Hamilton Tiger Cats 2008 Cfl Preview

By: Ron Raymond
Hamilton Tiger Cats 2008 CFL Preview

The fact the Hamilton Tiger Cats played in 12 games that went UNDER the total out of 18 games, tells you they were involved in some low scoring games last season, but have the defense to compete. I've always loved this Hamilton Tiger Cats defense, it's the offense and the lack of quality receivers which was the Ticats Achilles heel the last few season. Let's put it this way, when Brock Ralph is your leading receiver, you have problems on offense! I felt the Ticats receivers were too short last season, as you need tall receivers who can go downfield and fight for the ball. However, the Tiger Cats have cleaned house in the front office and brought in Casey Printers late last season to be their starting QB for this year, which will bring some excitement to the great fans in Steel town.

From a sports betting point of view, the Tiger Cats were a funny team to bet on or against last season, as you never knew which offense would show up, but you knew the Defense was carrying this team.? It's hard to bet on a football team like the Tiger cats, as they've only been able to muster up two road wins the last 3 years. That's correct; the Hamilton Tiger Cats are 2-25 SU the last 3 years on the road. During those 3 years away from Ivor Wynne Stadium, they are 13-14-0 ATS and the UNDER is 20-7-0. If there's one thing I've learned about stats and trends, it's all about the law of averages and that's why I feel it's probably wiser to bet on more games to go OVER the total this summer. In fact, bookmakers will no doubt be double checking their totals games on the Tabbies and that's why I will be considering the OVER in some of the Tiger Cats road games this season.

Plus, if there's one strong point the Tiger Cats have compared to other teams in the CFL, they have a great field goal kicker in Nick Setta, the former Notre Dame star. Bookmaker.com has the Tiger Cats at +450 to win the CFL Eastern Division; therefore, you might want to consider laying a few bucks on them, as their "due factor" could mature this year, especially if Casey Printer finds his form. Just wish they didn't get rid of JoJuan Armour on defense, I think by letting him sign with Calgary will be a major mistake for the Ticats. Reminds me when John Grace signed with Calgary a few years back when he was with Ottawa and won defensive player of the years a few years later.

Hamilton Tiger Cats 2007 Season Stats

Straight up Record: 3-15 (SU)

Against the Spread Record: 8-10-0 (ATS)


Home Record:

Straight up Record: 4-5 (SU)

ATS Record: 3-6 (ATS)

O/U/P Record: 4-5-0 (O/U/P)

Road Record:

Straight up Record: 0-9 (SU)

ATS Record: 4-5 (ATS)

O/U/P Record: 2-7-0 (O/U/P)

Last 2 Years: 17-19-0 (ATS) 7-29 (SU) 12-24-0 (O/U/P)

Last 3 Years: 26-28-0 (ATS) 12-42 (SU) 20-34-0 (O/U/P)

Last 4 Years: 35-37-1 (ATS) 21-51-1 (SU) 27-46-0 (O/U/P)

Last 5 Years: 40-50-1 (ATS) 22-68-1 (SU) 34-56-1 (O/U/P)

Vs. Division Opponents since 1996:

43-54-3 (ATS) 36-62-2 (SU) 39-60-1 (O/U/P)

Value Index

If there's one thing about betting on bad football teams, they are the ones who present the best "line value", as the gamblers first instinct on betting on bad football teams is always a negative one. It's just normal human behavior, as it's hard to support a losing team on a weekly basis, especially when they've burnt you for allot of dollars from the weeks prior. However, when you have a decent defense like the Tiger Cats, you really have to pick your spots to consider the side and/or total. Here's a little gem for you on the Tiger Cats to consider this season; When the Hamilton Tiger Cats are a +10.0 or more Road Underdog the last 2 years, the UNDER is 12-2-0 for the Ticats. If you carry this trend over the last 5 years, the UNDER is 15-6-0 for Hamilton and if you can get this trend in October, the UNDER is 6-1-0. This friend is called "picking your spots"! As you can see from the stats below, the UNDER is 55-33-0 for the Tiger Cats since 1996 as a Road Underdog.

Here's how the Tiger Cats did in certain betting circumstances since 1996.

Underdog: 69-80-2 (ATS) 34-116-1 (SU) 59-90-2 (O/U/P)

Favorite: 39-42-1 (ATS) 55-26-1 (SU) 40-40-2 (O/U/P)

Home Dog: 27-31-0 (ATS) 18-39-1 (SU) 25-31-2 (O/U/P)

Home Fave: 24-26-1 (ATS) 36-14-1 (SU) 21-28-2 (O/U/P)

Road Dog: 40-44-2 (ATS) 14-72 (SU) 33-55-0 (O/U/P)

Road Fave: 13-11-0 (ATS) 17-7 (SU) 16-8-0 (O/U/P)

Hamilton Tiger Cats Head to Head Record vs. Each CFL Team

After looking at the Hamilton Tiger Cats head to head matchups against each CFL team, I can only sum it up in one word; brutal! Since 1996, the Hamilton Tiger Cats have a losing record against every CFL team. Every team has their rivals and it's no different with the Hamilton Tiger Cats, their nemesis is right down the old QEW along highway 401 and it's the Toronto Argonauts. Each Labor Day the Argos and Tiger Cats hook up at Ivor Wynne Stadium and since 1996 the Tiger Cats have the slight edge, as they are 6-5-1 SU and ATS vs. Toronto. The UNDER is an even 6-6-0 when they meet in this classic.

Team by Team Breakdown:

Vs. Montreal: 20-19-1 (ATS) 14-25-1 (SU) 15-24-1 (O/U/P)

Vs. Toronto: 15-24-2 (ATS) 13-27-1 (SU) 16-25-0 (O/U/P)

Vs. Winnipeg: 17-18-0 (ATS) 16-19 (SU) 12-22-1 (O/U/P)

Vs. Edmonton: 16-8-0 (ATS) 12-12-0 (SU) 13-11-0 (O/U/P)

Vs. Calgary?: 14-12-0 (ATS) 10-16-0 (SU) 12-14-0 (O/U/P)

Vs. Saskatchewan: 7-17-0 (ATS) 10-14-0 (SU) 15-8-1 (O/U/P)

Vs. B.C. Lions: 12-12-0 (ATS) 5-19-0 (SU) 8-15-1 (O/U/P)

Look ahead and Letdown Angles

One of the key angles of handicapping football games is the Look ahead and let down factor. Teams tend to overlook their current game when they have a big game on deck, or they tend to have an emotional let down after a high emotion win or game. It's very hard in football to duplicate a great outing, so this is where most cappers find good value in betting football games.

Here's some betting angle to consider when betting for and/or against the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

The UNDER is 17-7-0 for the Tiger Cats after playing the Calgary Stampeders since '96.

The Tiger Cats are 7-15-0 ATS after playing the Edmonton Eskimos since 1996.

Comment: The Tiger Cats biggest game of the year is against the Argos on Labor Day and here's an interesting betting angle to review before and after the Ticats play Toronto. Before the Ticats play Toronto, they are 22-18 SU and after they play the Argonauts, the Tiger Cats are 13-27 SU. As you can see, emotional games like this classic on Labor Day takes its toll on teams in the next game, therefore, consider playing against Hamilton after the Argos Labor day classic. In reality, most of the time the Ticats are out of the playoff race by Labor Day and they tend to take this game as their own Grey Cup, as the media in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) really builds this game up.

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