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By: Martin Davison Health News

Hello again

Unfortunately, this is long email - probably the longest we have ever done, but after the critical report regarding vitamins and minerals from the Food Standards Agency that was printed in The Times, the newspaper has been doing a debate on the issue, as they were inundated with letters.

From our own point of view, a letter that was sent in by a Doctor really puts things into perspective and felt a need to share this and other points with you..

"As the senior partner in an NHS general practise, I am very disturbed at the recent publicising of information purporting to show the dangers of nutritional supplements.

I would like to point out that nutritional supplements are generally a great deal safer than prescribed drugs. Their dangers have been grossly and, I fear, wilfully exaggerated for commercial reasons.

There is overwhelming evidence that our current Western diet does not give us adequate nutrition and that we need to take active steps to protect ourselves from the damaging effects of environmental toxins.

Both of these major health problems can be significantly reduced by appropriate use of nutritional supplements, including minerals, vitamins and antioxidants."

- Dr Stephen Brooke, Swindon, Wiltshire

Well, we definitely agree with that, and let's face it, there were so many flaws with the report, that if like us, you read into things, we are sure you will agree that there does seem to be a hidden agenda for the large pharmaceuticals. But, if we are taking care of our own health, surely it would be better for the NHS?? Yet of course, they wouldn't earn as much in the drugs being prescribed - we know!

However, we thought you may like to see just a few (yes! Only some) research points and quotes on different nutrients that we have come across.

Evidence is constantly being provided by ongoing research, that Antioxidants may have an important role in the prevention of some of the most degenerative diseases in the world today, for example, arthritis, heart disease and cancer.

References: A Good Health Guide "The Antioxidants", R A Passwater, PhD, 1985. A Good Health Guide "The New Superantioxidant - Plus", R A Passwater, PhD, 1992. Getting To The Heart Of It, Bill Davison, G W P Davison Pty Ltd, Australia, 1987. Heart Disease, Stroke, Oral and Intravenous Chelation Therapy, Dr K W Donsbach, 1993.

"patients with Angina and those at risk of heart disease, should be given supplementary vitamin E at a level, far higher than what we get from our dietary intake." - Professor Morris Brown, Cambridge University, England

"we now have substantial evidence implicating Beta Carotene with low rates of breast and lung cancer as well as heart disease." - Dr Meyskens, Clinical Cancer Centre, University of California. Annual Conference of the Nutritional Society of Australia.

A clinical trial was conducted on men aged between 20-30 who smoked at least one pack of cigarettes per day. They were either given a placebo, or a vitamin c supplement in the form of ascorbic acid. After only one week there was a decrease of 81% in the blood-lead levels for those taking the nutritional supplement.

"in order to obtain identical results as supplements, one would have to consume up to 1.2kg of carrots per day. The reason for this, is that Beta Carotene is not always efficiently or consistently absorbed from food." - Dr Phillip Gaffney, Research conducted by Brisbane Hospital, Australia.

"In the future, we will not be able to rely any more on our premise that the consumption of a varied balanced diet will provide all the essential trace elements, because such a diet will be very difficult to obtain for millions of people." - As told to Congress in 1977 by Dr W Mertz, US Department of Agriculture.

"It is bad news to learn from our leading authorities that 99 percent of the American people are deficient in minerals, and that a marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals actually results in disease. Any upset of the balance, any considerable lack of one or another element, no matter how microscopic the body requirement may be, and we sicken, suffer, and shorten our lives." - Sentate Document No.264 of the United States Congress, 2nd session, 1936.

An examination of data (from the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey by J Simon and E Hudes) which enrolled 4,213 children aged 6-16 and 15,365 adults aged 17 and over from 1988 to 1994, found a correlation between low serum vitamin C levels and elevated blood lead levels. These authors concluded that high vitamin C intake may reduce blood lead levels.

"Also the fact that many diseases can be cured by mineral intake, in itself demonstrates that mineral deficiency is a reality in a nutritious conscious world where disease is escalating out of control. The only "good diet" in reality, is one that "includes food supplements." - R R Barefoot & C J Reich, M.D., Authors of The Calcium Factor.

Breakthrough Antioxidant Research

"Vitamin E reduces heart attack risk by up to 75%." - Adelaide Sunday Mail, p144, 31 March 1996

"We know that vitamins are complex chemical substances which are indespensable to nutrition, and that each of them is of importance for the normal function of some special structure of the body. Disorder and disease result from any vitamin deficiency.

