Computer Rental Company

By: Peter Frank

Computer Rental Company

Rentfusion is one of the biggest rental services providers of the computer, laptop & plasma rentals services. We offers many types of equipment ranges from desktops, lcd displays, servers, projectors, kiosks, audio visual, printers, office equipment, networking & storage backups on rental basis.

We offers top quality equipment from the major manufacturers such as apple, canon Cisco, Compaq, Dell, IBM, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba and more. Rentfusion is a leader in providing computer and audiovisual rental services to corporate America, delivering professional services from offices in Chicago, Orlando, Las Vegas, New York and New Jersey.

Our equipment arrive on time and we configured to suit to your requirements. We have vast experience in computer rental services & offers complete customized configuration of all computer equipment.


1) Availability of all the required equipments
2) Uniquely customized to meet your requirements
3) Trained professionals for maintenance & service
4) Low capital investments
5) Zero maintenance costs
6) Less Hassle

Why rent a computer?
Outright purchase of computer equipments for short tem projects is expensive. Renting fulfills your requirement at a fraction of the cost.

Training Sessions, Seminars
Rental companies set up entire hardware required for computer training program and various other seminars.

Rental companies handle installation of hardware which is required for conferences to go properly. From sound systems to projectors rental companies take care of all the requirements you required.

Temporary Offices
Rental companies setup offices according to the company's specifications. From printers, computers, copiers, to fax machines rentfusion manages all.

Traveling Employees
Traveling employees won't have to carry computers or other requirements through airports or other public transportation facilities. A rental company gives executives the edge of having pre-configured the requirements at their final destinations.

Special Projects
Special requirements of projects where printers, copiers are extra required. Computer rental companies come in handy to provide to fulfill the business objective.

RentFusion with a rich industry experience has provided wide range of computer related rental services. Major corporate companies have relied on us for their short-term rental requirements for various events like Meetings, Tradeshows, Conventions Seminars, Training and Special Projects.

The state-of-art warehouses are strategically located nationwide to provide distribution.

Rent companies have extensive fleet of trucks and in conjunction with other transportation carriers that provides same or next day delivery, locally or anywhere in the United States.

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Most companies are confused whether rent or buy computer equipment. Often, clients purchase equipment thinking it will help the company immensely. This is true for some companies but for the most of them renting is the most beneficial alternative. For any temporary purposes renting is the best option. A renting is lower as oppose to capital purchase.

Corporate events
Whether you're launching a training program or hosting conference for special purpose rental companies provides services to meet your corporate technological needs.

Following steps need to be taken to ensure your corporate success.

1) Consult with your rental companies for your specific technological needs.
2) Get installation with your staff.
3) Get technician and engineer available for the duration of corporate projects.

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