Profile of the 21st Century Menopausal Woman

By: Valerie Otto



Look her age

Look old

Care about her appearance

Look in the mirror every 5 minutes

Have a career

Care if her boss is 10 years younger

Pay attention to world affairs

Correlate world affairs to mean “winter pink" is the “new black"

Make sure she gets exercise

Feel compelled to participate in extreme sports

Eat well

Obsess about a cookie

Go dancing

Go dancing with another woman’s husband

Want to travel the world

Have to hitchhike to get there

Find time to herself

Feel selfish about it

Get hot flashes

Care if she strips in public

Research her health care options

Believe she knows more than her doctor

Take herbal remedies

Believe they cure diseases

Read Labels

Believe everything she reads

Offer her years of wisdom

Think she knows it all

Care what company gets her dollar

Spend too much money foolishly

Enjoy her wine and cocktail

Party like she did at 28

Want to have sex

Perform acrobatics

Like to hear how pretty she looks

Need to hear it all the time

Look forward to this time of life

Believe she’s past her prime

Reads these charts

Takes them with a grain of salt

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