It is not commonly realised, however, that vitamins control the body's appropriation of minerals, and in the absence of minerals they have no function to perform. Lacking vitamins, the system can make some use of minerals; but lacking minerals, vitamins are useless." - Senate Document, No.264, 1936

"Vitamin E offers protection against diabetes". A new study published recently found that Vitamin E might protect against the development of type II diabetes.

"As an anti-inflammatory compound for arthritis, curcumin rivals cortisone. Long-term treatment of synthetic cortisone can be dangerous, with some of the side effects being: puffy face, fat redistribution from the limbs of the body, weight gain and insomnia." - Indian Journal of Medical Research, 1972, vol.60.

According to Duane Weed Vitamin E helps to increase the fluidity of the blood and is necessary for structural and functional maintenance of the skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle membranes.

It also helps maintain Vitamin A and increase its storage in the body, and does the same for the mineral iron.

Vitamin B6, also known as Pyridoxine, is necessary for protein metabolism. If you have an increased dietary intake of protein, then you require an increased intake of Vitamin B6. - Gillian Martlew ND

Exposure to chromium as a pollutant in the air and cigarette smoke appears to be more toxic than ingestion from food or supplements. - Shelly Silver, Biological sciences learning laboratory, NYC.

Anyway, enough of these. But you can no doubt understand why we are so against the proposed legislation's and would never be without these exceptional supplements that have changed our family's lives.

But even more importantly, we will be on the march in London on 15 June, to help ensure that we all still have the freedom to choose what supplements we wish to take. So if you can get there, please give your support.

Diagnosed With High Grade Breast Cancer

We have also just received a story from a person that suffered breast cancer and could not resist including this, as this is just one of the many people who would not wish to be without alternative treatments rather than the conventional.

My name is Pam Mooney My story is very personal but I feel I must tell it to try and help others. I was diagnosed with high-grade breast cancer in January 2002 I need immediate surgery it was all ready in the adult stage

The dreaded letter came through my door the day after new years day I had to ring the breast clinic. We went the next day I thought every thing would be explained. But I was then on a fair ground ride I could not get off Three hours latter I came terrified devastated.

All I wanted then was a NHS waiting list to get my head around this nightmare but there never is one when you need it most, every thing was moving to fast. I could not get the answers to my questions with conventional medicine. I was told if they did not operate in the next few days it would be to late

I told the Drs I was looking at other routes like The Metabolic Therapy I was then given a map were I was going over the next 6 months by May I would be in palliative care and June my life would be over. I asked if I went down the conventional route would I live and my cancer gone I was told there were no guaranties but conventional medicine was the right way to go. My surgery was already being arranged

My husband and I went to see Dr Rex Johnson who was already treating me for osteoarthrtis which I had suffered for a number of years I needed new hip and toe joints my spine had a lot for degenerative disc problem, Rex had told me it would take 18 months to get right we were already into 9 months and I could see a big difference. I could walk a lot further with out pain.

Rex told us about The Metabolic Therapy gave lots of books to read which I did I research all I could, he recommended I saw the surgeon

Philip Day was talking in Bournemouth the following evening, we went along everything he said made sense. I was already on the Metabolic Therapy the day I saw Rex we had already rang and ordered it i wasted no time.

After the meeting with the surgeon my mind was made up I was staying on The Metabolic Therapy

How did I get in this mess well the years leading up to the diagnose of the cancer I was very acidic in and out of hospital 4 times with a ulcerated oesophagus and urinary tract infections spend the pervious two years on antibiotics.

HRT yes after a long battle with my Dr, being a horse lover I was against HRT but when told my degenerative bone disease would get worse if I did not go on it I agreed to the patch which I was told did not come from the urine of pregnant mares. I was never tested to see if I needed it I developed sever asthma and weight gain and eventually I had brown staining on my skin the HRT add ruin my liver, I was taken off it immediately. When attending both hospitals I was asked if on HRT I ask them why they wanted to know the reply " if you are you must b stop it immediate" I asked why" I did not get a answer.

Tamoxifen although my liver was in a bad state I would of been put on tamoxifen to control my oestrogen's levels as my cancer was oestrogen's fed.

