Teachers, Whats you Meant to Me

By: azri


You are the sunlight in our hearts,

Shining on the path to success,

Teaching the illiterate, and disciplining the undisiplined,

Compared to spring,

You are much more lively,

Heat and cool absorbed into you,

Warmth of the spring fills the air,

Bringing hopes and wishes,

Summer will not stop warming us,

It will forever burn in your soul,

Melting the stiffness of all manners,

Ripening and maturing our mind,

Under your rays of sunlight.

Autumn is not as hollow as you,

Emptiness and sorrow will flow out,

Affecting one heart to another,

Discouraging and dispiriting,

Overshadowing and dimming people's lives,

In time,

Winter will rise,

Shrouding your presence with the chill of snowstorms,

Freezing us with your words and eyes,

The air is still and cold,

Devouring the warmth of sunlight,

But spring will come again...


When you enter our class,

You bring spring into the room,

Your smile is like blossom of sunflower from of the bud,

Brighten and sparkle our hearts,

Your voice is reminiscent of the singing of birds,

Stimulating our desire to strive ahead,

Your poise is the soft wind of the season,

Swaying like the soft slow breeze,

Your appearence is like the warmth of spring itself,

Relieving and refreshing our minds,

Always with elegence and perfection,

As summer come into view,

Ray of sunlight beam in your face,

Heat is in the air,

Nothing is moved as you speak,

We become rock and stone,

Problems always be fall you,

The time of autumn arrive instantly,

The trees all cry seeing you frustrated, and depressed,

Leaves fall down and die, seeing you sad,

You will be hollow and empty as the autumn itself,

Even the trees will be naked,

The day will be dreary,

The wind will bring sorrow to us,

As it brushes and brushes,

The winter develops your manner,

Your eyes are cold and hard as icebergs,

Your gaze is akin to blizzard,

Faces down, hands tight together,

Listening to the words of your mind,

Nothing could stand in your way,

As you walk around the class,

Checking undone books,

Our face blacken,

Burn in terror and fear,

Knowing our faults and mistakes,

Rough winds shake our pose,

Our feet tremble,

Our hand rock,

Even our mind became blur,

Because of our guilt.

As the time comes,

Your words full of wisdom,

Help us go through this cycle of life,

Your lessons become our guides,

Your words become our sources,

To make sufficient the insufficient,

To fill the void,

In our minds and hearts,

You care for us like the percious and priceless present that you got,

And for that, we're grateful for having you.


Your teaching is our companion,

Your words are our courage,

Your faces are our hopes, and,

Your sounds are our music,

Rising from the heart,

An eternal song of everlasting care,

To help us through our own journey,

That's why we love you,

For relentlessly teaching us,

We pray for your peace and happiness,

Everyday, Every month and....

Every year

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