Why Its Critical to Train Your Downline

By: Joe Bingham

Essentially, there are two different mindsets on how to succeed in
network marketing. While there may be debate as to which way is
the best, in either system you benefit from any amount of time it
requires to fully train your downline as to how to do the business.


Many compensation plans are based mostly on recruiting more and
more people and have nothing or very little to do with selling any
actual products.

Since the money in this category comes from income made as you
increase your downline, you have two options. One, constantly
recruit more and more people, or two, recruit the same people over
and over again into multiple programs.


These kind of businesses focus more on repeat sales from customers
than creating a downline. In other words, besides recruiters, these
businesses are retailers as well.

Either way, no matter what kind of business you get into, it still pays
to train your downline.


The beauty of network marketing resides in recruiting a downline to
work in the business with you. In a traditional job, you trade your
time at work for money in return for that work.

The only way to
increase the money you earn then is to increase the number of hours
you work, or convince your employer to raise your level of pay.

Networking, however, frees you from such problems. As you
increase the number of people working with you in your downline,
you also increase the number of hours worked in the business because
not only do you get paid for your efforts, but for theirs as well. This is
leveraging your time.

Say you work only 10 hours per week in your network marketing
business. If you have 20 people in your downline that also work 10
hours per week, that gives you a total of 200 work hours per week
that you receive benefits from besides your own 10 hours.

>From this standpoint, it's easy to see how a better trained downline
will achieve better results for you in your business.

Motivating your downline is crucial in order to keep them involved in
the business. Without their involvement, you cannot leverage your

As well, the better informed you keep them, the better their chances
at success, and the better your chances at success as well.

Even in Recruit Oriented businesses, you'll gain a larger downline
faster if you keep in touch and train them from your experience.
Keeping repeat contact also establishes your credibility and greatly
improves your chances of signing them up in other opportunities you
join in the future.

Training does not necessarily take personal experience either. Even if
all you do is pass along what your upline sends you or refer them to
ezine articles or sites that you found to be interesting or helpful, you
are still keeping contact, informing, and motivating.

The ultimate goal of residual income cannot be achieved on your
own. You are dependent on your downline. Too many people online
do not realize this and simply ignore those who sign up with them.

If you do this, you will NOT see the success you are dreaming about.

Stay in touch with, motivate, and inform your downline. These are
business associates and their success is crucial to your own.

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