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Kids and teenagers are the number one fans of bean bag chairs. Also, young singles such as college students and even young married couples are now getting highly excited over these room furnishings. Aside from the bright colors these pieces of furniture sport, their flop-ability is also very enticing. So light and soft, throwing one's body into these bean bags is very fun. Portability is also one factor that makes these bean bags win the approval of anyone who needs to be able to sit, work, or play anywhere. Play rooms and dorms can easily benefit from these bean bags.

1. Bean Bag Material

Back then, traditional bean bags or those that are full of polysterene beads were the trend. Polystyrene is that material that is the same as your styrofoams cups or those that protect electronic appliances in shipping. Technology gave birth to more comfy modern foam bean bags. These modern bean bag chairs come with polyurethane foam filling instead of the polystyrene that traditional bean bags are made of. Polyurethane foam is found in mattresses and foam pillows.

2. Bean Bag Types

- saddle club
- lounger
- highline shaped
- kids bean bags
- corda roys
- lovesac
- body fitter
- freedom furniture
- ambient lounge
- vinyl bean bags
- leather bean bags
- cotton bean bags
- 2 seater bean bags

3. Bean Bag Shapes


This shape is like that of a ball shape. The Pro-sports bean bags, the Classic bean bags, and the modern Foof Chairs have this shape of bean bags.


It is shaped as it is described, similar to a teardrop. Its base is round and its tapering to almost a point toward the top. Elite bean bags are available in this shape.

Pear-shaped or Oval

A bit similar to the teardrop, only its taper is wider toward the top. If you are looking for this shape of bean bag, King Beany has them.

4. Sizes

Depending on individual variations regarding the size of person using the bean bag, here is a useful chart for the approximate sizing. The space of the room where the bean bag will be placed should be given major consideration, too when choosing a bean bag.

- For a 3 to 5 year-old kid, an appropriate size is approximately 122 inches in circumference and 38 inches in diameter.
- For a 6 to 10 year-old kid, an appropriate size is approximately 136 inches in circumference and 42 inches in diameter.
- For a 12 year old kid to an adult, an appropriate size is approximately 154 inches in circumference and 48 inches in diameter.
- For larger adults and teens, an appropriate size is approximately 60 inches in diameter.
- For a love seat size, an appropriate size is approximately 78 inches in diameter.
- For a sofa bean bag size, an appropriate size is approximately 84 inches in diameter.

5. Different Builds

Here are the characteristics of a quality bean bag when one is considering its construction:

- fabrics that is quality furniture grade
- seams are double-stitched
- zipper is quality and child-proofed
- a minimum of 1 year warranty
- fillability or the ability to open the bean bag to add filling

6. Retailers

- a professional website with phone numbers, complete contact information and help that is easily accessible
- a fair and clear return policy
- honest and clear privacy and security policy
- clear shipping costs
- an order placement notification system or a tracking information
- allows customer feedback

7. Cleaning

Some of these bean bag chairs may actually be removed from their liner and placed in the washing machine. However, those that don't have any inside liner may be just wiped off or spot-cleaned as according to the suggestions of the manufacturer.
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