Are You Forgetting About Your Success in MLM?

By: Andre Best

Recently I was listening to an MLM tape and I had a fairly revealing
insight into something that appears to be going on in the MLM field.

And it isn't something that's working to our advantage as beginning
network marketers.

I'll explain.

Now you know and I know that there is one and pretty much only one
reason that we joined our MLM main company, right?

It's the same reason that the industry is so powerful at attracting so
many folks to it.

You know what it is...



Ask someone why they joined their MLM deal on the day that they join
and you'll find that about 99% of them joined to make money.

I know, I know. Your company has SUCH great products. Right?

Well, they might be the best products out there. That's not the issue

The issue is what direction we are told to take our efforts in when we
are just innocent MLM beginner's.


Well, when we get deeper into our main MLM company's message and we
forget 'why' we really joined this industry in the first place, that
is when we get into trouble.

That is when things can start to go downhill for us, if we aren't
alerted to what's going on.

You see...

... What's the first thing that most main MLM company's tell their new
distributors to do?

Get on the products, right? Whatever the product is...



Magnetic shoes.



"Just, get on the products."


THIS part makes sense to me. It should for you too.

You need to experience your products in order to best tell others
about them.

Nothing misleading here.

But what happens after this is what generally is what gets misleading
and sends most new MLM'ers into a downward slide they never recover

And then one day, they're gone.

I'll explain.


After new distributors 'get on the products', they are told to learn
about the products.

Why does this happen?

Answer: so that the distributors can know what they are 'selling' or
'sharing' with folks.

That's what the big founding company distributor or diamond upline
tells these impressionable beginning MLM'ers to do.

They are told that "they, as a distributor of the product, HAVE to
know the products."

- They have to know how they work.

- They have to know the dosages, the amounts, the frequency.

- The ingredients.

- And who should be taking them and for what and for how long.

Never mind worrying about contraindications and all that potentially
medically-damaging stuff.

I speak from first-hand experience. My first two MLM deals were both
consumable products.

And I was told for both companies that I had to know the products
before I could 'really' sell them to others. They told me it just made
sense to do it that way.

I was told to focus on the products and the money will follow.

Well, let's see what happened. And what happens to virtually most new

I was spending the majority of my precious new free-time learning
about the products and all that other stuff instead of working on
reaching out to folks and getting them involved in the business
opportunity I was in.

I was basically totally focusing on learning just about all that I
could about the products so, you know...

"I could tell people about them."


Well, what happened to the business side of things?

Didn't I and most others join MLM to MAKE money?!...

I relate this to an experience I had in the mid 1980's after I
graduated from University and found myself unemployed for two years.

At least unemployed in the sense that I wasn't working in my academic
field of choice.

I found myself eventually selling new cars at a local dealership.

(And you think the public looks down on MLM! ;-)


The day that I started with the new car dealership was the same day
this fellow named Lionel started.

Lionel and I were quite different in our approaches in 'selling'.

found myself thinking that I couldn't possibly 'sell' someone a
$20,000 car without MY first knowing everything about it.

I mean, 'what if they asked me something about it'? And I didn't know
the answer. Wouldn't that just blow the sale?

So what happened?

Well, as I was busy figuring out all the package options,
combinations, and features of each of the dozen new car models on the

...Lionel was actually SELLING the cars to people.

From his very first day.

I had to stop him and in my naiveté I asked him how he could do that.

I asked him how he could sell something that he didn't know anything
about, or at least only minimal information.

He answered that he didn't really care that he didn't know everything
about the cars. And in fact knew very little about any one of them.

He said that when his potential customers asked him something about
the car they were looking at and he didn't know the answer -- he just
said "I don't know. But I can find out for you".

He said that people always said "Oh never mind, it's not really that
important. Let's just go for a test drive."

He said he was there to sell cars and make money. He didn't need to
know HOW they were made. His job was to just let his prospect's
see/touch/feel the car.

His job was simply to get the car in their hands, so to speak. To get
them to experience the car.

But the bottom line was that he truly was IGNORANCE ON FIRE.

He also broke all sales records for the entire distributorship. Week
after week. Month after month.

And you know what else?

He never got around to reading those books teaching about the cars.

He just did the business. And he made money without knowing every
single little detail about what he was selling.

He didn't need to because he found out that the people who were
looking at the cars basically 'sold themselves' and they were just
looking for some assurance from him that they had made a good

He was so bubbly from the get-go, AND having so much fun at it that
his attitude was contagious to the people he was selling the car to.

A $20,000 car here.

A $35,000 car there.

Throw in this $5,000 option package to that truck and the total is

He was something to watch.



Getting back to YOU.

And your MLM business. And what the companies are doing to us.

At least the one's that tell us to focus on the products first.

What you need to do to ensure that YOU stay fired up with your new
business is that you don't lose sight of why you joined your MLM in
the first place.


You joined to make money.

You joined to make an income.

It doesn't matter what you are selling.

It doesn't matter what the ingredients are and which section of Nepal
or Bermuda or Iceland they came from.

It doesn't matter how many grams of this or that they contain and how
wonderful it will be on your circulatory system.

3.9, 4.5, or 6 cents a minute through a T1 connection on the backbone
of the Internet.

So what!!!

Just share with your prospects what they really want to know....

-- "How can I make money with your MLM deal?"

After all,...

That's why MLM exists now, isn't it?

To help 'the little person' make money?

So, I ask you...why do the MLM companies tell us that we need to focus
on the products and learn all that there is humanly possible to know
about them?

What is this so-called approach about after all?

How about so you are focusing on ONLY selling THEIR products, instead
of building YOUR business signing up new business distributors who
will help you get that residual income?...

...And at the same time you build your residual bonus check, you're
keeping money out of their pockets.

Of course, I'm just guessing.


Although a lot of people will tell you it's about 'sharing' the
products. Let's get real here.

MLM is about SELLING!

Selling yourself.

Selling the business.

And selling the products.

You 'sell yourself' by who you are being.

You 'sell the business' by what it can offer to people.

You 'sell the products' by what they can do.

That's it.

So when someone asks you....

"Hey, MLM distributor, what does this product contain and didn't the
government put out this paper on this ingredient a couple of years ago
showing how it had this effect on this limited number of this focus
group and they said it did this and this and this to them? Didn't it
do that? Didn't they say that in that paper?"

You know what you say to that person? How about...

"I don't know. I'm building a money-making business here. But if you
want I can find someone at the head office who can answer your


So, remember to NEVER forgot why you joined MLM in the first place.

To make money.

And remember to imagine yourself working at your favorite fast food
chain franchise. Or one of those secret-ingredient chicken places
where they never tell anybody what's in that special coating they use.

Just because you don't know the special ingredients in the coating,
does that mean that you can't sell that fast-food?

NO, of course not.

Just because you don't know everything about YOUR MLM products from
the very first day in your new business, does that mean that you can't
go out into the world and sponsor folks into your downline?

Of course not.

Just because you may never bother to learn about all the details of
this or that or what this product does or how that one does what it
does... does that mean you can't continue selling the products or the

Of course not.

Just tell folks "I don't know what's in it. All I know is what it did
for me and this is what it did...blah blah blah."

That's it.

And what happens from that?

You grow yourself a nice little BUSINESS income.

And you give yourself what you got into this in the first place for.

You give yourself the chance to make the money that attracted you to
MLM in the first place.

So, stop that studying.

And start that selling, or sharingPsychology Articles, if you will.

Make the money that attracted you to MLM in the first place.

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