How To Dispel Anti-MLM Arguments

By: Joe Bingham

At times, you'll meet people who you think would be great prospects
for joining in your MLM or network marketing opportunity with you.
The only problem is they are opposed to the MLM concept and don't
want anything to do with one.

So how do you respond to their complaints?

Below is a listing of some of the common argument about MLMs
AND more importantly, some good information to combat those

Argument #1 -- MLMs are just Pyramid Schemes Designed to Rip
People Off.

First off, make SURE you are in a REAL MLM that actually
accomplishes something because that will be your best argument.
You should be making your money from product sales NOT
"headhunter fees" or money collected from signing new members.
That is questionable and not readily defendable.

A true MLM, however, is simply a distribution system that allows
individual people the chance to create income for themselves through
the distribution process. It is shaped like a pyramid, yes, but then
what distribution system isn't?

A factory that fills several warehouses, then sends products to multiple
distribution centers, then out to hundreds of districts, then thousands
of stores, and finally millions of consumers still takes on the pyramid
shape. That's just how distribution of any product is accomplished.

In an MLM, however, that distribution process pays money directly
to as many individuals as can sell product. Now isn't that better for
you than the traditional system where all the money stays at the
corporate level?

Argument # 2 -- I Don't Want To Have To Push Products On My
Friends and Everyone Else I Know

First, ONLY join an MLM that offers products you believe in.

you won't be pushing anything, you'll be RECOMMENDING.

Also, think, I mean really think, about all of the times you've
recommended movies, foods, drinks, music, doctors, health products,
books, restaurants, cars, equipment, appliances, web sites, games,
sports, stores, and many other things to your friends and other people
that you've met.

You do it all the time, don't you? The only difference is that in an
MLM, you get PAID for doing it, and you still are only recommending
something that you believe in.

What could be wrong with that?

Argument # 3 -- I Wouldn't Know Who to Talk to About the MLM
Opportunity or the Product.

Many people will give you the same argument. "I don't know
anybody." Usually, however, if pushed they find they know a LOT
more people than they realize. Plus remember, every person you
know has a lot of other contacts they will talk to if you first interest
them. That's the 'networking' part of network marketing.

As for not knowing who to begin with or how to go about it, that's
only because their mind has not yet been pushed to think about such
things. First just get prospects to accept the possibility of network
marketing or an MLM, then their own thoughts of how they could do
it themselves will follow.

Fate, chance, and coincidence are words used by those not thinking
ahead to describe the good fortune of those who are. Those who do
look to the future describe the same good fortune as results of their

Argument # 4 -- I Don't Have the Time or the Money

Starting your own business through an MLM or network marketing
opportunity is the easiest, least costly, least time consuming way of
beginning a business ever made possible. Where else could a person
have resources, products, assistance, and support service all in place
right from the onset with such a small investment?

As for time, this type of business is excellent simply because it does
not require any set hours. Naturally, the more time and effort put into
an MLM the better the expected results, but there are no minimum
requirements either. If you are too busy with other things, the MLM
can go on hold until more time is available. It's the most flexible way
of doing business there is.

Certainly these are not all the arguments people have against joining
an MLM or network marketing opportunity, but they are among the
most common. They are, at least with a good MLM opportunity,
completely unfounded as well. Use these explanations to offer
answers to your prospects.

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