Shocking Truth About Saturated Fat And The Secret To Fat Loss

By: James Wong

For the past two decades you have been brainwashed into believing a horrible lie that is keeping you from losing weight and burning fat.

Here is the lie...Guru's, physicians, personal trainers, and even your best friend have told you that eating saturated fat is "bad" for your health. THIS IS A LIE!

Albeit, this lie was only partly spread with bad intentions. You see, the food industries wanted to develop a sales pitch for selling margarine, so they had to come up with a marketing strategy.

In a downright deceptive effort, the first pioneers of margarine set out to make saturated fat the enemy of every health freak. Thousands of articles claiming to be backed by physicians were released and the mainstream media followed the buzz by constantly republishing VERY BAD INFORMATION.

And so, the masses began to take hold of this idea and make it their motto. They truly believed that avoiding saturated fat would be their ticket to health nirvana.

However, their was one problem with this. While margarine sales were booming for companies, the rate of cardiovascular disease in the US began to increase steadily. Until in the 1990s, it started becoming the #1 source of death.

Presently, the top cause of death in the United States is heart disease and it accounts for almost 30% of all deaths depending on who you ask and where you get your statistics from.

All of this because of a "healthy lie" that people deemed as being the truth. Here is the real truth about saturated fat that is equally important to your weight loss as well as your health. In fact, you can't lose weight unless you practice what I am about to discuss.

First of all, did you realize that although doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, fitness professionals, and the media all have told you that it's a FACT that saturated fats are bad for you, this "FACT" has NEVER BEEN PROVEN!

In reality, this "fact" is nothing more than an extremely flawed hypothesis, which goes all the way back to a research study from the 1950's. In this study, a scientist named Ancel Keys published a paper that laid the blame on dietary fat intake for the increasing heart disease issue around the world.

However, one of the major flaws of the study was that it used inconclusive data from an extremely small population of people taken from several countries. Really, the population was so small it would never be considered legit by today's "research standards".

Following his research years later scientists found there was in fact, no link between fat consumption and heart disease deaths. Therefore, while his hypothesis seemed to have powerful supporting data when it was first introduced, it was really empty.

Second, his blaming of fat intake for heart disease was completely isolated from other possible lifestyle related habits that were capable of causing heart disease. There was no data or consideration of other factors that may play a role in heart disease such as smoking, stress factors, sugar and refined carbohydrate intake, and fitness levels.

Really, his conclusion ignored a holistic view of the disease and completely focused on the issue of saturated fat. It was almost like the study was bias from the onset.

Unfortunately, Keys study has been cited for over 5 decades now in various research journals, books, magazines, and other supposedly factual literature. It's even taught in grade school and most physicians will even follow this advice and tell their patients!

Since that time, virtually every study that has been published on the topic has failed to find even a limited correlation between saturated fat intake and cardiovascular disease.

In fact, the most recent and reliable research suggests that saturated fat is important for both cardiovascular health and weight loss! This is the exact opposite of what the majority of health gurus promote!

For instance, there are several well known tribes in Africa (Masai, Fulani, and Samburu), where their diet consists mostly of raw whole milk, large quantities of red meat, and cow/goat blood. Their saturated fat intake is THROUGH THE ROOF and yet the occurrence of heart disease is non-existent to members of the tribe.

In fact, according to Dr. Weston A. Price - a dentist who studied tribal dietary habits - all tribesman he studied had zero incidence of cardiovascular disease if they held fast to their ancient eating habits. It was only when these same tribesman turned to modern food supply that they began to develop the common diseases we are faced with today.

In Price's study, he correlated his results by studying how food caused tooth decay in ancient and modern times. What he found was simply amazing. Tribal members that stuck to their ancient diets were completely free of cavities! They didn't even brush their teeth!

If that example of healthy eating helps you realize how powerful an effect your diet has on your health, then congratulations. You are now getting closer and closer to realizing and achieving your weight loss and health goals.

Consider this, although saturated fat intake does increase your LDL bad cholesterol, it actually increases your HDL good cholesterol morso. The result is an overall improving of your cholesterol ratios. THIS has been proven to be more important that just total cholesterol level.

It's important to understand that not all saturated fat is considered to be equal. There are various chemical structures that all fall under the category of "saturated fat" and each of them acts a bit differently when inside of the body.

The 3 most prevalent types of saturated fat are stearic acid, palmitic acid, and lauric acid. Each naturally occurring food contains varying ratios of each type of fat and this important because it means that certain foods contain better fat profiles than others.

Stearic acid is found in animal fat and cocoa in higher ratios than other foods. Resent research shows that stearic acid has no negative impacts on heart disease risks. Most studies have found that it's either neutral or beneficial.

In fact, your liver breaks down stearic acid into a monounsaturated fat called oleic acid, which is the same type of fat that makes up most of heart-healthy olive oil. This proves that it is very usable by the body for energy production.

Lauric acid is another beneficial saturated fat. Not only has lauric acid been shown to increase your HDL good cholesterol levels significantly, but it is also the hardest fat to attain in the Standard American Diet (SAD).

Lauric acid has even been shown to have some powerful immune-boosting effects. It is currently being studied for it's implementation in treating HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other immune related research to help improve immune function in patients.

Tropical oils such as coconut and palm are the best sources of beneficial lauric acid. If you buy coconut oil be sure to obtain extra virgin coconut oil. It should have the aroma of coconuts and a fairly tropical taste to it.

Palmitic acid is the other main component of saturated fat and has also been shown in studies to increase HDL good cholesterol to the same, if not greater extent than LDL bad cholesterol, thereby making it either neutral or beneficial, but certainly not bad for you.

It makes you wonder, if all the researchers have tried so fiercely to bash saturated fat , but have continued to fail to show a correlation between saturated fat and cardivascular disease, what are the REAL causes for heart disease?

Well, here are the real causes of heart disease:

* Trans fats (artificially or partially hydrogenated oils)

* Heavily refined vegetable oils such as soy, cottonseed, corn oil, etc. (inflammatory inside the body, and typically throw the omega-6/omega-3 balance out of whack)

* Too much refined sugar in the diet (including high fructose corn syrup)

* Too much refined starches such as white bread, low fiber cereals, etc

* Smoking

* Stressful lifestyle

* Lack of exercise

* Other lifestyle factors

Really, the attempts of the big food companies to spread the lies and make you think vegetable oil are the best thing on earth have been quite successful. However, you can make the decision for yourself to start including better fats into your diet to replenish and nurture your body. These same "healthy" saturated fats will help you to lose weight also because they possess a very high ability to keep you from craving.

Do not let the pull of the multi-billion dollar food industries distort the truth for you and your family. You can make the difference in both your weight loss and your health by changing your diet to include more healthy saturated fats.

Long after this article is written the media and big food companies will still be trying fiercely to make saturated fat look like it is the cause to heart disease. More and more pharmaceuticals will be developed to "combat" heart disease, yet the incidence of this disease will continue to rise. It will continue to rise until our healthcare system can no longer support ANY type of heart disease related expenditure.

To make sure you get the proper amount of healthy saturated fats in your diet you should include a healthy amount of organic eggs, red meat, cold water seafood, avocados, nuts (walnuts, almonds, pecans), and organic oils such as olive and coconut oils.

Also, your food sources should be as healthy as possible. This means making sure that your fish is NOT farmed, but wild Alaskan or cold water caught. It also means that your meat sources are "grass fed" or "open/free range". These animals should NOT be fed grains in their diet because it will distort the type of fats found in the meat tissue. The healthier meats have better omega-3 to omega-6 ratios than standard commercial meats and will help satisfy your hunger more.

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