"3 Quick Tips To Becoming An Instant Copywriting Genius"

By: Ewen Chia

Copywriting is the ONE skill that will
turn words into cash, and it's really
the one thing you must learn if you're
thinking of selling anything at all.

From traditional direct mail and now to
the internet, the power of words has
already made millionaires out of
ordinary folks like you and me!

Successful copywriters know this.
That's why they charge exorbitant fees
for their services, which will no doubt
still be money well invested.

The good news is, you can have this
power too. You can write your own sales-
pulling copy everytime - if you know
the 'tricks'.

Well read on and I'll reveal to you 3
jealously-guarded tips that can turn
you into a copywriting genius quickly...

(1) Start A Sales Letter 'Swipe File'

Simply start collecting winning sales
letters AND emails into a 'swipe file'
that you can refer to for :

* Your own education

* As an 'idea generator' for your copy

* As inspiration and motivation

You'll find this 'swipe file'
invaluable to writing your own killer

Successful copywriters literally
swear by this method in creating
awesome sales letters.

(2) Write As If You're Your Own Prospect

The real secret to copywriting genius
is to get into your propect's mind and
encourage action at will.

And the best way to do this is by
becoming your prospects!

Write your copy from their view and put
yourself in their shoes. Think like
them and you'll build a subconscious
rapport that wins them over.

Throughout your copy, ask questions
they would ask.

Write from the heart and answer these

Ask yourself too : "would YOU buy this
product yourself if you're reading the
copy you wrote?"

Identifying with your prospects must
begin right from the headline down to
the final P.S.

(3) Create The Achieved End Results

Here's a tip that works like crazy.

Create the actual OR perceived end
results write at the beginning of your
copy. Give specific details. Continue to
emphasize these results and benefits
throughout your letter.

Give a 'tangible' feel to what can be
achieve IF they buy, and what they'll
lose if they don't.

A simple example...

Don't write : "You'll receive unlimited
traffic to your website everyday!"

So? What does that achieve?

Write instead : "Generate 1000% more
trafficScience Articles, subscribers AND sales with
less than 5 minutes work!"

This shows the end results more clearly.

Copywriting's easy if you know the
right techniques.

Apply the above 3 tips and you'll be
improving your own copy quickly ...
without spending hundreds of dollars or
hours on copywriting courses or ebooks.
Try it.


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