One Red Paperclip

By: JoannC
On July 12, 2005, Kyle MacDonald (Montreal, Canada) thought it would be nice to have a house but remembered he does not have the money. So he wondered if he could trade something. He spotted the red paperclip lying on his desk and swapped it for something better and kept swapping until he had a house. 12 months later, July 12, 2006, he's done it! He was offered a house at 503 Main Street in Kipling (Saskatchewan, Canada)..

Why did Kyle do that? Kyle says "Why not? I pay rent but I'd like to own a house. I didn't have enough money for a house - but I did have one red paperclip."

How did Kyle do it? It only took a blog and these 14 swaps:

From One Red Paperclip
to One Fish Pen
to One Doorknob
to One Stove
to One Generator
to One Beer Keg (with Neon Sign)
to One Skiddoo
to One Trip to Yahk
to One Van
to One Recording Contract
to One Year Free Rent
to One Afternoon with Alice Cooper
to One KISS snow globe
to One Movie Role
to One House

Kyle was commended for his ingenuity and persistence in achieving his goal. It was Kyle who has shown the world the Power of Swap!

You could do this too and more - without having to build a website, start a blog or promote what you want. You get Free tools and resources without forking out a single cent! So start Swapping Now!

Swapping is the ultimate niche to trade - no money, no hassles, and complete freedom. It has become the 'IN' thing now. It is even easier than starting a business and you can trade with money if you like.

To begin on Swappping, these are the things you can do...

You can:

Make a wish-list of stuffs you like to swap (or buy or sell or do)
Receive offers from other people - remember, it is a two-way Dutch swap
Choose who you to deal with - your friends to start with or anywhere in the world
Negotiate until you're happy with what you get - no pressure
Choose the way you deal - swap, fixed price, auction or best offer. But swapping is the 'IN' thing to do now.
Swap without cash - for items, for services, for tickets, for anything. It is the greatest way to gain Free tools and resources
Make multiple offers to multiple people - do not end up with nothing or the lot
Interact with others - build a swapping network of friends
Create your own private marketplace using blog for instance - and save on money and time

Kyle's story of "The one Red Paperclip House" continues...

The offer for a house, comes from the Mayor and Town Council of Kipling, Saskatchewan and is reported to be the following:

"Kyle, the Town of Kipling, Saskatchewan wants you to complete your quest for a house. The Mayor and Town Council with the support of the employees and residents of the Town of Kipling have a revised offer for you. We know you will say Yes!

1. As a new resident to our community you will receive a Community Welcome Package containing local information and promotions from local businesses.
2. The Kipling Chamber of Commerce will give you $200 in Kipling Cash. This Cash can be spent at any local Chamber of Commerce business.
3. You will be given a Key to the Town of Kipling
4. You will become Honorary Mayor of Kipling for One Day.
5. You will be named an Honorary Lifelong Citizen of the Town of Kipling
6. The day we make the trade will be decreed One Red Paperclip Day by our Town Council and everyone will be encouraged to wear a red paperclip in honor of your achievements.
7. Will build the world's largest red paperclip in dedication to you and your "one red paperclip project"
8. Most importantly to allow you to complete your quest... We will trade to you a house. The house was built in the 1920's and has been recently renovated. It is locate at 503 Main Street Kipling, SK Canada. It is approximately 1100 square feet on two floors. There are three bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, kitchen, living room and dinning room. It has white vinyl siding, a new roof and eaves troughs that have been put on in the last few years. We will be sending you pictures of the house as soon as we have had time to touch up the paint."

So wait no longer, try it yourself!
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