Secret to Success in Life

By: Ryan Terry

As you read every word in this article, you will ultimately discover 7 powerful secrets that will effectively make you more productive, and help speed up the overall success of your home business.

These secrets must be applied on a daily basis to ensure your long term success.

Let’s get started:

1. Discover Your Self Worth

“Success is created with a positive routine" --Carlos Garcia

Free yourself from the negativities in the world and focus on your inner peace. First and foremost you must start taking care of yourself, before you can effectively help inspire those around you.

The trick is to *always* remain positive at all times, no matter how negative things seem to get.

In order to properly jump start your day, simply sit alone in silent meditation at least twice a day for approximately 15 minutes in the morning, and 15 minutes in the evening. This process alone will help you accomplish the positive state of mind that you want to be in.

Since you only have control over yourself and the actions you make, *avoid judging* events and situations as they occur throughout the day, because being judgmental can seriously lead you into a devastating pattern that will affect your attitude for success.

Accept each and every situation as it occurs, and know that everything in your life happens for a reason, and everything is as it should be.

Notice how judgmental people are *always* concerned with the opinions of others. They shift their focus, and energy towards everybody else and eventually lose focus of themselves. Their mind then becomes clouded and cluttered with negative energy that they really don’t need.

Wouldn’t you rather enjoy life?

2. Give And You Shall Receive

You may have heard me say “Help people get what they want and they will Help you get what you want"

When ever you meet someone new, provide them with a gift or a compliment. This gift may be a free report, a free eBook, an article, or silently wish them the best of luck in their life. Give something to everyone you come into contact with, and this in turn will dramatically increase your chances of making new friendships, partnerships, which will lead you to create a tremendous amount of joy, riches and prosperity in your life and in the lives of others.

Welcome and appreciate all the gifts that your home business will offer you. Be open to receiving from others, as it will potentially lead you in the direction you want to go.

Learn to effectively keep wealth circulating in your life, by giving and receiving from the specialized group of people you work with.

Always remind yourself of the spectacular things people have done for you, and exercise a positive routine to help encourage them to do the best they can with their lives.

3. Self Awareness

It is crucially important for you to become aware of the consequences of each choice you make, whether it is positive or negative. Realizing those choices will bring you closer to your conscious awareness, and prepare you for a better tomorrow.

When ever you think about making a choice, here are 2 important questions to ask:

“What are the consequences of this choice?" and

“Will this choice bring fulfillment and happiness to me, and to those who are affected by this choice?"

If the choice you’re making feels comfortable, than move forward with a positive attitude and “Just Do It", like Nike says. However, if the choice feels uncomfortable, pause for a moment, and try to envision the consequences of your actions.

This guidance alone will dramatically help you improve the choices you make for your home business, and in your personal life.

4. Keep An Open Mind

Learn to effectively accept people, situations, circumstances, and events as they occur. Appreciate and understand that each moment is as it should be. When you struggle against any given moment, the situation will ultimately become too complicated for you to handle.

Accept everything as it is, not as you wish it was.


When you accept things as they are, you become responsible for your situation and for any events you see as problems. Taking responsibility means not blaming anyone or anything for your situation. Look at every problem, or obstacle you encounter, with an open mind and grasp this opportunity to make positive changes in your life.

Accept ALL these negative events as opportunities in disguise, and transform them into a greater benefit for your future success. Be open minded with the opinion of others and remind yourself to *first* give others what they want, before you can achieve what you want.

5. Know Your Desires

Write a list of all your desires and take this list wherever you go. Make a mental note of this list before you go into bed and when you get up in the morning.

Always keep a positive attitude by believing that everything contained in your list of desires will be accomplished. Especially when things don’t seem to go your way,

Remind yourself to be aware of all your actions. Do not let any minor obstacles consume and affect the quality of your intentions. A positive attitude will keep you moving forward, leading you in the direction you want to go.

6. Let Things Go

Welcome any circumstances to come into your life with open arms, whether it is in your best interest *or not*. Do not try to justify the negative problems with solutions by imposing idea’s of how things should be, because you will only create bigger problems for yourself.

Learn to let the little things go, so you can focus your full potential and energy on your home business, and the positives in your life.

When you accept uncertainty, solutions will spontaneously emerge out of the problem, confusion, and chaos. Don’t allow yourself to fear the unknown. Instead, let things be for the moment, and you will soon find your path to security and happiness because uncertainty is your path to freedom.

With this amazing knowledge of uncertainty, you will find the security that will let you take complete control of your life and your home business.

You will soon discover all the opportunities, and excitement that can occur when you remain open to the possibilities of choices within yourself.

7. Take Action With Your Purpose In Life

Promise yourself that you will exercise these 7 tantalizing secrets that will ultimately improve the quality of your personal life, as well as directing you towards success in your home business. Start this journey by taking care of your heart, body, mind, and the spirit that lies deep within your soul.

Let go of all the negative problems and focus your attention towards the positive events that transpire in every moment of your life. Challenge these negative occurrences and constantly fuel yourself to remain positive, no matter what is happening.

I don’t have to convince you that just by making a list of all your unique talents, you will dramatically improve your self worth. Use your unique skills to guide you in the success of your home business and to service humanity because this in turn will create an infinity of possibilities in your life and in the lives of others.

That’s exactly what will happen to you!

Don’t take my word for it, justask yourself daily, “How can I serve?" and "How can I help?" The answers to these questions will allow you to help and serve your fellow human beings and your business will achieve extra-ordinary profits as a result.

Copyright 2004 Ryan Terry

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