If you want your child to be smart, you be the first teacher!

By: Joan Bramsch

TEACH ME, I'M YOURS: If You Want Your Child To Be Smart, You Be The First Teacher
by Joan Bramsch

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TEACH ME, I'M YOURS is an ideal way for parents to help their child grow in many areas ... physical fitness, body awareness, physical perception and mental alertness. It is a well-designed, effective program for all young children. By using it, the children will gain self-control and self-confidence which will aid their self-actualization and lay the foundation for success in school and everyday life. This program is a must for all parents of preschool and primary school-age children.

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You Want Your Child To Succeed
This book is written with one goal in mind: To teach you to teach your child. Not reading or writing or arithmetic -- though those are very important, but to teach your child skills that he will need to succeed in formal education.

"Every first pregnancy is an uninformed decision. Parenting still is basically an occupation done by amateurs," says Judy Todd, psychology professor. Glenn Doman, a Human Potential expert adds, "We raise our turkeys on purpose, and our children by accident."

But with TEACH ME, I'M YOURS, that's all going to change.
Children Lose Creativity in School
Statistically, in Kindergarten, children ask ninety-five percent of the questions, with the teacher asking only five percent. But by the end of First grade, the numbers are completely reversed. Now the teacher asks ninety-five percent of the questions, and the children have to be goaded to ask the remaining five percent. In other words, creative thought often goes out the window when the child enters school.

But with TEACH ME, I'M YOURS, that's going to change for your child. And why is that? you may ask.

Because your home is your child's first school and you are the first teacher. I promise you'll be a very good one, too. That's what TEACH ME, I'M YOURS is all about -- a training manual for you and your child.

Unfortunately "the job of parenting is one of the few things we expect people to be good at without having any training," according to Hannah Nuba-Scheffler. But now there's TEACH ME, I'M YOURS.
Your Child Can Far Exceed Today's Existing Standards
To begin with, your child must know where her/his body is, in time and in space, before s/he can learn anything academically. I'll repeat that. Your child must know where her/his body is, in time and in space, before s/he can learn in school.

Too many parents underestimate a child's ability to learn. Studies conducted by Dr. Benjamin Bloom, noted child psychologist from the University of Chicago, have shown that 50 percent of a child's intelligence develops by the age of four, another 30 percent by the age of eight and the final 20 percent by the age of seventeen years. Intelligence, in this case, is defined as the ability to manipulate and process information.

Parents trained to teach positively, help their young children exhibit mental and linguistic growth far exceeding that of other same-age children.

Your child's future intelligence depends to a large extent on what you put into her/his mind before the age of five years.
Illiteracy Rate Growing Rampantly
We need a new approach to Learning for the preschool, Kindergarten and primary aged child. In a recent report, the U.S. Department of Education stated that there are more than 24 million functionally illiterate Americans of voting age.

Each day this figure grows larger -- it's now more than one-third of the American adult population -- and many young people reach the age of 18 and are unable to read the front page of a newspaper or complete a job application form.
Children Being Pushed Ahead In School
What are the reasons for such a gigantic problem? For years, too many children have been pushed ahead from grade to grade, falling farther and farther behind. They weren't prepared for the learning process. Instead they were pushed into the formal classroom before they had an opportunity to prepare their bodies and their minds for this new challenge.

Most children are not taught body control, body awareness or the main facets of perception so they can prepare themselves for the joyful goal of a lifetime of learning.

In other words, the child hears, but does not listen; the child looks, but does not see; s/he touches, but does not feel; and eats, but does not taste. The child does not grow toward a full potential in life.
Let Learning Become A Joyous Experience
TEACH ME, I'M YOURS will help your child to enjoy and to excel in the learning experience. Mentally, today, too many children are Third Grade "dropouts." So, if you want your child to be happy and smart, too, use this book and be the First Teacher!

NOTE: Please print out this book's contents on good quality paper (you'll be using it for many years!), then either have it bound in a comb binding or use a 3-ring binder.


TEACH ME, I'M YOURS (TMIY) contains a multi-sensory total program of audio (ear), visual (eye) and tactual (touch) perception (understanding), and motor (muscle) development activities designed to encourage your child to reach his own personal goal of physical fitness, body awareness and, both, physical and mental perception. TMIY also introduces creative problem-solving skills, memory and concentration development, space and time recognition, stress management and harmony with Self and others, as well as, letter, number, color and shape recognition.

This program will, with your joyful help, encourage your child to strive for excellence and will open the doors to new ideas and thoughts about individuality and the world at large. Through the TMIY program you can show your child that self-control is a learned process that leads to self actualization - your child can personally decide to be a winner!
But this process isn't something he will pick up from cartoon shows or from other children
You really do have to help him. What better way can you spend time with your child than by helping him learn through joyful activities? It's what good parenting is all about -- to teach your child to grow with dignity and with the skills needed to be a successful adult. With this program, your child will move ahead at his own rate, building a series of successes, rather than failures. Soon a belief system forms -- knowing success, he can succeed again and again.

