Stress Management

By: samlsoh
You are reading this article for a reason.

Please join me in a few deep breaths first.
1. Put the palm of your hands on your lower ribcage, near the waist.
2. Breathe in, counting to 3 seconds. Feel your ribcage expanding.
3. Breathe out, counting to 5 seconds. Feel your ribcage contracting.
4. Close your eyes, and repeat the above 3 times.

Do you feel more relaxed?

Why do you feel stress?
That is because we are struggling with something within ourselves.
Something is going to happen, and we are preparing ourselves for it.
It can be something you want very much, or something you strongly do not want at all.

Stress and Excitements actually have the same root. Both have the same amount of energy.


Excitement is
- when you want it,
- you feel nice and even fun
- It matches with what you think life is all about
- you gain something, adding value to your life

Stress is
- When you do not want it
- It feels painful
- There is conflict against something that you belief in
- Your values and principles in life are challenged
- You potentially lose something, taking away from your life

It is all emotional expectations, starting from your thoughts.
Your Body, Feelings, Mind and Soul are linked together.
What affects one affects the other.

Here are some questions only you can answer truthfully:
- Do you feel tension in any part of your body?
- Are you having some fun in life?
- Are you eating healthy?
- Is your workload too much, and never finished?
- Do you worry constantly about certain issues?
- Do you look forward to tomorrow?
- Can you talk easily with another person?
- Is hope still there in your heart?

How do you calm down, when you are feeling stress?
You have to let it go.
And the faster the better it is.

There are many ways.

These are simple, yet effective and powerful methods.

Maybe Cavemen can handle stress better than you do?
Cavemen probably have it easier...
They either fight or run away (to fight another day).

But modern peoples' code of living simply does not make that appropriate. We all work towards better way of resolving differences in our lives.
But a lot of important stress-relieving skills were not passed on. That is rather unfortunate.

Maybe it is time to do some discovery in your life?

I like you.
For the simple fact that you have taken the time to read and learn more.

We have met though affinity and I wish you good health, wealth and wisdom.
Stress Management

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