The whole truth about Doublers, Triplers & Cyclers

By: Frank Bauer

Would you like to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Doublers, Triplers and Cyclers? Then please read on...

I am sure that you noticed the dozens of Doubler, Tripler & Cycler programs that seem to grow like mushrooms nowadays and that even many of the well known Internet marketers seem to jump on and promote.

Yes, even I have tried a bunch to see what all this is about. Can you really earn money with them? Yes. Can you loose money with them? Yes, also. What separates the earners from the losers can be simply narrowed down to one point... knowledge.

What I am about to share with you is what I personally learned during the last six weeks. I will share with you my own experience with those kinds of programs.

So, let's get started...

Before you join any program, you should look at it very seriously and make a decision based on the following facts:

- Is the program still in pre-launch? Can you maybe even get shares before the crowd?

- Do you know the admin or do you know somebody that knows him or her?

- Does the program allow you to see your share numbers and the last share number that cycled?

- Is the product offered of general interest and good quality? Would you buy it even without the income opportunity attached?

- Does the admin have a long term plan for the program?

- Are there contact details on the web site of the program?

If you can answer most if not all questions with yes, you found a pretty sure money maker. The more questions you answer with no, the riskier it gets.

You found a money maker? Not so fast... read on to learn what other stumbling blocks you have to watch out for...

1. Don't be greedy...

All Doubler, Tripler & Cycler programs will eventually slow down. If you are too greedy and don't pull out your money at the right time, you will basically waste it.

Most programs will tell you to keep re-investing your money so you will double your money over and over again.

You will read on many site phrases like: 'Invest $50 and when it doubles to $100 you re-invest it and then $100 to $200 and so on.'

A lot of people fall in this trap... don't follow the other lemmings! If you think that by re-investing you will get super wealthy in a few months... then think again.

All Doubler, Tripler & Cycler programs need new members coming in to pay for the existing members. What do you think happens when several thousands of people think this way?

The money that is needed to pay everyone is getting more and more and the time needed to cycle will increase more and more. And simply put, you will have to wait a loooooonnnnng time to get your money doubled or tripled.

That's why you need to play it smart!

- If possible, always join during pre-launch and be one of the first people to buy your shares.

- Right at launch time you might see cycling times of just a few hours. During this time keep re-investing all your money. If the program doesn't have a auto re-invest feature, keep checking if your shares cycled.

- Stop re-investing your money if the share numbers are higher than 1,000 (unless the cycling time is still just a few hours) or if the cycling time is higher than 2 days.

- Withdraw your money whenever it reached twice your initial investment as well as after you stopped re-investing.

By following these rules you will greatly reduce the chance to get burned.

Don't be greedy and you WILL make money with Doubler, Tripler & Cycler programs.

2. Get in early...

As I already mentioned above, in most instances it is important to get in early.

Unless you know that the owner has a good long term plan and the product is attractive even without the money making opportunity attached... make sure that you don't join too late.

How can you make sure that you won't? Keep yourself informed and join an announcement list that will tell you when there is a program about to be launched. And generally speaking, always keep an eye open.

I have personally tried 15 doublers during the last 6 weeks...

- 8 turned into a total profit of $2,940.92 after expenses plus $5,572.32 in potential profits if all shares cycle one more time.

7 of them I joined during pre-launch... one had launched already.

- From 3 I requested a refund after they had launching problems and received a full refund of my initial investment.

One of them had to be forced through StormPay as that admin tried to run with the money.

- 2 have a total potential profit of $1,610.00 if all shares cycle one more time. One has already doubled twice (had launched already) and the other one once (pre-launch).

Those are potential cases of me having been too greedy. ;)

- 2 of them I just joined and they have not yet cycled.

With most Doubler, Tripler or Cycler programs it does not matter when during the pre-launch you join, because they will only allow any spending on the exactly launch day.

But on that day and time you have to be ready and waiting...

If the time says that they will launch at 6:00 pm CST then you have to be ready and the account loaded with the amount of money you like to invest at least a few minutes before that time.

Most of the times a LOT of people will be waiting like you do. Use the time before to make yourself familiar with their rules and guidelines.

Here are some of the program rules that you should keep an eye open for...

- Some programs have the rule that you can only withdraw once your share cycled all the way to the highest investment amount, e.g. $480

Advantage: Keeps programs cycling longer

Disadvantage: If you start with a small amount, you need to wait longer until you can withdraw money.

Tip: If you can afford, start with the highest amount and you will earn more much quicker.

- Other programs have the rule that you can only buy a certain number of shares every x minutes or hours. E.g. only five $5 shares can be bought every 30 minutes.

Advantage: Gives small investors better chances for good share positions and is this way fairer for them.

Disadvantage: It takes much longer to invest a big amount and can this way cause you to get on the average not so good positions for your shares.

Tip: Unless you plan to invest only a small amount you should better invest into programs that don't have this kind of limitation.

3. Sponsoring others...

Most doubling programs also offer commissions on sponsoring people. This alone can make you a lot of money... on top of what you earn by cycling your shares.

I personally prefer a higher direct sales commission than just being paid a little on three levels. The ability to earn several levels deep is usually only of advantage if you are in a long term program.

All you need to do is promote your site and the referrals will come. Of course it makes a big difference where and how you promote.

Here are the 3 best ways to promote...

- Invite the subscribers of your opt-in email lists to the pre-launch.

If you don't have your own lists, start building them now! To be successful online you have to build your lists of opt-in subscribers. I personally use the Add2it Mailman Pro software to manage my lists.

- Build and email your own Doublers, Triplers & Cyclers program announcement list.

- Place banner and text ads on other Doublers, Triplers & Cyclers program pages.

Many offer this as their main of part of their product. You can often promote program A on site B and program B on site A without having to spend an additional cent of advertising.

Ok, this wraps it up pretty good. Now you know the whole truth about Doublers, Triplers & Cyclers. By following these simple rules you will be well on your way to making an income from this programs.

But before I close... here the most important rule:

ONLY invest money in any Internet program that you can afford to lose. NEVER EVER spend your rent money or YOU WILL GET BURNED (or have to sleep outdoors).

If you play it smart you can have some fun. :)

Copyright 2004 Frank Bauer

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