MLM - Making Lotsa Mistakes!

By: Jim Partridge

As a retired VP Marketing for a very successful
Internetional MLM company, I am addressing
concepts of MLM as they 'impact' you, the new
or inexperienced distributor.

Network (Multi-level) Marketing is exactly the
same as any business, anywhere, as it has a
corporate center and top level, through to
the new recruit at entry level. BUT, there is
a significant difference!

As with the age old computer phrase, 'Garbage
in = garbage out" some MLM corporations
have 'garbage' at the top or close to the top
and it is this 'garbage' that will destroy your

IF management has an attitude and/or
does NOT recruit competence at the TOP what
happens at the bottom? "Training" or what
some MLM companies call 'training' must start
with the top and work down. Top-incompetence
therefore leads to bottom-incompetence 'unless'
you 'learn-the-rules' and then 'learn-how-to-

One rule that I witness over and over is the rule
Have any of you noticed how GREAT, 'their'
website is?

Let me correct that statement! Have any of you
analyzed the corporate website to determine
what the message is and how your "target
prospect" receives that message?

What if you direct your prospect to the
corporate website and "they" promote
themselves and not you?

How about the corporate office that does
not understand "features" versus "benefits
to the consumer"?

Do you know what you can versus cannot
say respecting a product? I don't mean
what is in your corporate manual, I mean
respecting the laws of the land WHERE

What if your upline is a jerk or incompetent
or etc.? Do you have a means of change?
Get serious, there are no changes that will
take place so forget what the manual says.

Makin' Lotsa' Mistakes!

Network Marketing with a worthy company,
a product you like, an industry that has a
demand curve and with an upline that
demonstrates competence is a luxury few

When you have the ingredients above you
still have to face reality that you either know
what do do and how to do it ONLINE &
OFFLINE or you don't.

Mistakes happen right? Tell that to some
who have gone broke recently, don't tell

In today's business world no person can
distinguish between a multinational
and successful corporation and your or
my small or home business - UNLESS YOU

To tell them is to present yourself as the
amateur via an amateur website, amateur
presentation, amateur verbage, etc.
Amateur business equals more business
for your UPLINE because you won't last.

Maybe it is time to STOP, LOOKFeature Articles, LISTEN
and do it RIGHT?

Multi Level Marketing

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