Whats On Your Door, Nuthin?

By: Susan James

Someone once asked me: "How come children get what they
want and adults don't ?"

I then usually ask, "Well, what's on ‘your' door?"

Lots of children, if they have some form of allowing parents,
have pictures of horses on their walls and doors, and pictures
of other stuff that they like and want.

If you'd study this a bit....you may find that the kids have the
stuff in their experience that is pasted on their doors and walls.
As I write this I have two girlfriends with children who also
have horses ! When you go to the children's bedrooms, guess
what's on their walls? Horses!

So, what's the catch?
Adults think it's childish and messes up the walls and stuff.
Therefore, Adults are too "big" to paste their dreams on their
own walls, because, why? Well, it's childish and messes up
the walls!

But it gets even more ironic. Many businesses have story or
goal boards in their offices. Car Dealers have them. Movie and
TV Producer offices have them. Have them, what? Walls that
have stuff they want to happen, pasted up there!

We allow children to paste stuff up on our doors and walls,
and successful businesses have their desires, goals and
intentions pasted up on their walls and doors, but what about
the rest of us?

What about the rest of real life? What do our families want?
What do we as individuals want for our lives and lifestyles.

Are we just supposed to help our employers reach their
business goals and desires, of which we may or may not
receive direct benefit from?

What about our own personal lives? What about our dreams
coming true? Do you have a personal story board or Magic
Wall on your door or wall at your home, or in your own office
that pertains to your life and lifestyle?

On my door, I have my life.

I have it glued and pasted. It is my
life. A section of it I'll tell you about, because this is the part
of me that shows up in my writing. I have a Magic Wall too!

Over a year ago, Vanity Fair did a huge article on Successful
Women Authors and Publishers. Annie Lebowitz took these
great pictures of these women, and one of the pictures was of
about 15 of them in a warehouse sitting.

Writers, Authors Publishers, non-fiction, fiction. You would
know them. A great photo shoot !

For a while I had this 4 page spread in a binder with some of
my other intentions. But I kept setting stuff on top of the
binder and would forget to look at it.

So up on my door it went.

What has my Magic Wall and Magic Door brought me?
Over 30 writing products and extensions and the opportunities
attached to my writing just keep flowing to me.

Point? Act as a child. Dare to put your dreams up where you
can see them. There is a true "Mechanics" at workHealth Fitness Articles, and it
simply works! You're Dreams just might come true. Mine
are and have been.

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