One Small Electronic Device can turn Your Life Around

By: Doug C. Grant

Article Title: One Small Electronic Device
can turn Your Life Around
Author Name: Doug C. Grant
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Copyright Date: 2002
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By Doug C. Grant

How much does it cost?

A few billion perhaps...if it could be duplicated.

But cost is incidental. You already own it. The real
concern is what you do with it?

Most people just let it run wild. Sort of like an Indy
race car with no steering wheel. Sooner or later (mostly
sooner), it will crash into a wall. That's when the
despairing cry goes up, "Why me, Lord? Life is so unfair."

Okay, so you're probably a mile ahead of me. You already
know I'm talking about your brain. But I'm not talking just
about your brain brain but your subconscious brain. That's
the part of your brain that controls 90% of your mental

So how to you control it?

You program it with the video camera incorporated into
your conscious mind. Seriously. This is a fantastically
powerful technique overlooked by many people. Here's how it

Quick, without any thought, think of one thing you'd like
to change in your life. Sure, you could make a list. So
could I. But power comes from focusing. So select just one
turn-around project to work on starting today.

Write down your turn-around project

If possible, use just one word like 'money' or 'health'.
Wordiness tends to get in the way at this point.

Let's say you have written the word 'health'. Perhaps you
have a chronic health problem.

Or, maybe you're just
concerned about your overall health. Whatever it

Yeah, I know. That's not so easy...particularly if you've
been nursing a chronic condition for any length of time or
been diagnosed with a terminal disease. But forgetting is
possible. Let's begin.

Start writing a number of reverse-words

For example, maybe you've had a back problem for years.
You might even be in considerable pain at this moment.

Some reverse-words you could write down might be vibrant,
active, energetic, youthful. Let your mind free-wheel.
Write whatever the mind suggests.

Just one word of warning. Don't use anti-words such as
'pain-free', 'disease-free' or anything suggestive of the

For one thing, your subconscious won't accept these anti-
words. For another, they will tend to agravate the problem
by reminding you that the problem exists. Write and think
as though your problem or situation never existed.

You are now ready to begin your video

Bring life to your reverse-words. See them as reality in
your life. Continuing with the above back example, you
might see yourself walking tall and limber. Imagine
yourself stretching, bending and feeling the freedom and
flexibility of youth. It is as though your back has always
been wonderfully strong and flexible.

Once you have a good video, play it through a thousand
times a day. Well...maybe a thousand is a bit of a stretch.
The point is you want to play it through anytime you have a
spare minute. Waiting on the telephone? Run your video.
Sitting at a red light? Run your video.

This requires some discipline until it becomes habit. But
you'll be hardpressed to develop a more powerful habit.

Medical science is well aware of this technique

They call it The Placebo Effect. When developing a new
drug, researchers will give a control group a sugar pill
and tell them it's a new wonder drug. Absolutely guaranteed
to cure their 'whatever'.

Instantly, powerfully, their video is created. They see
themselves as cured. They cannot think of anything else.
They expect the healing. They anticipate the healing. And
soon their 'whatever' symptoms disappear.

Of course, when the research project ends and they learn
the truth, their 'whatever' symptoms come storming back.
They might even insist that they had never been cured in
the first place.

But they were! And could have continued to be so if they
hadn't reversed the video in their head.

Any doctor will tell you that faulty mental videos will
poison the body. And if the mind can make you sick, it can
also make you well.

Skeptical? Give it a try.

Produce your reverse-video. Keep it simple and focused on
only one problem or situation.

Play it at least five times a day for 21 days. Why 21?
Because that seems to be the magical number for
establishing a new habit. And that's what you're doing.
You're creating a new habit of thought.

Remember, you're committing to less than a month. You're
filling numerous empty holes in your day that would
otherwise be wasted. And if you're persistent, I guarantee
you'll greet a future morning with the statement, "Hey...I
do believe I've got that old problem on the run."

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