Living in Credit Card Utopia

By: Tom Levine

5 SuperCharged Secrets to Credit Card Utopia!
Secret 5 of 5

Let’s just take a brief moment to recap:

If you’ve been following along on this journey with me, learning the 5 Super-Charged secrets to Credit Card Utopia, then you now know 4 very important things:

a)You now know how to take advantage of zero to low interest credit card offers.

b)You now know that there is safety in numbers, and you know the magic “Who’s Who" of the major credit card companies. You know that one of them, in my opinion, stands out for consumers.

c)You now know how to take a low interest credit card with a rewards program, and convert it into a money making technology that could seriously improve your financial house.

d)You now know how to work with merchants to harness your consumer buying power, even if you have bad credit, so that you can get low interest, incentives, and discounts through buying on credit.

With me? Good. These are all essential foundations that you need to follow in order to live in Credit-Card Utopia with me.

And NOW…On to the FINAL, most important, MOST significant secret that I have to reveal…

Secret # 5 revealed: Living in Credit Card Utopia:

1)I live in a world where there is no such thing as interest rates. There is zero interest, zero annual fees, membership benefits, and perks.

What world do you live in?

2)I live in a world where consumers are the ones in the drivers’ seat. We are powerful, powerful creatures, us buying-spending-consuming maniacs. We have the power to make our own choices about how to wield this mighty sword.

Are YOU a powerful creature?

3)I live in a world where plastic is a money-making technology. I don’t live for plastic, and plastic does not own me. I am my own person, beholden to no one. But, plastic and I…We’re business partners. At the end of the year, plastic sends me a big fat check for thousands and thousands of dollars, and I take my family on a KILLER vacation.

Are you in business with plastic?

4)I live in a world where nothing is impossible.

Life presents obstacles, and I overcome them. NO BIG DEAL…So, while you may not be able to get into the pearly gates of Credit Card Utopia right now….Enjoy sitting on the front porch, bartering with merchants, while you get your ducks lined up in a row.

Are you lining up your ducks?

5)I live in a world of goals, objectives, action plans, deadlines, and in Credit Card Utopia, good things don’t come to those who wait…Good things come to those who take ACTION, and move towards their goals.

Do you take action?
Do you have goals?
Are you working towards improving your life?


In Credit Card Utopia, I am totally, totally satisfied. I am at peace with my credit cards, and they love me. We are the elite few. We are the ones that enjoy low interest rates, cash-back at the end of the year, and perks, perks, perks.

And I want you here with me. There is no limit to how many of you can join me, in Credit Card Utopia…There is no population growth control, no capacity restrictions, no ceilings.

This is Credit Card Utopia. All are welcome here.

So, open your mind.

Open your creative mind, and look at your life as a template for change.

Look in every corner and every crevice, and start clearing away the cobwebs and dust-balls of your structured thinking. Find answers. Find solutions. Don’t limit yourself.

Stop thinking like a box, and start thinking like a winding, swirling, ever-changing thread of energy.

Living in Credit Card Utopia, is not about following steps 1 through 5 (although I gladly provide you with mine).

Living in Credit Card Utopia, is about following strange journeys carved out by mysterious neurons in your brain, to solve problems.

I’ve given you 5 creative ways to tackle plastic. But, for my 5 super Turbo-Charged secrets, there must be thousands, thousands more.

Living in Credit Card Utopia, is about looking at your obstacles, and converting them to opportunities.

Living in Credit Card Utopia, is about taking all your assets, and maximizing them to your highest advantage.

Living in Credit Card Utopia, is EASY…If you just open your mind to the freedom of possibilities.

The only restriction you have, the only thing that prevents you from coming up here with me, the only thing that is getting in your way….Is You….


So what IS secret #5, Tom? I’m confused. What are you saying? What is this secret, “LIVING IN CREDIT CARD UTOPIA?" Spell it out for me. I don’t get it…It all sounds really esoteric, and mumbo-jumbo-ish...Come down from la-la land, and tell it to us in plain, simple talk.

I hear you cry.

Let me rephrase,

Let me put it another way,

Let me finally throw all my cards on the table...

If you want to “BE" Like me,

And all us Utopians up here….

Then you need to LIVE…


Like a Utopian.

Still unclear? You know, there’s one person that can explain it better than I…Go ask your 5 year old daughter.

She understands. It’s the way she is learning, to be just like you.

That’s secret #5, and it truly is the most important one.

Welcome to Credit Card Utopia.

We’ve enjoyed providing this information to you, and we wish you the best of luck in your pursuits. Remember to always seek out good advice from those you trust, and never turn your back on your own common sense.

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