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Shahi Family Clinic (Mera East) Shahi Family Clinic (Mera East) Shahi Family Clinic (Mera East) Shahi Family Clinic (Mera East)
About Us
Shahi Family Clinic

Shahi Family Clinic believes strongly in working with our patients to maximize health and wellness.

We have developed a series of integrated lifestyle management programs in collaboration with our colleagues at Rhapsody Wellness that are focused on helping to keep well patients well (our Wellness Programs) and to help patients with pre-existing conditions to minimize the impact of the conditions on their lives (our Disease Management Programs).

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Products & Services

Some of our programs are as follow:

  • weight management program
  • diabetes management program
  • hypercholesterolemia/dyslipidemia management program
  • hypertension management program
  • asthma and respiratory disease management program
  • pain management program
  • eczema/dermatitis management program
  • smoking cessation program
We specialize in promoting health wellness.
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really convenient..at mera east..u wont miss them..
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