Toronto Argonauts 2008 Cfl Preview

By: Ron Raymond
Toronto Argonauts 2008 CFL Preview

The Toronto Argonauts came one game short last season from hosting the Grey Cup in their own City and in the end, the pressure of having the Championship Game was just too much for the Argos to handle. If there's one thing I didn't like with the Argos management and coaching staff last season, was how they handled their starting QB situation at the beginning of the season. With hindsight being 20/20, starting Damon Allen in their first game of the season was the wrong message to send to the players and fans of that organization. There comes a time in business and in life where you will need to be firm and fair and making Allen a second string or third string QB would have been the logical thing to do, as this is why the Argos struggled through the first seven weeks of the season.

Last seasons head coach Michael "Pinball" Clemons has moved to the front office and defensive coordinator has stepped in to be the new CFL head coach of the Boatmen. I'm going to be blunt and right to the point. This will be the biggest mistake the Argos will have made in the off season, as you cannot groom a lifer "assistant coach" into a head coach and say; "ok, go get'em!" In order to be a successful winning head coach, you need to be a head coach right from the start of your career or groomed in early, not when you're about to retire in 5 years. I don't like this move and it's going to cost the Argos some wins during the regular season and I'm going to be betting against them in the first 4 weeks of the 2008 campaign.

Granted, they've made some key additions to the offense by picking up CFL Grey Cup Champion QB Kerry Joseph, but Michael Bishop given the time would have matured into a very respectable QB. Picking up David Boston is a message which tells me we have no wide receivers and we're willing to try anything!

The Argos were on the right track in the second half of the season by winning 9 out of 11 games was something to build off, but now you're basically starting from scratch and by having Damon Allen still in the picture, is a recipe for disaster. Sorry Argos fans, but management is more focused on PR instead of putting the pieces together on the field.

Plus, I think this Buffalo Bills sideshow is a distraction for the organization, as this is apples and oranges when it comes to the football side of things.

Toronto Argonauts 2007 Season Stats

Straight up Record: ?11-8 (SU)

Against the Spread Record: 14-5-0 (ATS)


Home Record:

Straight up Record: 6-4 (SU)

ATS Record: 7-3-0 (ATS)

O/U/P Record: 4-6-0 (O/U/P)

Road Record:

Straight up Record: 5-4 (SU)

ATS Record: 7-2-0 (ATS)

O/U/P Record: 3-6-0 (O/U/P)

Last 2 Years: 23-16-0 (ATS) 22-17 (SU) 14-25-0 (O/U/P)

Last 3 Years: 32-25-1 (ATS) 33-25 (SU) 20-37-1 (O/U/P)

Last 4 Years: 43-34-2 (ATS) 46-32-1 (SU) 27-51-1 (O/U/P)

Last 5 Years: 54-43-3 (ATS) 54-42-1 (SU) 38-60-1 (O/U/P)

Vs. Division Opponents since 1996:

55-48-2 (ATS) 57-47-1 (SU) 40-64-1 (O/U/P)

Value Index

The worst secret in CFL betting is betting the UNDER when the Toronto Argonauts are a home underdog at the Rogers Centre. In fact, since 1996, the UNDER is an amazing 30-12-0 and 11-3-0 the last 3 seasons. Give Rich Stubler credit, he's one heck of a defensive coordinator and he knows how to shut down oppositions offenses, and the Argos have always been a great defense at home. Even as a Home Favorite the Argos have been a decent bet on the UNDER, as the UNDER is 43-32-1 for Toronto in this spot.

Here's how the Argonauts did in certain betting circumstances since 1996.

Underdog: 58-61-2 (ATS) 46-75-0 (SU) 49-71-1 (O/U/P)

Favorite: 67-51-3 (ATS) 89-30-2 (SU) 51-69-1 (O/U/P)

Home Dog: 18-17-1 (ATS) 15-21 (SU) 12-24-0 (O/U/P)

Home Fave: 42-32-2 (ATS) 60-15-1 (SU) 32-43-1 (O/U/P)

Road Dog: 36-39-1 (ATS) 27-49 (SU) 36-39-1 (O/U/P)

Road Fave: 21-14-1 (ATS) 25-10-1 (SU) 18-18-0 (O/U/P)

Toronto Argonauts Head to Head Record vs. Each CFL Team

If there's one thing about betting on CFL teams, it's not uncommon to find high pointspread in the pass friendly CFL league and with only 3 downs to make a first down, allot of teams focus on throwing the ball on first down, which is mostly the opposite in the NFL. The Toronto Argonauts have been an incredible team when they are involved in a high spreads, in fact, I did a double take when I seen this CFL Betting statistic. Did you know; When the Toronto Argonauts are a -10 point or higher favorite, home or away, they are 31-1 SU and 21-10-0 ATS in this role since 1996! Plus, when they are a -7 point or higher favorite, home or away, they are 47-4 SU and 33-16-2 ATS.

Team by Team Breakdown:

Vs. Montreal: 20-23-0 (ATS) 17-26 (SU) 18-24-1 (O/U/P)

Vs. Hamilton?: 24-15-2 (ATS) 27-13-1 (SU) 16-25-0 (O/U/P)

Vs. Winnipeg: 19-15-1 (ATS) 21-13-1 (SU) 17-18-0 (O/U/P)

Vs. Edmonton: 12-12-1 (ATS) 16-9 (SU) 10-15-0 (O/U/P)

Vs. Calgary?: 13-11-0 (ATS) 14-10 (SU) 11-13-0 (O/U/P)

Vs. Saskatchewan: 13-12-1 (ATS) 14-12 (SU) 12-14-0 (O/U/P)

Vs. BC Lions: 13-13-0 (ATS) 13-13 (SU) 11-14-1 (O/U/P)

Look ahead and Letdown Angles

One of the key angles of handicapping football games is the Look ahead and let down factor. Teams tend to overlook their current game when they have a big game on deck, or they tend to have an emotional let down after a high emotion win or game. It's very hard in football to duplicate a great outing, so this is where most cappers find good value in betting football games.

Here's some betting angle to consider when betting for and/or against the Toronto Argonauts since 1996.

The Argonauts are 17-6-1 SU after playing the Calgary Stampeders.

The UNDER is 16-7-1 for the Argos before playing Calgary.

Toronto is 16-5-1 ATS and 16-6 SU before playing Saskatchewan.

Toronto is 16-7-1 SU before playing the Lions since '96.

Comment: Ever noticed some teams just seem to always play a certain way vs. another team or no matter what; games always tend to go one way when teams meet? Seems to be the case after the Argos face the Roughriders, as they are 16-5-1 ATS vs. opponents after facing the Green Riders. I'm not sure how to explain it, but you get a feel for games, just like you do when it's a Monday or a Friday afternoon and you're getting ready for that 3 day weekend! Same type of feeling, the Argos seems to bring their A game after playing the Roughriders.

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