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Birthday Gifts from find-me-a-gift

Find-me-a-gift have a huge range of birthday gifts. Over 1000 birthday gifts to choose from for men women and children.

Below is a range of birthday gifts for men and women

Birthday Presents for Him - Man's Birthday Present Suggestions
All the best mans birthday presents - all in one place. From humorous birthday present ideas like the Dirty Adventure Kit to gifts for the office such as a hands free phone unit. We even have birthday activity presents that will appeal to all men. For example, the helicopter-flying lesson.

Whatever kind of present you are looking for, Find Me A Gift's men's birthday presents range are certain to have something that's just right for him. Whether you want 30th or 40th birthday presents, or gifts for teens, then Find Me A Gift is the place to be.

Birthday gifts for men - Birthday gifts for him - Birthday gifts for man

Become a Laird from find-me-a-gift
Please note this is a Scottish "Laird" title which is equivalent to the English "Lord" title
Become a Lord (Laird) or Lady when you buy this gift and be the owner of a plot of land on the Kincavel Estate in Sonachan, Scotland, and have legal usage of the title "Laird" (meaning "land owner"). Laird is a title that can be used by men or women but the commonly accepted equivalent for women is "Lady".

Granny Race Track from find-me-a-gift
Race these old fogies against each other around the track to see whos the super granny or the pit stop pensioner, watch out for the cross over section...bad timing could be nasty and the clip on barriers help prevent the grannies from flying off! These grannies equipped with wheelchair and cosy blanket to keep them warm while they zoom around the track can go fast when they want! So just make sure you keep out of their way!

Fighting Grandads from find-me-a-gift
In the red corner weighing in at 122g we have the MIGHTY... FIGHTING... GRANDAD!!! In the blue corner we have the challenger.. also weighing in at 122g we have the COLOSSAL...FIGHTING...GRANDAD!!!... In this O.A.P (Offensive Action Punch-up) Battle we will see which fighting grandad has been truly wound up more and which fighting grandad will be left standing to become the champ.

Executive Ball Scratcher from find-me-a-gift

The Executive Ball Scratcher is every gentleman's executive dream. Ball Scratcher's do the one job that the executive gentleman has to do himself: Scratch their balls!

The Executive Ball Scratcher for Gentlemen has become one of our most surprising bestsellers and we've NEVER had anyone wanting to return one!

Boob Stress Relievers - Juggling Boobs
The Boob Stress Chest is the brand new improvement on the classic booby stress reliever. Tired hands? Aching wrists? Stressed out? These boobs will gently soothe your body and mind back to chilled out bliss! The Boobs Stress Chest is a perfect antidote to all of the day's stressful situations as well as providing quick relief for your overworked hands.

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Force FX Collectable at find-me-a-gift
Winner Of Best Toy Weapon On Channel Five's ' The Gadget Show '

These Luke Skywalker FX Lightsabers are from Return of the Jedi (Episode 6) and have a green blade. Master Replicas have now stopped production of them so there is a limited number available, so order now to avoid disappointment.
After Luke was defeated at Bespin, losing his father's lightsaber in the process, his affinity with the Jedi traditions grows more serious.

Potty Putter from Find-me-a-gift
Introducing Potty Putter! The toilet time golf game that lets you practice your putting while going to the bathroom. If you're a golfer who can't get enough practice time, then Potty Putter is for you! Now you can sink putts where no one else has sunk them before - in the bathroom!

Finger Drums from find-me-a-gift
Now you can be the ultimate office enemy..... just keep practicing your drum rolls in important meetings...or when someone is trying to pour their heart out to you!! Finger Drums Fingers are used instead of sticks with this superb tiny electronic drum kit.
Each replica drum is touch sensitive and plays a digital drum sound when touched. It even includes a cymbal, and a bass drum with pedal.
The demo mode proves just how effective it can be and, with practice, remarkably musical results can be achieved, and even recorded and played back!

USB Rocket Launcher
The USB rocket launcher gives you the ultimate desk defence system to keep your sweaty, smelly breathed boss away from you to leave you to get on with the important matters of the day, which include anything other than work! The USB rocket launcher holds three rockets and you can control your USB rocket launcher from your computer; rotating and tilting the launcher until you have the enemy in your sights. Then as you hit the fire button the three missiles deploy sequentially. The missiles are made of soft foam so cant do any real damage, which is a shame!