This will result in many peak experiences -- your child will be very happy, learning, and this will directly translate to other areas of study in the formal classroom. Remember that a good mood favorably affects thinking power, too. Success in one area and the knowledge that the mind controls the body will allow your child to realize, "What you think is what you get!" This discovery, together with mind and body awareness, will carry along for a lifetime in general outlook and in individual endeavors.
Increase Your Child's IQ
Generally speaking, intelligent people live longer. Heredity, however, has little effect on intelligence. A positive living and learning environment does. Essentially, with TMIY, your child can become the green growing tip of society. Can a child's I.Q. be raised? Absolutely! Beginning with a stimulating home life, infant I.Q. can be raised with simple stimulation like listening to classical music or reading and other interactions with the parent.
Games & Skills Taught In "TMIY"
This book offers many types of motor control activities -- physical exercise improves mental performance -- and perception games. Those activities cover:
1. General body control
2. Locomotor skills (walking, running, jumping)
3. Non-locomotor skills (twisting, turning)
4. Manipulative skills (throwing, catching, kicking)
5. Specialized skills (rhythmics, stunts, tumbling)
6. Unilateral (touch both hands to both feet) Bilateral (touch right foot with right hand) Cross-lateral (touch left foot with right hand) movements
7. Right and left recognition
8. Audio (listening) skills Visual (seeing) skills Tactual (touching) skills development
9. Creative development of the imagination
10. Creative thinking and problem-solving skills
11. Memory development
12. Concentration development
13. Space recognition
14. Time recognition
15. Stress management
16. Harmony with others

There's No Such Thing As "Dumb"
Now don't let all those words scare you off! They may sound new to you but, believe me, they are just words. The "outside world" -- only more words -- cannot make you feel dumb. It's what you think and what you know that really counts. Learn this concept, then teach it to your child and watch the results. Magic!

In raising children, your expectations count for a lot. Your child needs YOUR help, not mine. I can lead you through each chapter in a way that will be easy to understand. Then you will be so excited and eager to share this knowledge with your child, it won't seem like work at all. And in this busy world in which we live, you will see that you can provide quality time and have fun, too.

Again, that's what good parenting is all about -- to have fun and enjoy your child's company. Teaching useful skills is like icing on the cake -- Chocolate!

So this program is a complete plan of seeing, hearing, touching and muscle exercises that you and your child can enjoy doing together SUCCESSFULLY.
Failure does not belong in TEACH ME, I'M YOURS
Remember, your child goes at her own pace, practicing with you until the body and mind learn each process so that, through self-discipline and your encouragement, she ultimately succeeds.

No child should be overcome by challenges that are beyond physical and mental capacities. Therefore, this book contains two programs. One is designed for the preschool, Kindergarten and First grade levels (GROUP A), while the second is designed for Second, Third and Fourth grade levels (GROUP B).
Early Perceptual-Motor Experience Affects
Future Learning Development
How many children do you know who spend most of their waking hours in front of a television set or run around with no purpose in mind? Perceptual-motor development is recognized by specialists in medicine and education as a very vital part of the normal development of an individual. The teachings of Dr. Newell C. Kepart and Dr. Marianne Frostig place considerable emphasis on early motor training and on the development of learning patterns.
Help For Slow Learners
Dr. Gesell's work leaves little doubt concerning the importance of early perceptual-motor experience. Help is offered here for the "slow learner" or "non-achiever" -- those children who do not seem to learn material from conventional teaching methods. This program gives the child a chance to achieve and a chance to grow. It may be the first time he has had a success and it will feel good. To learn to have self-respect and a good self-image is an important goal for all children. The child will no longer feel useless. Each can do. Each can solve. Each will succeed!

Through this approach, your child will learn that having friends is important to self-image. He will learn to share, to take turns, to practice the Golden Rule. Wars are made and violence is done by people who don't have friends, who never learned that everyone has a right to be.

It is all important that your child learns the proper motor patterns on which to build all successive levels of skills. If this is not accomplished, a breakdown in the child's progress will result, making her feel overwhelmed with "I'm just a nobody" emotions. Thus, is the seed of the non-achiever first nurtured. TMIY can alleviate many of the problems before they have an opportunity to take root in your child's day-to-day experience.

I wrote TEACH ME, I'M YOURS to help children learn the perceptual-motor skills necessary to learn by the usual instructional methods in the classroom. I want all children to be able to learn in school. To improve memory skills. To reason. To problem-solve, creatively. Having built a good foundation of all these skills, I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labor and of mine. We will see children who can move forward with renewed and expanded self-worth toward their full potential in Life.
Success belongs to all our children!
TEACH ME, I'M YOURS - Review and Recommendation

As you may know I've worked in education for many, many years. ECE wasn't my field, but secondary/adult education and learning disabilities. I love curriculum development, teaching and training, teachers/parents--everyone! And I can see from Joan Bramsch's book TEACH ME, I'M YOURS, that she does as well. Her scope and sequence is excellently plannedBusiness Management Articles, laid out and formatted. The content is creative and inspiring as are the easy to follow/apply activities and exercises. This is an important book for all parents and educators.

Reviewer: Melinda Rucker Haynes

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