Create Powerful Joint Ventures Step by Step

By: Christophor Strobel

Figure out what you are passionate about and make it your business.

If you love golf, parachuting, surfing, computing, fishing , or whatever it may be, make it your business. A business that is also a hobby or pastime greatly increases the chances of enjoying getting up and wanting to go to “work “every day or every other day if you choose.

Start subscribing to all the magazines, catalogs, and newsletters you can find about the topic. Learn what new products are available (read reviews) and what products they compliment. Clip the good ads, tips, and articles and keep them organized for the future. Repeat advertisement month after month in the same publication means the ad is pulling in sales, check these businesses out.

Think new, latest, greatest ,complimentary, product or service here are a few ideas

audio book club / travel organization

surfboards / wetsuit maker

Recreational vehicle owner / travel guides / fuel savings device / fuel savings club

Doctor / pharmacist

Tuxedo shop / reception hall / jeweler / cake maker / bridal shop / photographer / florist

Law firm / adoption agency

Book seller / seminar service

Cooking school / kitchen supply store

House painter / carpenter / plumber / electrician / handyman

computers / training videos

web hosting / web design.

real estate agent / security company / handyman

Greenhouse-nursery / Landscaper

Golfers use many different products every time they go out on the course. Shoes, bags, clubs, balls, tees, carts, gloves, clothing, umbrellas, memberships, and many other items .Even when golfers are off the course they use training videos, read magazines, and take personal lessons , whatever it takes to improve their game.

New computer owners often feel overwhelmed by the idea of figuring out all the different programs. Arrange an endorsement deal for the computer seller to introduce the new computer owner to training videos DVD’s, or E-books and take your piece of the pie for creating the joint venture.

Remember the banjo minnow? Fisherman all over the globe use this lure and it is guaranteed that there is a list for rent somewhere of every purchaser worldwide .Find a complimentary product to go with the list and have the company endorse the new product. Split the profits three ways. List owner ,deal maker (you), and the product distributor.

toolbar ranks related websites while you surf the internet.Endorsement deals are easy to find by just clicking on the related sites.

Response lists are compiled lists of people who have purchased something from an infomercial , catalog , television commercial , a mailing whether it be email or snail mail, or etc.

Get your hands on a copy of an SRDS (Standard Rate and Data Service) ask for the “Direct Marketing List Source" and study all the different categories and learn what they mean. direct marketing list source delivers the accurate, up-to-date list broker and list manager information you need to get the job done quickly—including purchase lists and contact data. Major libraries have copies of the SRDS in the reference section, They are expensive so wait until the profits roll in before you purchase your own.


offers the ability to research the advertising and list rental opportunities

Find a copy of an Oxbridge Communications National Directory of Mailing Lists (800-955-0231). Major libraries have copies of the Oxbridge Communications National Directory of Mailing Lists in the reference section

Trade associations also have mailing lists.

How to Find Products

Need a product? Join an affiliate program, they are free and there is no contract to sign. Almost every online store has an affiliate program so figure out your interests and research the business. It is marketing smart for the stores to give you commission for finding customers ,then they don’t have to . Think digital product because they are automatically delivered and available instantly over the internet. Most merchants already have proven sales copy and order pages available to affiliates. Here are a few places to start looking

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Buy and try the Product. If you never try the product how can you possibly be passionate about it. Services take longer for the profit to roll in. Products create immediate revenue.

Already have a product ?

Design a website with your product on it. Look in the above affiliate networks and find complimentary products .Why have an online store when you can have a whole online mall. Choose an affiliate program that closely relates with the theme of your website. Websites never close they are open for sales 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year .

Learn web design. WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) makes this step real simple. Microsoft Frontpage is really simple to use .Here are a few tutorials.

NEW business plans available! hosting from just $3.95 a month $8.95 domain name () registration.

FTP (File transfer protocol) This is used to transfer the pages you built to the host server

Think up your own domain name .Do not use the free web hosts such as geocities or angle fire they are not for serious business owners and possible deals will want nothing to do with your business.

Prepare your Introduction Letters.

Here are a few sample letters to read through , they will give you ideas about what should be included.

Create a simple letterhead on good paper.

Company name


Phone number Fax number E-mail Address


Never send your offer through e-mail .Snail mail or delivery service (Fed-ex , UPS ) is recommended over e-mail for sending off your letter to the prospects .Most business owners get many e-mails per day and delete them if they don't recognize the name or email address .Spam filters also get rid of unfamiliar E-mail.

Send an introduction letter to both prospects. Explain to the list owner that you have a complimentary product that would be a great joint venture with untapped profit potential. Explain to the product owner that you have a response list with many potential customers

The list owner has the trust of his previous customers so they are more likely to purchase from the merchant again if the offer is to hard to pass up.

Most website owner have a contact page on their site with the address telephone and fax number included. is also comprehensive search across multiple WHOIS databases. Includes all domains, extensions regardless of where they are registered

Negotiating the joint ventures.

There is nothing etched in stone about who gets what in a joint venture endorsement deal. Negotiation should not be a road block in getting these deals.

Deals are going to be different every single time you set one up. Be flexible and when you start out doing these deals. Maybe offer to pay for the printing or postage the first few times. Exchange experience for profits and learn as much as you can. Eventually product and list owners will be coming to you to set up more of these deals.

Always test a list before mailing out to everyone on it. Testing saves money and time. Mailing to a list of 10,000 people and having 294 of them buy is not a real good campaign .Mail 500 of them and see what percentage of customers purchase.

Post cards are cheaper to mail than envelopes and are a great way to promote a product to a list of response buyers. With post cards there is nothing to open and it will usually always be read before making it to the trash can.

Just try a few of these deals, they really are a dime a dozen. with a little brainstorming and research .The biggest thing is to try, if you never try you will never know what could have been. keep learning about joint venture marketing from the gurus, forums, newsgroups ,e-zines, whatever means necessary.

Some owners are going to tell you know NO,maybe they tried a joint venture deal in the past and it went wrong or maybe they are happy with business the way it is. business owners are everywhere you turn, intoduce yourself ,explain what you do , get deals, and enjoy the profits.

Happy joint ventures.

Christophor Strobel


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