The $12,500 Copywriting Formula

By: Sopan Greene

Have you heard of Brian Keith Voiles? Probably not, but
if you have eyes you've seen his ad campaigns and you
probably even bought products that he created ad
campaigns for. Would you like to have the formula he
gets paid $12,500 to put into use for Fortune 500

Well then, today's your lucky day, isn't it? If you
follow this formula whenever you write a sales letter
or an ad you'll see how well it increases your success.
Remember that the key to writing a sales letter is that
the job of every paragraph is to make the reader want
to read the next paragraph.

Use this as a skeleton when you write ads and then go
back through your ad to make sure you've covered all
nine points in the right order.


ATTENTION - Write a headline that GRABS your reader.
Fear or curiosity are good places to start. For
example: "Ex-Truck Driver Makes $21,815 a Month Doing
What You're Not"

2. INTEREST - List the benefits of your product or
service. Acknowledge their problem while
showing you have the solution. Show that you've
been where they are and you can help them.

3. CREDIBILITY - Mention referrals and references of
how others have benefited from your product or service.

4. PROVE - Show testimonials with full names and cities or
countries. Offer a risk-free guarantee.

5. BELIEVABLE - Give your full contact information.
Make it easy for them to buy with no hassles. Let
them know why they should trust you.

6. SCARCITY - Have limited offers, special time sensitive
salesScience Articles, discounts on a few products in limited quantity.

7. ACTION - Ask for the sale. Make it simple.

8. WARN - Let them know the pain they'll experience if
they don't use your product. i.e. If you're selling
a wrinkle cream let them know how dry their face will
be and how much deeper their wrinkles will get without
your product - if that's true. Don't lie.

9. NOW - Tell them why they should buy right now.

That's it. Now you've got the skeleton that the best
copywriters in the world use. If you want more
information on copywriting from Brian Keith Voiles go to:


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