Who was telling the truth about which was the best road to go down the Drs were telling the only way they know, I new there was another way I new how governments lied. I work for the Milk Marketing Broad Before BSE was given a name. I heard the farmers pleading to cull all the cattle affected; I listen to the ministry vets pleading for the destroyed cattle to be burned. But I know these cattle were milked, the milk going into the tank when these poor animals could hardly stand they were sent for slaughter and in the human food change. Credence seems to be the only people to be telling the truth and I was staying with The Metabolic Therapy.

An important factor: my cancer ran along were the wire of the bra was I was told it was a difficult place to treat but a common place to have it, why aren't women told this information.

Stress my middle name I had to learn to deal with this Rex was my coach.

My career a very busy Hairdresser pouring Sodium laruly Sulphate on my skin 13 times a day, surveys in four counties have found hairdresser come top of the list for breast cancer.

Negative people I could not cope with these so I put them behind a wall until I was strong enough to cope with them. I hurt some of these people I am sorry but it was the only way I could handle them.

Diet I put on a lot of weight with HRT Dairy products our very own Vicky Millward found my son's and myself were allergy to them years ago. Meat I was bought up by my grand parents who had a butcher shop and slaughterhouse, I thought animals look much nicer in the field than on my plate. I do now juice and grow and eat seeds

I have found one important factor in all this you must research every thing you are told and whichever road you take to address your cancer, you MUST step out of the world that caused it.

You have a wonder full company like Neways run by a family who focus on the latest medical technology and then blend with the very best of nature and then produces products that are safe.

It is now April 2003 I have just had some blood test done they are all clear.

I wish my dear friend Selma was a live, she had exactly the same cancer as me had the operation and all the nastiest. Selma died but well holding her hand near her end she said " There must be another way: her words have rang a bell in my head ever since. Inside of me all through this I have felt a present some one willing me down the holistic route I know it was Selma. Her route was awful a lot of pain and no quantity of life and leaving a 12-year-old son to grow up with out a mother

Yes there is another way I have proved it unfortunately the governments try to keep It hidden.

I after a lot of research I took the right route for me, I hope you ever have to choose

There are 884 cancer-causing chemicals out there in our every-day personal care products. I had no idea, but as soon as I was told I changed.

I have two very special people to thank.

The first Dr Rex Johnson he was my coach through all this my mind was a terrible mess there were trees to be fell things to face. I could not have the rich commodity of a negative mind. Thanks to Rex I have come out of this a much stronger person.

My husband always there for me though the angry moods the tears the depression and supporting me all the way, and of course the financial side I now am a rich commodity.

It's now May 2003 My blood and bone test are all clear I feel healthy now that I have felt for years.

My career now is full time with Neways building a business and helping others

I am so grateful we have Neways without they're wonderful products I would never have reach this stage with my health.

Also credence for their research and the metabolic therapy.

Neways provided me with the following to keep my immune system up

  • Maximal

  • Revenal

  • Cascading Revanol

  • Noni

  • Cassie Tea

  • Omega Three

  • EFA

  • Vitacell

  • Prafree program

  • Portectver

And of course a chemical free Bathroom products and the safe household products to clean my home. I just love the makeup and skin care range everyone comments on my skin I know it the products; I am a product of the products.

I thought cancer was going to be the biggest battle of my life, but trying to keep the vitamins and minerals l need to control my cancer have prove to be a nightmare. I have saved the NHS thousands of pounds in money in not going the conventional route. They have rewarded me by banning most of the vitamins and minerals I need. I have constantly been writing to Tony Blair and the health Minster who tell you nothing is banned yet. They obviously have now idea what is going on in there own country.

EU MP very sympathetic but he is only a figurehead with out any powers So this battle I cannot win without the help of all of you So I appeal to all of you please give up one Sunday of the year and march on the 15 June 2003. Lobby the Prime Minister because with out these minerals and vitamins my live will soon be over Cancer is a silent disease it does not show it self until is dangerous.

Thank-you for listening to my story..

Pam Mooney

Bere Regis

Well, we did say it was a long email, and sorry, but felt this had to be done, and please, please do pass this on to anyone you know and care about.

After all, whether it is someone suffering now, or maybe in the future, everyone should still have the right to choose for their future and that of their future generations. The nutrient situation is never going to get any better, only worse, as the soils get even more depleted over the years and we end up plagued by more and more chemicals - need we say any more?

Yes! Just remember the petition on 15 June in London. Support it if you can. The more people that rally, the better for all of mankind. But if you want more information on this go to:

Take care.

Martin and Barbra

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