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Hazardous & Toxic Waste Removal
Toxic Waste IBC Acid Waste Sodium Cyanide Disposal Starpal Machinery Wastes Starpal Pte Ltd (AMK Techlink) Starpal Pte Ltd (AMK Techlink) Scrap Metal Laptop Harddisk Disposal Starpal Pte Ltd (AMK Techlink) Harddisk
About Us
Starpal Pte Ltd
Starpal Pte Ltd focuses on waste management collection, recycling & recovery of used materials. We specialise in Hazardous & Toxic Waste Disposal. From waste acids & alkalis, waste plating effluents and residues. We also providing packaging solutions, inspection, sorting and repacking services in Manufacturing Industries. We are committed to further enhance our relationship with our customers and to provide better services and solutions to them. The company started in 2005 as a Collection & Recycling Centre. In 2012, we provide lead acid batteries refurbishment and maintenance services with the advance Automated Intelligent Battery Refurbish System.
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