Relationships, The Foundation Of Your Network Marketing Business

By: Jenean Matthews

Relationships, The Foundation of Your
Network Marketing Business
By Jenean Matthews

Most of us know if a building is not set on a firm
foundation it will fall. The same can be said of
your network marketing business. The relationship
you establish with your downline is the foundation
of your business. You can have the financing, a web
site with all the bells and whistles, and even great
products or services to offer but if you fail to establish
a relationship with your downline, your business will soon fall.

How do you establish a relationship? Keep in touch,
or as we wrote when we signed yearbooks in school, K.I.T.

When a prospect visits your site for the first time they
are somewhat cautious, as they should be. Joining a
network marketing opportunity is a big decision. So is
the experience of purchasing the product or service the
company is offering. Are they going to get burned?
Will the product arrive on time, or will it arrive at all?
What are you going to do with their personal information?
How long will the company be in business? These are all serious,
legitimate questions. How can you make them feel at ease?

Despite all the hesitation that goes into placing the order
and joining a network marketing opportunity, some people
are willing to give your business a chance. Once the order
is placed and the membership is established, always say
thank you. Send an email thanking the person for the purchase
and give a confirmation of the order. Immediately contact
the new recruit and welcome them. Let them know you
will be there to assist them and you appreciate their business.

Your network marketing business is just that, a business.
In the business world there are a variety of ways you can
set up your business. You can be a sole proprietor. You
work alone. You are the sole decision maker for the business.
If this is the type of business you're interested in, network
marketing in not for you. Instead, network marketing
is more like a partnership. You should have the frame
of mind that you are willing to work with
others, take time for others and share ideas.

No one should
feel that they are in this alone. Your financial success is
linked to the success of your downline. The more prosperous
they are, the more prosperous you will be.

I'm not sure why this concept is so hard to get across in
this industry. I have heard uplines refer to some of their
downlines as deadbeats. They aren't producing so they
get left behind. Soon they lose interest and start looking
for "another" opportunity. Yes, there may be some that
may not have a strong commitment to making the business
work but overall I believe there's a communication breakdown.
If I tell you to meet me a Walmart and I fail to tell you which
one, chances are we will not be going in the same direction.
If I tell you to meet me at my house and I assume you know
the directions, chances are it will take us a longer period of
time to reach our goal. When there's proper communication
everyone will have a set of instructions that will take them
where they need to go. We have to make sure we are all on
the same level.

Recruits come into opportunities at all levels. Some may
have little or no experience and initially will require a lot
your time. Some have experience but need to learn what
this new opportunity is all about before they can take off
running. And a few may immediately begin to soar. How
can you distinguish between the recruits?

As you begin to give information and guidance to your
recruits, you should also be asking questions and listening
to the response. I can't find logic in pushing a person to
make $10,000 a month when all they want is an extra $500
a month to help with the expense of a newborn baby. You
may be wondering why the new recruit is not using all the
online tools they been given to recruit. Yet you haven't
taken time to find out that this person has just become familiar
with where the button is for turning on their computer. How
will you possibly get to know all of this? K.I.T.

You're probably wondering how can you run your business,
make money and keep in touch with all these recruits? Keep
in mind that the relationships you're establishing are your
business. In network marketing your recruits are your customers
too. Everyone should be using the products or services as well
as referring them to those not interested in the business aspect.
With the new line of tools available keeping in touch doesn't
have to take a lot of time. There are chat sites, email,
autoresponders, surveys, newsletters, conference calls, etc.
Even if your opportunity doesn't have all of these features
they can be obtained on the internet, for free or at a very
low cost. The fact is communication is key to the relationship.
This is not a silent partnership.

For those of you that are still struggling with the fact that
you must take the time to establish relationships in network
marketing, ask yourself, why would you want to go into
business with someone you don't know anything about or
don't want to take the time to get to know?

When the relationship is established at the beginning of
the business you can teach each recruit to do the same.
As each one of you continuously teach the method of
establishing a relationship, it will soon become second
nature, and a success pattern will be created. Everyone
will begin to reach his or her goals.

It's time to build a successful network marketing business.
Lay the proper foundation relationship upon relationship.
Take the time right now to contact your downline.

Relationships, The Foundation of Your
Network Marketing Business
Copyright 2001
Jenean Matthews is a businesswoman who believes
in encouraging and helping others to accomplish their
dreams. She believes people can overcome obstacles, rise
to any occasion, and accomplish their entire dream with enough
faith. She can be found accomplishing her dream at or subscribe to the newsletter
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