Birthday Gifts for women - Birthday gifts for her - Birthday gifts for woman

Aurora Colour Changing Clock from find-me-a-gift
The Aurora clock lives up to its name. Changing between 12 colours only the northern light can compare. It's just the comforting light you need to dream your away to sleep on a dark night. The clock will colour change between 12 unique colours, one for every hour. It's easy to read large display is ideal for when you awake with your eyes full of sleep, in the morning. It has a one-touch function for very easy operation. The alarm will flash the Aurora clock and sound the alarm at the same time making sure you wake up.

Domestic Goddess Apron - Bib Ava Pink Paris at Find-me-a-gift
Domestic Goddess Aprons are taking the UK by storm. This beautiful Ava Pink Paris Domestic Goddess Apron has been featured on prime time TV such as The Oprah Winfrey Show and Desperate Housewives, as well as in Elle, Country Living, National Enquirer, The Washington Post and even the front cover of the Wall Street Journal!

Bubble Bath Machine at find-me-a-gift
Bubbles just got big time! Place the Bubble Bath Machine on the side of your bath and fill up with your favourite bath bubbles and water. Lay back, switch on and watch millions of perfect frothy little bubbles fill up your tub. A must have for people who love a good soak in the tub.

A lovely gift for the person in your life who needs pampering, maybe even yourself! Lie back and relax with our Bubble Bath Machine, sure to make your worries drift away...

Orgasmatron Head Massager at Find-me-a-gift
Orgasmatron Head Massager is truly amazing. It doesn't look much, some say it looks a little weird but it really does give you surprising sensations. Within seconds it can give you goose bumps, hairs on the back of your neck stand up, your spine tingles and you can feel trance states of ecstasy. The feeling the Orgasmatron head massager gives you is pure excitement. Consider it "exercise for the hairs on the back of your neck. "The Orgasmatron's smooth tips glide across the surface of your scalp, sending sparkling sensations thru your entire body.

Eye Massager - The Eyezone Massager
Our Eye Massager is brilliant for effective relief from stress, headaches and migraines. As seen on Richard and Judy and developed from Chinese acupuncture, massage and magnetic principles, this 3 in 1 battery powered Eye Massager can help with the following:
Eye Massager alleviates eye fatigue caused by extensive use of computers, long periods of driving, studying and reading.

Name a Rose Gift Set at Find-me-a-gift
Name A Rose Gift Set. Name a Rose gift pack is a beautiful gift, which is both touching and unique. Inside the gift box is a unique unnamed pack of rose seeds for recipient to nurture and grow. By filling in the enclosed registration card they can name their rose and have this information stored on the official "Name a Rose" database.
In addition to the rose seeds there is a beautiful rose naming certificate and lots of fascinating information on the world of roses. This gift is perfect for either a great introduction to the world of roses or even a thoughtful gesture to a rose enthusiast.

Mad Cow Hot Socks at find-me-a-gift
Aroma Cushion - Hot Sox - Mad Cow
These soft, cosy Hot Sox are the perfect way to soothe your tired or cold feet. Pamper yourself or a loved one with these cute 100% cotton Grapefruit and Benzoin scented feet treats!
Not only do Hot Socks keep your toes toasty, they also help to improve your circulation and ease arthritic pain while the essence of Grapefruit and Benzoin relaxes and calms your body and mind. Your feet have never had it so good!

Message in a bottle at find-me-a-gift
The Message in a Bottle is one of the most important gifts we offer. You could buy someone a ?1,000,000 diamond ring and still not make it clear what they meant to you. The Message in a Bottle gives you the chance to do exactly that. You've got plenty of space to let someone know exactly how you feel, whether it's a heart-rending love letter or a simple thank you!

Philips 7" and 9" Digital Photo Frame Display at find-me-a-gift
Every picture tells a story.... How many digital pictures are hidden on your PC? See, share and relive your memories with Philips Digital Photo Display, the easiest way to display your digital photos in print quality - without a PC.

If you have left it a bit late to buy your gifts? Don't panic find-me-a-gift offer a next working day delivery if you place your order before 3.30pm.

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