MLM Success - Potential or Promise?

By: Andre Best

I've been taking a close look at a lot of the MLM success type advertising that people do for MLM online. And to say the least, it's amazing.

It's hard to believe that MLMers, or MLM wannabe's, actually still think that people will believe you if you write in your ad...

'Make $575K This Year!'

'Enroll 100's With Our Easy System'

or even still...

'Guaranteed Income. People Beg To Join.'

It really amazes me that people still think that we're that stupid, yes - stupid, that we would fall for these ads. Especially online.

Who would actually believe that they could make over half a million dollars in less than twelve months? Think about it.

I know that if I could have that kind of MLM success and make that kind of money then I would be doing everything I can to keep making it day after day and year after year. I wouldn't be telling people how to do it because I'd want to keep it to myself until I had the millions I wanted.

But do you really think that with all the hundreds of ads like these that one sees online that there are really that many millionaires doing MLM?

If so many people have an MLM success system that automatically enrolls hundreds or makes money like mad or is so easy people will 'walk over broken glass and then pour iodine and salt in their wounds' to phone you and join your deal, then why are so many people failing at MLM?

Kind of a tough question to answer.

But let me give you a couple of insights that I had on all this MLM success stuff a while back.

Most of you know who Dexter Yeager is, right? He's the guy who started out in Amway in the 1950's when it first got started.

Now he's a billionaire. Literally.

Now, do you think it would be fair to people to tell them that they too can be an MLM success story like Dexter Yeager? No, of course not.

But this is what is going on with these ads that we see.

People are being told that they too can be successful in MLM.

It's easy. Simple. No work involved. All one has to do is join the MLM deal and wait for the checks to roll in.

But do you think this is realistic? Is it realistic to believe that anyone can do today what Dexter did back then?

I'd say that nowadays it's virtually impossible to reach the level of MLM success that Dexter reached. Why?

Because the world is different. People are different. Economics are different. Technology is different. And 60 years of MLM history are involved now.

Back in Dexter's day MLM was a different beast. Not necessarily easier.

Just different.

So would it be moral and ethical to tell someone that they could have his level of MLM success in the 21st Century? In my opinion...No.

So let me ask you...Why do people still believe that it's okay to prey upon the unsuspecting by telling them all that income and enrolling stuff I described earlier?

Why? Because that is what people want to hear today. They still want to believe that they can be the next MLM success story.

They still want to believe that they can be the next Dexter.

Essentially, people still have hope.

And because of this, that is why we still see these ads that promise instant MLM riches for all.

Now, there's one thing that really bugs me about all these ads. And perhaps a lot of my angst over seeing them has to do with my personal history with MLM.

I've had my fair share of experiences with MLM. Ups. Downs. Decent checks. No checks. Threats of losing it all. Losing it all. Etc. Etc.

But above it all I would never make claims to earnings that I hadn't personally experienced. It just goes against my internal 'grain' when I see others doing this.

Why would you want to tell someone that they can/might make half a million a year when you yourself are only making $12 a month in your deal.

Oh, of course the POTENTIAL for MLM success is there, right?

Yeah. And the POTENTIAL is there for ALL of us to be the NEXT Dexter Yeager.

Rrrrright Dad (as my son would say to me).

Sign me up. Now. ;-)

You see, if we're going to legitimize this industry in any way MLMers have to stop writing those types of ads to suck people in. And MLM wannabes have to stop believing in those types of ads and responding to them.

Yes, I know we're all in this to sign people up into our deal. And even if we can bait them with the PROMISE of big MLM earnings then what's the harm in that right?

Well, let me ask you - how long do you think your local lottery would be around if they posted an advertisement on every billboard in town that read...

'WIN $1,000,000 TODAY!'

Do you think they'd not be shut down pretty quickly by the local authorities?

Well, how is this any different than reading one of those MLM success ads that state...

'EARN $500K This Year!'

It's not any different.

But for some reason people want to believe it is true in MLM.

So, what have we learned about all this?

Well, next time you read these ads that tout this kind of language, now you know what the real POTENTIAL is with that deal.

Let me ask you, do you think you can be the next Dexter Yeager? Don't take this the wrong way - but what are the chances of you being the next MLM billionaire?

Slim? Next to nothing?

Again, the POTENTIAL for MLM success might be there like these ads tout. But it's there for everyone.

See what is the actuality of the deal. And ask yourself 'How likely is one to make that kind of dough in their (next) deal?'

So to sum up in one neat sentence...

Just do what you can to keep a waryBusiness Management Articles, logical mind when responding to any kind of MLM success ad or promotion.

Sure the promise might be there. But who's going to be there for YOU when the money doesn't come rolling in?

And if you happen to find a deal that works in reality you'll hopefully discover for yourself your own level of MLM success.

And isn't that what we all are in this wonderful deal for?

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