7 Weeks To A Happier Life

By: Kathy Gates

Life is usually what we make it. Wait a minute -- did
I say "make it"? I know, I know, the conventional
theory is that "life happens" -- um, yeah, I cleaned
that up a bit.

And while there are things that none of us can control
-- weather, economy, construction crews, other people
-- there are many things that you are in charge of.
These are the things that help you lead a happier life.
Put one into place in the SPECIFICS of your life, and
at the end of 7 weeks you'll have a happier, easier,
better life than ever before.

1. Choose Consciously: Make an effort to decide
that YOU choose how to spend your time, money,
energy, and spirit. As long as you accept the
consequences, and make the choice with your eyes
open, you'll feel more in control. Consciously
choosing your TV time, or surfing time, is a lot
different than just realizing you spent 4 hours clicking
channels. Ask yourself, "I have from 7 pm until
bedtime. How do I want to spend that time?"

2. Set Priorities. If the annoyances of life are living
your life for you, you're never going to win the foot-
race of life. You'll simply run out of time, devoting it
to things that you chose in the moment, instead of
what you really wanted the most. Don't put what you
want right now above what you really want in the
long run.

Ask yourself, "Self, I have raised my
standard to not buy anything else on credit. But I
really want this outfit for my meeting next week.
What's more important to me?"

3. Nurture It: Protect It: What you focus on in your
life will flourish If you focus on problems, and lack,
and hatred, and guilt, and self doubt, that's what
you'll find growing in your garden of life. Instead
plant seeds of change, conviction, courage, and
choice. No, it's not just about thinking positive
thoughts -- but it's a heck of a good place to start!

4. Be Consistent. Anything that you do consistently,
day after day, week after week, adds up. Good results
or bad results are the product of repeating the same
behavior over and over. If you consistently save,
you'll have money in the bank; if you consistently
over-spend, you'll be in debt. Choose what you want,
and take one small step, consistently day after day,
and see what happens.

5. Stop Reading, Start Doing: We live in an amazing
world of information. Most people have access to
more choices and information than they've ever had.
Even our children are faced with decisions based on
their broader ability to receive information. But.
information without action is useless. Stop looking
for a Quick Fix in the next book. Put the information
you already have to work in your life. Ask yourself,
"What can I do today to start to build up a reserve (of
cash, of time, of food, of friends) that will help me
live without fear?"

6. Stop Analyzing, Start Living. A lot of psycho-
babble teaches us that we need to know the "why"
about our behavior before we can address it. And the
"why" can sometimes help correct a problem, or give
you a reason for your action.. But most of what we
all do on a daily basis is not the product of some deep
dark psychological reason. It's habit. Change your
habits, and you'll change your life. Change your
attitude and you'll change your life. Change your
environment and you'll change your life. Ask
yourself, "What habit is the biggest obstacle to
achieving my goals?"

7. Ask For What You Want. It's time to stop
expecting other people to read your mind. Think
about how frustrating it is for you when someone
expects you to know what they are thinking. It's just
a set up for failure. Be willing to ask concisely,
pleasantly, and honestly for what you want and need
in your life. Ask yourself, "Do I expect people in my
life to 'justknow' what I need and want? Am I able to
do that for other people on a 99% correct basis? No!
So I will respect others by telling them what I needFree Articles,
and asking them to tell me as well."

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