to purchase their courses, books, audio, or even to participate in their seminars.

With the combination of leadership inside you and your willingness to expand your limits, you will definitely become a leader in the industry of your choice.

This is what I call 100% success rate.

Closing note: Many people who send me emails on a daily basis are totally negative about their current work situation as well as their current financial situation.

Your willingness to change the present by pushing your limits, is the only way you can become very successful online.

Remember: If you keep expecting that somebody will rescue you, or one day you will win $1,000,000 from lottery or gambling, you will NEVER become successful.

Take charge of your life by changing your habits. Instead of feeling depressed about life, you should concentrate on finding a solution to the problem.

Your life will definitely become very successful.

Copyright 2004 Henry Gold

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