Poisons in your Home? The List.

By: uplander
Are Any of these listed on Products in your Home?

Propylene Glycol
Fluoride in any form

Just make a quick check. You will want to check again later I'm sure, after I fill in the rest of those descriptions.
The rest of this story:

These are not the result of my opinion or belief or guesswork.
This information is substantiated by Research confirmed by OSHA, FDA and Medical groups around the Globe.

*Sodium Lauryl or Laureth Sulfate (SLS or SLES)
Used As: (Engine De-Greaser, Garage Floor Cleaner) In many Shampoos, toothpastes.

*Propylene Glycol
Used In: (Anti-Freeze for Trucks and Cars)
Used In: Moisturizers, hair conditioners, wrinkle creams, Baby Wipes, Baby Lotions.
(Did he say Baby Products?)

Used In: (toothpaste, drinking water).
May Contribute to
Brittle Bones as we get older.
Many 'Broken Hips' are related to Brittle Bones.
about 'If swallowed, contact a poison control center immediately'.

*Aluminum compounds (clorhydrate etc.)
Used in Anti-perspirants, deodorants.
Linked to Possible Alzheimer's, Breast Cancer.

Used In: (Deodorants, Baby Powder). Yes, baby products again.
Linked to Cancer.

Used In: (Mouthwash) Some are 40 Proof or more.
Also used in some Cold Medications.
Links to oral or throat cancer.

Used In: Beauty care products - hair spray,
deodorant, nail polish, perfume.
Linked to liver, kidney, lung damage.

Used In: (Shampoo, bubble bath, shaving cream)
Phased out (Banned) in Europe.
Linked to Liver, kidney cancer.

Just a quick thought.
Have you or a friend ever quit smoking?
Did you use a patch? (Nicotine?).
Have you ever used a small patch to alleviate
'sea-sickness or car-sickness'?

Amazing how these 'Compounds' are so effective even though they are only applied to your skin.
Some of these facts are more shocking than others.
The FDA has been aware of this for quite awhile.

Did you know that the regulations applied to the contents of our food and drugs do not apply to Cosmetics and Beauty products?
They aren't considered pharmaceuticals so they aren't as stringently tested and the processes used in manufacture aren't as closely monitored.

We've all heard the term 'by-products'.

Do 'unintended, undocumented by-products' accumulate?
If they do they may be in your liver, kidneys, bones, joints, or fat tissues.
This is not to say that the Manufacturers are negligent or malicious. It's just less expensive this way.
It's also not legally necessary to list ingredients if they are less than 1% of the content. (US anyway).

So, those Questions again.
NOT 'What do I TAKE to
(Feel Better, Lose Weight, regain my energy, regain my stamina, Enjoy My days again, make parts of my body larger or smaller.)'
The Question we should ask First HAS TO BE;
(What do I STOP doing?)

If you came Home and your Kitchen was flooding with the faucet running, overflowing onto the floor, through the house, would you first:
Grab a Mop?
Grab a Plunger?
Open the Doors to let the water out?
Or turn the faucet off.

The Questions That follow Are:
How do I educate myself?
What Questions do I ask NOW?
What do I eliminate?
What do I look out for from now on?
Are There Things I can do about this for my Family?

These Questions do have answers, answers that will effect the rest of your Life and that of your Family and Friends.

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