3 Choices to Watch Rugby World Cup Live Online on your Computer

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This September 7, twenty nations will compete to win the main prize of "William Webb Ellis Cup". The current rugby world cup title holder is England, and below is a list of the previous world cup Title Holders :

2003 Hosted By Australia
1. England
2. Australia
3. New Zealand
4. France

1999 Hosted By Wales
1. Australia
2. France
3. South Africa
4. New Zealand

1995 Hosted By South Africa
1. South Africa
2. New Zealand
3. France
4. England

1991 Hosted By England
1. Australia
2. England
3. New Zealand
4. Scotland

1987 Hosted by New Zealand and Australia
1. New Zealand
2. France
3. Wales
4. Australia

Now, it's the turn of France to host this event up to October 20 2007. The world's third most watched sporting event, behind soccer's World Cup and the Olympics, will feature six weeks of matches, and is anticipated to be the most viewed rugby event ever. It is also currently the fastest rising sport in the us.

Rugby enthusiasts and the like are now scouting on where to watch the rugby world cup live, delayed but high-quality videos, through satellite feeds, cable, freeview box, broadband, or online with a laptop or pc.

And there are times that you can't watch it live on cable and satellite tv systems, like:

1. you are stuck in the office or at work.
2. Not popular in where you are residing now. (You can also search for local sports pubs, and watch it live there).
3. or you would rather watch it on your pc.

If you cannot watch Rugby World Cup 2007 live on your television, cable, or can't personally come to the games, then you can still .

It's gonna be a fierce competition and lots of high-pumping matches that you don't want to miss. And below are choices in how you can view the rugby world cup live :

1. On Your Television :
a. Cable
b. Satellite Dish Network
c. DirectTV
d. FreeView

2. Your Local Sports Pubs.
Get to know and get in touch with people that have the same passion with you in your area.

Since you are in the internet now, you can :
a. Search pubs online in google, like 'rugby sports pub' + location
b. Search for forums, post questions in answers.yahoo.com
c. You can even go to social networking sites, like friendster.com, myspace.com, facebook.com, google groups, yahoo groups. When you are in there already, go and search for rugby groups, then introduce yourself, and ask for the sports pubs where you can watch the 2007 rugby world cup live in your area.

3. :
a. LIVE Streaming -> See the rugby matches, news, events as they happen
b. On Demand Streaming -> Watch the matches and your teams whenever you want
c. Download - Higher quality resolution for later viewing and save to your pc or cd.

And through a PC Software, you will be able to watch the matches.

This is how you watch rugby world cup 2007 live on your computer through a pc software :

1. You purchase the software for a small one-time fee.
2. You download the software package.
3. Then you will now be able to watch online any rugby match that you want and follow your team.

For the pc software requirements :
1. PC with Windows Operating System installed.
2. An Internet connection. This Works with 56k connection, but a broadband connection will deliver superior audio and video quality.

You can watch the matches live online on your computer from September 7 to October 20, 2007, through.

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