Is Accumulating a Net Worth of $1,000,000 Easy? Yes and No

By: Mike Matthews

After purchasing Anthony Robbin's Get The Edge program, I was a bit skeptical that it would provide much value. I can honestly tell you that it has dramatically changed many areas in my life. Many of my new or old goals are finally in clear focus, I've been taking action on a daily basis and more of my goals are now beginning to become a reality. Anthony Robbins exudes an abundance of energy and shows a sincere enthusiasm to help you get motivated and move towards your own path to success.

My own successes include reaching a weight loss goal, starting a part-time business, changing my career path, improving my daily focus of my goals, increased physical strength & a disciplined path towards a reaching a state of financial freedom. Even though I know I am the one that has to make changes to be successful, Anthony’s motivational skills and techniques in this Get the Edge program continues to help push me to take action towards my goals.

This program is marketed as a 7-day program, but I personally could not finish all the material in just 7 days. Over a period of 30+ days, I’ve listened to the 10 CDs at least twice (some of them five times), I’ve used the Personal Journal to record both my goals and successes, I’ve taken the Free Online Personal Profile assessment test and have listened to the 7 bonus CDs from his Personal Power Program. I haven’t used the $100 seminar discount coupon, but will keep it handy just in case something peaks my interest. These offers may have changed after this review was written, so you may want to view them.

Normally, I am a skeptic of these Success programs, but I can sincerely state that I’ve successfully applied many of the techniques in his program. The one that I have not used is the Hour of Power. I personally could not convince myself to spend a full hour a day focused just on motivating myself. Even though Anthony discusses a 30 or 15 minute shortened version, this is one aspect of the program that I have not personally implemented into my routine.

The two most significant personal changes that I have made after listening to this program are:

  • The bias towards taking action immediately – not next week, not tomorrow, not later today, but right now. Even if you only take a small step in the direction of the goal, the need to take action immediately is vital to your success.

  • The principle of having a strong enough reason to attain your goal.

    If you only wish for something, it might stay a dream and never become a reality. Anthony teaches you a few different techniques to help you make your goals a must instead of just a want. You’ll quickly find out how truly important your goals are to you. This concept of the program has helped me to visualize, memorize, focus, restate and attain my goals. I’ve personally determined that some of my goals will stay a dream, because I can now determine (using the concepts in the program) that I truly don’t have the passion and true desire to turn them into a reality. Check out other product reviews at .

The Get the Edge! program is not cheap, but after purchasing it, going through the program and applying many of Anthony’s techniques, I am glad I purchased the program and can sincerely say that, it is worth the price. If you need to justify the cost, think of it in terms of a daily cost over a year. For less than $.75 a day (the cost of a candy bar, soda pop, newspaper, etc) you will be given the tools to transform your life and attain many of your personal goals. If you really want to learn the skills to improve your life for the many years to come, I personally think that the $.75 a day is a small price to pay. Click here only if you're serious about succeeding.

If you need some motivation, check out some motivational articles of this site or read the review I completed on a book titled Motivated Mind. End of product review.

Course Details - Product Information

Get the Edge! (Anthony Robbins)

In this 7-day program Anthony Robbins provides you with the cutting edge tools for not merely changing, but revolutionizing every area of your life forever You will learn how to:

  • Maximize your energy and restore your body to its natural state of health and vitality

  • Develop deep and lasting relationships for profound fulfillment

  • Train your mind and body so your powerful emotions-certainty, faith, passion, and determination - are as automatic as breathing.

  • Capitalize on opportunities for achieving financial freedom.

  • Discover a meaningful and inspirational life purpose.

  • Build unstoppable momentum and lasting results

Get the Edge! Includes:

  • 9 audiotapes or 10 CDs

  • Get The Edge introduction video

  • Get The Edge Personal Journal

  • Online Personal Profile

And get 2 Free bonuses – Value of $150:

  • Anthony Robbins’ popular Personal Power Classic Program

    • 7-day version, 7 audiotapes or 7 CDs

  • A discount certificate for $100 toward the purchase of any multi-day Anthony Robbins live event, any ongoing Personal or Professional Coaching Program.

30 day risk-free money-back Guarantee

3 payment plan available

I'm sure these bonus gifts are still available, but you may want to check it out before you consider purchasing.

Summary of the Program –

(Day 1) Your Hour Of Power: The secret to creating an extraordinary quality of life.

  • The 3 action steps for creating momentum, energy, and passion every day in your life.

(Day 2) Results Workshop: 7 keys to changing anything in your life – Today!

  • Creating a RPM plan (Results-Focused, Purpose-Driven, Massive-Action Plan).

(Day 3) Power of Relationships: Passion, Connection and Love.

  • The 3 elements for creating extraordinary and lasting relationships.

(Day 4) Pure Energy Live: The key to a strong, healthy and vital life.

  • Cleanse your system, interrupt destructive patterns & provide your body with vital needs.

(Day 5) Power Of Emotions: Your call to Action.

  • 6 Steps to Mastering your emotions.

(Day 6) Your Way to Financial Freedom: Creating the foundation for lasting wealth.

  • Avoiding the 12 financial traps that keep you from becoming wealthy.

  • Implementing 12 steps to move towards your path to financial freedom

(Day 7) The Purpose Of Life: Finding your real inner drive.

  • The 7 strategies used by winners

(Bonus CD) Daily Magic:

  • The companion CD to Your Hour of Power

Get the Edge Introductory Video:

  • An overview of the entire system, clips to a few live events, and a section describing a new technique to increase your muscle strength.

On-line Personal Profile Certificate - $225 value

  • An on-line assessment test that will give you insight on what pushes you to succeed. You can also print out a comprehensive and explanatory report describing the results.

Get the Edge Personal Journal

  • A 96-page Personal Journal help you keep your focus on taking Action!

Personal Power Classic 7-Day Edition

  • Day 1: Key to Personal Power

  • Day 2: Pain and pleasure

  • Day 3: The power of associations

  • Day 4: Three steps to lasting change

  • Day 5: The goal-setting workshop

  • Day 6: The driving force

  • Day 7: The rapid planning method

$100 Discount Certificate

  • Can be used at an Anthony Robbins Live Seminar, any ongoing Personal or Professional Ongoing Coaching Program.

If you have a few minutes, take some time and check out the full list. Also, last time I checked they offered a 3 payment plan option.

Today is the time to take Action – not next week.

Do you truly have the desire to succeed or will you constantly dream your way through life.

By taking action, you are already one step ahead of 99% of the people and on your way to personal success.

Stop now, think about your true potential, and take your first action - click here to take a peek. It doesn't cost anything to look.

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